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BCS Forex review
BCS Forex

On-line since: 2004
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: CySEC
Payment options: wire transfer
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:200
Spreads: fixed from 1 point

About the company:

BCS Forex is a brokerage company that appeared on the currency market more than 10 years ago. Since 2004, the brand has been a part of BCS Financial Group that provides its clients with additional security. Using Visa and MasterCard, the company’s clients can immediately deposit their accounts. Moreover, traders can deposit or withdraw funds free of charge via BCS Bank.

The company’s clients can choose one of the following trading platforms: MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and BCS OptionTrader.

Besides, traders can improve the quality of their trading using analytics available on the company’s website.

BCS Forex 5/10 (votes 2028)
Author of BCS Forex: Arminfx | Date 2018-08-14
Although the design of BCS forex website is not that impressive, its simplicity at least makes it easy to navigate. As for the platform, I think that it's on the average. It has drawing tools that are helpful for marking. It also instantly executes orders on calm market condition but during news release, the platform freezes. I also can't say that they have tight spreads as it doesn't go lower than 3 pips. So for now, I will continue trading with this broker until I find another one that offers better services.
Author of BCS Forex: Fheou75 | Date 2018-04-11
My experience with BCS Forex is unusual. Two weeks ago I opened 2 real account with them, one is 1pips fixed spreads and another is floating from 0.5 pip. From last week I am getting very terrible spread 6 pips on EUR/GBP and 7 pips USD/NZD pair in my fixed spreads account. But today I got 17 pips spreads on USD/NZD pair. Even the market is quiet, there is no significant news. I heard that same problem were happened with some other trades. Their system is too much expensive.
Author of BCS Forex: piptaelom | Date 2018-02-21
At the first time I was very hesitant to join BCS Forex but my friend convinced and told me about his trading experience at this broker. For 2 years as a BCS Forex client, he feels the platform is user-friendly and has a lot of futures. BCS also provide strong leverage and charting and in this market only one click execution can make sense. He totally recommended this broker for me. Out of curiosity, I finally joined this broker on January 1st ago, and have traded sebanayak 3 times. I trade major pairs EUR/USD but in my last trading a two weeks ago I have a buy order and have set a stop loss. But unfortunately they will not stop the order because the price went down and reach the level for 5 seconds. The price also went down and I lose the money. I called their support team and it's so hard. Finally after they put me on hold for almost 30 minutes after that was busy line they said my complaint will be forwarded to technical section and will be contacted again in 3 days. But until last week, I have not got news yet, I contacted them again but they still promise without any proof. I have not got my money back, and profit. I was disappointed but I just can waiting and waiting and never trust them anymore.
Author of BCS Forex: Pianofx | Date 2018-01-09
I was a client of BCS forex for three months. I closed my account recently because the platform MetaTrader 4 has delays in execution. My first deposit was 300$. I traded major pairs EUR/USD, USD/CAD, Gold and Silver. I lost my deposit after one month of trading, and deposited again 100$. I called many times their support team because of the delays and they always put me on hold for 20-30 minutes till I hang up basically. I don't recommend this broker.
Author of BCS Forex: Para | Date 2017-12-01
I cannot stand how terrible BCS Forex, they don't even dare to answer all the bad comments and they cannot even justify themselves on the forums that I have read. Upon account creation, they just wasted 2 weeks verifying my documents which basically means slow response. When it was approved and started trading with $50, it was good at the beginning then they suddenly turned to be completely the opposite after a few days. The platform froze twice for almost 5 minutes, when I called the support and told them about them problem, they kept me waiting in queue for long hours over the phone and yet my problems has not been resolved. I remember they charge twice as much commission if you dare put in a market order instead of a limit order. I am now in the process of closing my account with them. I will gladly pay an extra few dollars in order to get better service.They are not worth the aggravation and frustration.....Please do not consider them at all..
Author of BCS Forex: Malique | Date 2017-10-27
BCS Forex server getting drop and worst especially during critical trading session. In fact, I have noticed it happened few times before when the moment market almost near to closing session and it will lead to two major problem either big slippages and requote of prices. I am totally not happy with this kind of error and cannot afford of unexpected losses. Recently, I have loss $75 on GBP/USD with invested fund of $50. By the way, this is not the first time suffering from losses more than 3 time already. Due to that, I already decided to change and try better profitable trades with new forex broker. Wish you all the best in your trading!!
Author of BCS Forex: pipsalsabil | Date 2017-10-02
3 month ago I fell very interest to join and make trading in BCS broker because base on traders review there are a good broker that also have a very high security measures. But since yesterday I think they are no more reliable broker and it is better to be careful if doing trading with them. lost 15 pips in a trade NZDUSD which I expected I could be my profitable trade during that time without explanations. I also contacted to support team to ensure what was happening to my money and they just informed it was about the technical problem. But they not respond my email until now. I just wait and hope to get my money back.
Author of BCS Forex: aaddeessaa | Date 2017-07-20
I made an inquiry on how to join and where can I submit all the docuements i needed in order for me to open an account with them. Amazingly there is this one guy who assisted me all the way and process my request and in just 1 day i got an account with them. Now he is guiding me where to start trading and he told me to use a demo account first to learn the basic then after i learn it he encouraged me to do a live account. hopefully will earn money soon here :)
Author of BCS Forex: Ayana | Date 2017-06-30
BCS Forex is the worst broker I have ever trade, and I quit trading with this broker in last year. At the beginning, I got no problem with them, and everything was fine. However, I got problem with this broker when I moved to trade in real account. After getting some profit when I traded in demo account, so I decided to trade in real money. I deposited with 400$ and I started trading. During trading in real account, I earned profit with 250$, and I wanted to withdraw 300$. Suddenly, I was shocked when saw my withdrawal that is rejected. Hence, I contacted their support and they told me that I couldn’t withdraw on that day and I must wait on next day. Therefore, I waited 3 days, but I still didn’t get money. Again, I call them, but they hang up my phones as well as ignored my emails. They scammed me, and they took all my money. I strongly advise clients should stay away from this scam - BCS Forex.
Author of BCS Forex: Danny | Date 2017-06-12
An excellent company to trade. I am client of it since last year and I know that I wouldn't change this broker for any other one. Minimum deposit allowed me to start trading with just $1. Also, verification of the account is a very easy process. Managers helped me a lot to present all necessary documents and all of them were accepted in just 2-3 days. The trading platform works well, even in the release of economic news. It doesn't present volatility or bad speed in the execution. Quotes showed are on real time and any price is altered. By wire transfer, I make my deposits and withdrawals directly to my personal bank account and it only takes 3-4 hours.
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