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Alpha Forex review
Alpha Forex

On-line since: -
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: -
Payment options: Alfa-Click, plastic cards, Alfa Bank branches, Bank transfer, WebMoney
Minimum account size: -
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: 2.2 pips on major currency pairs

About the company:

Alfa-Forex broker is a part of Russia’s largest private investment groups of Alfa Group Consortium. The company has been providing banking Forex services within the CIS countries for 10 years already.

Alfa-Forex means perfect orders execution, the best trading terms and interbanking approach to all clients’ deals. Care for business reputation, huge trading volumes, and integration with other Alfa Group products guarantee quality and effective collaboration with the company.

More than 20,000 clients with the total monthly turnover around $50 billion have already enjoyed working with Alfa-Forex. The Best Forex Bank Eastern Europe 2013 award confirms high achievements of the company which is now well-known both in the CIS countries and Europe.

Alpha Forex 8/10 (votes 4205)
Author of Alpha Forex: pyestma | Date 2018-09-20
Four months ago I came across Alpha Forex broker from Investing.com. As beginner in forex trading world, I am greatly assisted by their friendly and professional trading specialist. Oh, their support staff are friendly as well. I first started with $600 in 3 months as advised by their client support. With their help I was able to trading profitably initially and within 2 months I made profit around $285 which is good enough for me as a beginner. Although I have not made any withdrawal yet but I will give up date.
Author of Alpha Forex: FarukKureys | Date 2018-09-12
A couple of months I have trade with Alfa-Forex. I have a standard account and using the Mt4 platform. While they haven't enough tools and analytical indicators on the platform and Most of the time platform was freeze, at the first time I think it is internet problem of mine but I have understood it is their server problem. I have found a huge spread on their floating spread too, Also the trade execution of the platform is impossible to set my desired position. So gradually I had lost my investment, also I can't withdraw my profit too. Now I am disappointed with Alfa-Forex broker and warn others they are the unprofessional platform in the market.
Author of Alpha Forex: pipnattubi | Date 2018-03-16
I was having a hard-time doing trading with Alfa-Forex, since they require every traders to use their new trading platform. To be honest I have been training since December on their demo account for one month and I get 30% profit, that's such a good result. So in the next month I open my real account and make some trading. I got profit about 25% and enjoy the process, even that not fast enough. But when I trade with their new platform, my trading hit the price. The platform will freeze especially during economic event that give high impact on markets, and as a result I had a huge loss. I called their technical support for help me to fix the platform system as early as possible. But they said it is still processing and they would inform me within 5 working days. Today, it almost a month after that complaint, but I got nothing.
Author of Alpha Forex: Ingridpip | Date 2018-01-28
I started to trade with Alpha after a friend recommend them to me. I have a standard account with a first deposit of 500$. The platform MetaTrader 4 works good without requotes or delays in execution. I trade currency pairs GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/NZD and Gold. Till now I'm pleased with their services. I recommend this broker because is honest and at withdraw there aren't hidden commissions.
Author of Alpha Forex: PhupingTappanun | Date 2017-12-18
I am dealing with Alfa-Forex in a Standard account by the Mt4 platform, where the platform is frozen all time. While the provided 1 pips floating spread but the trade execution impossible to set prices in actual position. which is the way to lose my investment, Also they haven't enough tools and analytical indicators on the platform I can't withdraw my profit.via Skrill payment gateway with them due to verification problem. I am disappointed and want to say that Alfa-Forex platform is unprofessional in the market.
Author of Alpha Forex: Bucegipip | Date 2017-11-19
I trade for a couple of months with Alpha Forex. I have a live account with a first deposit of 200$. I use the system WebMoney to transfer money I didn't problems. Their platform has real time prices and I never had re-quotes, or delays in execution. During volatility times is stable. My trading session involves currency pairs, gold and silver, also shares from Amazon or Apple. I made a profit of 600$ but I didn't withdraw yet because I need more money to could trade bigger volumes when their is an opportunity. Their support services is helpful and friendly. I had some positions closed during the night because of their server which closed, and they restored my positions and give me back my funds of 95$. The broker is honest.
Author of Alpha Forex: celdranFx | Date 2017-11-09
Scalpers must beware of this broker. I tried to scalp between five to 8 pips about 10 times throughout the day and the result of my trades were amazing. However, the problem starts when I decided to withdraw my profits worth 87 USD. I expected to receive the whole amount, but this company reduced my profits to 50%. They only allowed me to cash-out the half of 87 USD which is 43.50 USD. Their action was very frustrating. When I asked them before I place an order and use my trading method, I was told scalping is allowed. And now, they claimed that I extremely violated the trading conditions! They're wasting my money. To be honest, I am planning to add more funds to my personal trading account, and now everything changed! I will not add funds to my account anymore. I'll definitely move to another broker!
Author of Alpha Forex: Warren | Date 2017-10-17
I joined Alpha Forex broker 8 months ago and up to now, I am satisfied with all their services. The support department team is very nice and helpful. At the beginning, I used to have some problems with my deposits and withdrawals, but this team was great, they really know how to solve problems. I started with a deposit of $350 made with bank transfer. I paid a low commission for it and my money was credited in a very short time of period, less of 4 hours. The platform MT4 is great, it really works without problems of connection or low execution of deals. My trades with EURUSD, USDCHF and EURJPY were profitable. In 2 months, I got $500. Then I tried with GOLD and I didn’t have any problem. I don’t have complaints about this company. It really works.
Author of Alpha Forex: Eqram | Date 2017-09-20
I really suggest Alpha forex and have been using the platform for nearly to 1 year. At the beginning, I was introduced by a friend who is also a trade peer. I experienced that the trading platform is minimally well- organized and good built- in structure. It is easy to use those SL and TP function and I always used it as one of the trading plan. I am currently trade on currency pair while spread is fairly offered at 2.2 pips especially for major pairs such as EUR/USD and GBP/JPY. Recently, just win a trade of EUR/USD position and decided to withdraw $200 of the profit. I prefer Webmoney and Alfa-Click for payment processing. Normally it take less than 3 days to do the processing and approval matter. Goob job Alpha Forex and just keep it up!!
Author of Alpha Forex: Argus | Date 2017-09-19
Hey guys, I am one of the client of Alfa Forex and have been using this broker for 6 months as a full time trader. Personally, the first 3 months trading was okay for me platform work well, spread not widening, deposit and withdrawal not delayed. Until the fourth month on April 2017, I noticed that trading platform become weird. It happened right after I added a fund which is 200 USD into trading account. Usually I will set the TP and SL for every position that I made because it will more safe if price not following our technical analysis. But, recently order execution become slow and sometimes my TP no trigger then price reverse back and hit my SL. I come up with new strategy which I will set the trailing stop when my position in profit so that if it hit SL I still win the position. unfortunately that strategy only work for a month then platform become crazy which price just pass through setting SL and then position closed by themselves. After report have been made to their support team problem still not solve and all I can do is scalping to cover my loss. After that I close my account when I have reach 500 USD profit. It take a week for them to approve my withdrawal when they notice I made a full withdrawal on my account. Overall this broker is not recommended to any trader especially to those use expert advisor which they are not seeing the charts frequently.
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