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Divisa Capital review
Divisa Capital

On-line since: 2008
Country of origin: New Zealand
Regulation: FSCL
Payment options: wire transfer, credit cards
Minimum account size: $2500
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: from 0.5 pips

About the company:

Divisa Capital FX is a brokerage company registered in New Zealand. It ensures trading currencies with instant execution of orders and provides premium conditions for institutional clients and professional traders.

Apart from a demo account, any client can open a live trading account. The minimum deposit with Divisa Capital is $2,500. The broker requires clients to open accounts in US dollars. However, clients can deposit their accounts with GBP, EUR, and AUD. Funds will be converted into the main currency and credited to a trading account.

Divisa capital provides access to Forex through several trading platforms such as MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, Currenex Classic, Currenex Viking, and Currenex API.

Among other trading conditions, traders should be aware of floating spreads depending on a market situation, the use of Expert Advisers, and scalping.

Divisa Capital 4/10 (votes 1786)

Web-site: Divisa Capital

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Author of Divisa Capital: jaja vhali | Date 2017-04-05
I've been with them since 2014, and am one of the official IB of this company here in my country. My biggest concern about this company is the payout. It takes time to process the withdrawal request. A day ago, I requested to take out some of my earnings from my trading commission and now I couldn't access my trading account due to "some issue". When I asked them to specify the "issue" that prevents me to withdraw my earnings, they simply told me to wait. Every time I wanted to withdraw my earnings, I always encountered this problem. Why? To be honest, I really want to transfer to another broker because of the said issue. The money that I requested to withdraw was only 14 US dollars.
Author of Divisa Capital: pipriririza | Date 2017-03-23
I believe that I made a right choice by choosing Divisa Capital FX because I consider their service really comfortable and secure. They have several trading platforms such as MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, Currenex Classic, Currenex Viking, and Currenex API and minimum lot size only 0.01 also the leverage 1:100. One of the reasons I recommended Divisa to all of my friends is because they offers an unbeatable trading commissions. I can won more than $10000 every month and every withdrawn profits process of my account never got problem. Divisa Capital FX is the best and I hope they keep their good performance.
Author of Divisa Capital: Davis | Date 2017-03-15
I have traded in forex for 3 years with many brokers, and I think Divisa Capital is the best one. I have traded with Divisa Capital for one year and I satisfy with my choice for this broker. Their spreads are really great and low, which makes me be more exciting in trading with them. In addition, it is easy for me to register the account, no funding trouble even with minimum deposit; and fast withdrawal with them. Thus, I have not faced any problem, and I also got welcome bonus after creating account. I'm a scalper trader with my own EA that is actually trading during larger market movements including news. They definitely have one of the best order execution quality I have ever experienced. 2 weeks ago, I had more than 15 pips positive slippage on about 65 orders. Indeed, Divisa Capital is a reliable broker. Moreover, their live chat support is awesome and prompt. Therefore, I highly recommend this broker to anyone who wants to invest your money in forex.
Author of Divisa Capital: Daniel | Date 2017-03-13
With such an amount for the first deposit I believe it will take me some time to see my results, but so far I have faced some problems of requoting and execution, and aslo spreads can rise more than you can expect during news time. So far I haven´t even reached my target taht is at least 10%, but I will keep trading and see the results.
Author of Divisa Capital: pipandharaearly | Date 2017-03-03
I was annoyed with Divisa Capital, they wouldn't fix their connections though their connection is very bad. The connection often crashes, there were constant re-quotes which ruin my trading strategies. Some of my deposits got delayed, which caused me to get huge potential profits. I am confused what to do, whether to stay trading with them or should I replace them with the other brokers.
Author of Divisa Capital: Gbemiga | Date 2017-02-06
So unreliable, this is not a broker but a market maker, I have closed my account with them which cost me to loose $3000.00 in 2 weeks because of bad platform always shutting down many times when my trade is going in my favor so every time i call what they say ''we can't do anything about this we are sorry''no profit but lose often and often all due to platform shutting down problem so i don't advise anyone to trade with them at all.
Author of Divisa Capital: fxniho | Date 2017-02-02
I was lucky to get to know this broker. Everything is very profitable even almost no problems. All that is provided is in accordance with the information on the website Divisa Capital. They provide very good service. they help me to do all the conditions that must be done. Execution is always fast. They also always responded quickly when we have difficulties. I'm comfortable with this broker. The broker also always increase security for traders who have already joined. My experience was very good trading. So now I am sure that I will continue to cooperate with Divisa Capital.
Author of Divisa Capital: Nadine | Date 2017-01-31
This broker is very professional although I think it is designed more to professionals due to big initial deposit. I have experience in this market, so I really appreciate all help from this broker since I opened my trading account with them. Managers are very friendly and always ready to help you. I remember that I had some problems with my trades last week. I put some SL orders but prices didn't reach the level and those were closed. My trades were checked the same day I put the claim and all was solved.
Author of Divisa Capital: AOMAR | Date 2017-01-31
I hAVE Been trading for 2 years with Divisa capital, after working with Fxcm, swissquote, they have perfect execution for trades in milliseconds with no requoting, spreads is awesome for scalpers and low commissions, pure ECN without dealing desk.
Author of Divisa Capital: GbengaFX | Date 2017-01-24
Nothing is professional about about divisa capital's platform, I have had a very terrible experience on their platform, divisa capital has no proper policy and their system is faulty, Every night when the market is busy I always find it difficult to log in to the system. Specially when the market is good. The end result is that I often loose money as their positions are automatically closed at stop loss point. further more some details in their system are not correct. As example on 4th January 2017 divisa capital charts show USD/GBP days low as 79.32. if you check any their system the days low is 89.61 (89.618 is the actual)or 89.62. DIVISA CAPITAL has closed one of my trades at 89.53 for stop loss and I lost 100usd. Actually the market did not go below 89.61. When I pointed out this to Divisa capital custom support, they only apologized but didn't say any thing about refunding. They are pure scammers
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