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Bolmax review

On-line since: 2009
Country of origin: Seychelles
Regulation: -
Payment options: wire transfer
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lots
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: from 0.3 pips

About the company:

Bolmax Management is a member of Bolmax Management Group, providing financial services since 2009. Among its clients are 7,000 retail traders worldwide.

The brokerage company facilitates trading in more than 80 financial instruments in the foreign exchange, stock, commodity, and derivatives markets. Customers of Bolmax Management include both professional traders and novices. The minimum deposit required to open a trading account is $100.

The Non Dealing Desk technology, which directs transactions to the interbank market, is used to process orders on all trading accounts opened with this broker.

The company’s clients trade via MetaTrader 4, a universal trading platform compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Any customer seeking assistance or willing to ask trading-related questions can contact the Customer Service Department by phone or email. Its operating hours are from 10 am to 7 pm (GMT+3), Monday through Friday.

Bolmax 4/10 (votes 1854)
Author of Bolmax: NickCraven | Date 2018-04-18
I was unable to trade in MT4 Platform with Bolmax Management and I became disappointed with my $100 investment. As their platform was hung 10 to 20 minutes and I can't trade. Also, I have faced slow execution and different pricing chart from others broker or real market. regularly I got huge slippage and requote That's why I was losing my fund. while I had made profit $65, But I had technically lost more than my profit. Now no meaning to trade with them for recover my losses, So I have avoided them now.
Author of Bolmax: Rhoitnro21 | Date 2018-02-28
Bolmax is not suitable for me. I don't like their MT4 platforms its works slowly, usually Its takes 2-3 minute to login here. From yesterday due to some reason, their server just stopped for 3 hours when the big spikes occurred. For this reason, I lost $214. When I chat with their live support then they refused to pay any compensation. Another things they advertise that they offer 0.3 pips spread but most of the time I got more than 6 pips on my EURUSD. I don’t link they will go far!
Author of Bolmax: Samsonpip | Date 2018-01-11
I was a client of Bolmax close to a year and the broker was nice and honest, till they started to manipulate the prices on the MetaTrader 4 platform. I had a standard account with a 200$ deposit, usually I trade major pairs and metals. My profit was 500-600$ a month. After they changed the servers the platform started to crash and to have delays, I started to lose money fast. Called the support team many times they never answered. I requested to withdraw my funds 2000$ and to close the account, it passed 2 weeks still waiting for the approval.
Author of Bolmax: jerald | Date 2017-11-01
trading with Bolmax is huge mistake that I ever made because I lost 300 USD within a month because of their trading platform not stable to use during trading activity. It just like the manipulated the platform make it hit my stop loss first then continued to my take profit. My stop loss always 100 pips from entry and I have another account with another broker with same entry point but I gain profit from another broker. With the same pair USDCAD and with the same entry point because I made a pending order to see my judgement is true or not. When I show it to support team they said they will make further investigation but it has been 3 week there are not updating any status. I hope that they reply my email in a short time otherwise I will assume them as a scammer.
Author of Bolmax: Neo | Date 2017-10-05
I traded with Bolmax for about 6 months, and despite de low minimum required deposit, I’ve lost due to constant slippage up to 20 pips and and the major parto f my capital invested 600USD was lost. I've opened delas with some majors like EUR/USD and GBP/USD I could see that their spreads start low but it can skyrocket during the trading day. Also, execution became slower and the opening price was Always worse than I was ordering. Bad experience do not recommend.
Author of Bolmax: Vivipip | Date 2017-09-13
I am a client of Bolmax for some time now, but since they changed their server I have problems with the platform MT4. My first deposit was 250$ made with bank wire transfer. I will close my account due to delays in execution, crazy spreads like from EUR/USD which normally is 0.3 pips , during news feed in the morning can get the spread up to 1.1 pips. I called their support team but they don't answer, neither to my emails. I am trading with them currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/NZD, USD/DKK USD/NOK. I was making really nice profit around 500$ a month, but since 2 months now I had only losses, and I was losing actually 100-200$ a month. I requested to withdraw the rest of my funds 451$ and I will close my account.
Author of Bolmax: Jorge | Date 2017-08-14
I don't trust this broker and that's why I advise you not to trade with it. I used it for 6 months and had a lot of losses due to bad performance of the trading platform. It freezes all the time, no matter what server you use. I wrote to support departament about this problem, but managers always reply that you have to check your Internet connection. That reply is frustrating! In addition, when you try to set SL or TP orders, the system changes the price you set. That happened to me several times and had considerable losses. I set my TP order for EURUSD a month ago at 1.4567 but when the price hit this level, it didn't close, it just continued generating me several losses and the broker doesn't make responsible for this. That's why you must stay away from it.
Author of Bolmax: Jujup | Date 2017-07-24
I started trading with this company after the initial training on demo account since January 2017. I have not earned a lot of money, but I am still in a small profit but consistent and have not had a problem obtaining my profits. The ability to trade small lots give new traders the chance to stay in a trade long enough for it to become profitable. This was my first ever Forex account. I invested $100 and got the $30 bonus in 3 days via Neteller. I personally have dealt with I would rate them as one that I have personally had a better experience with. They didn't have any failures at all. Support is the best. Fast execution of orders, never noticed any lack of feedback. I also like their bonus scheme and facility of opening multiple trading accounts. I encouraged many of my friends to trade with this broker and they are also satisfied with their services. The good thing which I like about the company is that it is very strict about legal policies and never proceeds without proper identification.
Author of Bolmax: Nicole | Date 2017-07-04
Bolmax is scam broker, and please stay away them. I have joined with this broker for 6 months, but I am so angry with them. During trading with Bolmax, I didn't get anything, because there was no significant profit that I can get from using their analytical and trading platforms. I’m a professional trader, so I have experienced with other brokers. Of course, I earn profits with brokers, but I have no thing at Bolmax. Since I traded with Bolmax, I have never gotten profit. This broker usually makes my trades in lose, so I loss lots of money. Thus, I lose over 1000$ when I traded with them. I feel I waste my time and money in Bolmax. Therefore, I decided to quit working with this broker by closing my account, but until now my request has not been done!! Therefore, I have to say that I regret joining this broker, and they are a thief. Also, I was disappointed with the behavior of their customer support that is not friendly and could not help me when I have difficulties. They are only silent and do nothing. Overall, I do not recommend this broker - Bolmax to anyone!!!
Author of Bolmax: jamillafx | Date 2017-05-15
Bolmax is one of the best brokers I have traded so far. I have a standard trading account with them after a friend recommend it to me, it is just 5-6 months. I like the small spread on major pairs, for example 0.3 pips for EUR/USD. The platform is easy to use and fast in execution. My profit has increased from 1100$ up to 1500$ after I started using one EA only on EUR/USD. I am a scalper and I trade only 2 pairs EUR/USD and exotic pair EUR/DKK. I like the exotic pair because it unpredictable and I make a lot of profit. The support team is helpful, I had a situation where the platform crashed during the night and I lost 250$ they opened my positions and give me back my money. This process took 3 days of researching from their behalf. I recommend the broker!
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