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On-line since: 2007
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: КРОУФР
Payment options: wire transfer, Credit/debit cards
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0,01 lot
Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:500
Spreads: from 0.3 pips

About the company:

AMarkets allows to trade in 20 currencies and 2 metals. Technology of execution of warrants Instant Execution. Very much low interest requote, absence of swaps. Support of clients by personal managers.

AMarkets 9/10 (votes 5205)
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Author of AMarkets: fxtanpanep | Date 2018-07-18
According to my trading experience, AMarkets are not a reliable broker as traders said. I just make trading twice but I got trouble in the platform that loads for a long time and suddenly freeze. I contact the customer support, they told that the platform execution will be better in 3 hours but until the next day nothing fixed. I choose them because they said this broker use the technology of execution of warrants Instant Execution, but the reality is different the execution slow and freeze every time. They also be unfair because the total amount I got was less than the terms they describe in the trading agreement. Now I still wait their explanation without make deposit anymore.
Author of AMarkets: pihanaguna | Date 2018-03-19
Trading with AMarkets for almost 3 month actually is a not so bad experience. This Rusian broker set minimum account size only $100 and everything going nice. The best part of this broker is because they lets traders use free swaps trading. But every time I change the instrument, the platform hasn't any spillage or hang ups to make the order execution is fast. Last week when I get this trouble I close my account, the platform refused to close it. I call the technical support and I ask to their explanation but they said that not part of their responsibility. I'm so angry and I made a complain but they hold an inactive account in my name. What really happened ? Is AMarkets a scam? I have been waiting more than 3 days, but no clarity from them. Had to close my trading account and not recommend this broker for anyone.
Author of AMarkets: Elenorfx | Date 2018-01-26
I started to trade with this broker a couple of months with a standard account and a first deposit of 300$. AMarkets should have a technology of Instant Execution but most likely they have delays with the platform MetaTrader 4. I had also many times requote. The pairs I used to trade are USD/CAD, USD/GBP, USD/CHF, USD/JPY. I lost 100$ in my first month of trading with them and I called many times the support team and there is no answer regarding the delays of the platform. I will close my account.
Author of AMarkets: PierreZghaib | Date 2017-12-19
I have 3 months trading experience with A-Market broker. I say they are unprofessional on the market. Because Re-quotes is always there, and impossible for me to close my winning positions on the MT4 platform. The most disgusting things are payment, when I want to deposit or withdrawal, it could be canceled without any reason. As several emails and chat sessions with them, the money has been returned to my trading or Skrill account. I wasted my time with A-Market. Also, I advise others traders please stay away from this poor broker. Because of the bonuses, extremely high leverage, all these things mean that this broker is a market maker, so it will be always against you. Offshore registration makes your trading too risky.
Author of AMarkets: Trina | Date 2017-11-07
This broker is recommendable to newbies only because they can really hone your trading skills. Maybe for a month or two you would probably earn for about 20%. But nothing more than that. I had a hard time withdrawing what I have earned due to slow process of withdrawals. In addition staffs weren’t so accommodating. They will transfer you to every department if they can’t solve your issues. Although I still earned but never gonna come back to them. Better find another good broker.
Author of AMarkets: Sakina | Date 2017-10-16
I don’t recommend A Market to any peer since I experienced quite terrible path while communicated with their support team. It happened 4 months ago when I faced trouble on verification. Druing that time I wanted to claim my deposit bonus, but they don’t approved my document. I have uploaded more than 3 times and they are really wasting my time. I contacted one of the support manager but she rudely asked me to re-upload again the document into the cabinet. Besides, MT4 and MT5 platform also not smooth too many requote on price quotation. Order execution also delay and not smooth especially for EUR/USD and Gold position which is totally made me not satisfied with them. Due to that, I only joined them for only 6 months and already left them. Currently I join new forex broker which I found quite great in term of platform services and performances.
Author of AMarkets: fxchicky | Date 2017-09-28
First I don't know AMarkets is unreliable broker for trading if I hope to get big profit and bonus. I join them last month and now I want to stop trading. I make deposit of $250 but I just get profit about 10% or 15% from it. And they never give a bonus. They said they provide many bonus. But its nothing. And during withdraw process personally I was not able to withdraw my remaining balance. It has been 2 weeks and my withdrawal is still in the 'processing' status. I contact the customer support, but their reaction is very shameful. They just said sorry in many time. As a client, I have the right to ask anything that concerns about my trading account and it's their responsibility to answer all my queries!
Author of AMarkets: 58pips | Date 2017-08-26
This broker is basic and is not offering to much instruments to trade. I was their client for 3 months only, after that I moved to a better and bigger broker. The platform MT4 of AMarkets is working fine during the day, but at the opening of the trading session I have a lot of delays which are making my trading conditions difficult and I lost a lot of money. My first deposit was 100$. I made profit 500$ the first month, the second month I made 400$, and the third month I lost 500$. I trade EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and Gold. I requested to withdraw my money I waited 2 weeks for approval, and after that I closed my account because of the delays, of the small number of instruments and because the support team is very rude.
Author of AMarkets: swagger | Date 2017-08-01
I’m not satisfied with AMarkets regarding to the withdrawal of profit process by AMarkets. From my experienced, verification process was very hard and complicated even though I have follow all the instruction as being ordered. They keep on failed my verification status. I assumed that AMarkets support team are not doing their job well. Moreover, I also experienced entry that have been closed while generating profitable trades. This is really a scammer and manipulation to trader. I have lost 150 USD within few weeks trading with them. My advice please stay away from AMarkets or else you will have more loss in future.
Author of AMarkets: Holbrook | Date 2017-06-21
ForexMart is an excellent broker I have ever traded in my trading career. I joined this broker 2 years ago, and everything at here is perfect. At the beginning, I just started with 250$ to trade with them, and I also earned profit. During trading with this broker, my fund now grows up to 10004. Last week, I get large profit with 750$, when I deposited 850$ through PayPal. Therefore, I withdrew 700$, and this broker made me surprised when I can receive money only 3 hours. Their withdrawal is really fast and awesome, because there has no problem or delay during that period. In addition, this broker has fast execution, nice spreads, and no unusual disconnections. Especially, their support is great, because they always try their best to fix my matter in soon when I need their help. All in all, ForexMart is an ideal broker for all kinds of broker, and I highly recommend them to all of you.
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