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AMarkets review

On-line since: 2007
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: КРОУФР
Payment options: wire transfer, Credit/debit cards
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0,01 lot
Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:500
Spreads: from 0.3 pips

About the company:

AMarkets allows to trade in 20 currencies and 2 metals. Technology of execution of warrants Instant Execution. Very much low interest requote, absence of swaps. Support of clients by personal managers.

AMarkets 9/10 (votes 4477)

Web-site: AMarkets

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Author of AMarkets: Titopip | Date 2017-04-26
I neither could to trade with this company because my deposit never was transferred to my trading account. I made a deposit of $1,000 and at the beginning I was very exciting because they make good promotion of their services and trading conditions, so I thought that I would get good earnings here. But after depositing that amount of money, I waited and waited and the money never was reflected in my account, but the transfer had been approved. As I didn’t understand this, I contacted client support describing my problem and asking for a solution. They replied soon, but just told me that they would check my deposit. But nothing else’s. I wrote again but this time I didn’t get any reply. What a poor service! This broker is a big fraud.
Author of AMarkets: fxprehhai | Date 2017-03-03
All the trading process that I went through 6 months running smoothly except the amount of profit and minimum deposit required for the trader. I think the profit AMarkets provided does not match with the deposit. Minimal deposit is $ 100 but profit is only about 10% from that. Very disappointing, but I was satisfied with the performance of the trading platform and the systems they use. According to my calculations, if profits did not increase, could have been a trader will lose money, so that why now I stopping my deposit. Maybe I will resume trading again when the value AMarkets profit percentage improved.
Author of AMarkets: Pearl | Date 2017-02-21
I have traded with A Market for 9 months and never had any issues with them. I have been introduced by one of my friend who is also a trader. I still remember I have lost for several time until negative balance shown in my account. But this experience has made me to stop fear and greed also to keep learn and improve new trading strategy. I opened new account last month and made deposit $100 and after 2 weeks I managed to withdraw $220. I really learnt on risk happened before, from there I also understand on how to manage money and get a right way to earn profit. Thanks A Market.
Author of AMarkets: AlfredSevere | Date 2017-02-13
Personally I do not like AMarkets broker. I was using their own platform, but their execution speeds were the poorest, an average of 30 seconds to close an order. My EA started showing that the connection to broker is too slow. I am running other trading platform on on the same computer but their system is very slow compared with the other. I did contact customer service but they did not able to solve this problem. Not happy.
Author of AMarkets: Phyllis | Date 2017-02-06
Please stay away AMarkets, because I am being scammed by this broker. I opened an account with AMarkets in last year and I transferred 100$ to their bank account. However, my money have never reflected in the AMarkets account. Therefore, I have contacted their support in several times, but they always say that my money will be returned. Until now, I have gotten no money. Thus, this broker wasted my time, and they have not refunded my money. Their support sucks like hell, it’s the poor service. They have looted my money away. In general, I advise you to stay away this scammer. They are big time frauds. They have now scammed me, wasted my money and my time.
Author of AMarkets: Lrngan | Date 2017-01-13
My account id is 4596347. Last week when I am requesting for withdrawal, they told me that they will not accept it and that I need to provide POA documents again which I already provided 2 years ago when I opened an account. So I sent that document and got no response from their support for a week. After 2 weeks, they told me that they are not going to accept any Ukrainian resident anymore and I should take back my money and close my account. I asked for a withdrawal of my affiliate profit and go no response for 2 weeks. It seems that they are making profit against customers . To all clients, I urged you to get your money back.
Author of AMarkets: Dara | Date 2016-12-14
Last month I've lost 2500$ because their server shut down, this is not acceptable. Many clients fall in the same problem with me, but the company don't care to solve the situation quickly and until now I haven't got my money back. They also remove my bonus without notification and they says it's management decision. I am very tried to trade with this broker.
Author of AMarkets: McCoy | Date 2016-09-23
I am being scammed by AMarkets. I had opened an account with AMarkets and I transferred $100 to their bank account. It’s been days that the money never reflected in the AMarkets account. After several mails and chat sessions, they finally say that the money has been returned. They have wasted my time, they have not refunded the money. Their support sucks like hell, it’s the poor service. They have looted my money away. I advice you to stay away this scammer. They are big time frauds. They have now scammed me, wasted my money and my time. I repent why I joined AMarkets. such a bad and a illegal company.
Author of AMarkets: pipnguantoek | Date 2016-08-31
I was initially afraid for joining to the world of forex because the risk is very large, then I try to find a broker who has cheapest minimum deposit value. I helped with Amarkets program, that program named No Minimum Deposit. Programs that allow or invite traders to join them without having to define because there is no minimum deposit. Traders are free to deposit any money he wants, there is no minimum amount. Customer support they are also very helpful to me in terms of trading so that I can trade well and earn a hefty profit.
Author of AMarkets: fxadanma | Date 2016-08-15
Too poor and bad to be a broker, this broker is not really good for newbies, minimum deposit is too high, VPS is absent, which is very discouraging execution is too poor, their support system is not supportive as their name implies! I have closed my account I don't want to lose any of my money again.
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