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Dynamic Trade

On-line since: 2013
Country of origin: UK
Regulation: -
Payment options: wire transfer, payment cards, WebMoney, Neteller
Minimum account size: $300
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: 1:200
Spreads: from 1 pip

About the company:

International brokerage company Dynamic Trade has been operating in the forex market since 2013.

Dynamic Trade provides its clients with PROfit platform and its versions for trading as well as a wide range of financial instruments, including spot ones (gold, silver, crude oil) and CFDs on stock indices.

There are three account types. Novices can test their skills on a demo account with $100,000 for free trading available during a month. The PROfit account will suit experienced traders. The minimum deposit on this account amounts to $300.

On the broker’s website, you can find various educational materials, analytical reviews, video tutorials on trading platforms etc.

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Author of Dynamic Trade: Hatchfx | Date 2017-12-05
I trade with Dynamic Trade for 7 months and starting last 2 months their PROfit platform started to have delays in execution or crashing and taking the opened positions with it. I lost around 200$ because of this crashes. I have a PROfit account with 300$ deposit. I liked the trading conditions of this broker with 1 pip spread for EUR/USD. I traded also USD/CHF, USD/JPY and Gold when there was a good opportunity. I called their support team nobody can tell me why they have this delays. I will close my account because of this issues.
Author of Dynamic Trade: Isabelle | Date 2017-10-02
I am totally disappointed with Dynamic Trade and don’t see any benefit whenever with this broker. In fact, the MT4 and MT5 Platform not performing as I wish and always frozen especially during major news releases. Requote happened most of the time and really disturbing all charting activities. I just face some losses when 7 of my profitable trades has been cancelled without proper instruction which cost me nearly $300. By right, I made a deposit again of a $150 to recover back if I can earned better profit but no such thing. Client support so useless with no initiative for any kind of assistances. I don’t recommend Dynamic to you all and I also has closed all trading accounts with them. It’s time to move on with New forex broker!!
Author of Dynamic Trade: Renzo | Date 2017-08-10
I worked with this broker for around 10 months but they weren't what I expected. I remember that a rep from this broker called me and promised a bonus if I opened an account and deposit $50 and I did it thinking that it would be true. That never happened. After all, I decided to trade with them because the trading conditions seemed me very attractive. The first week was good, I made $100 with EURUSD. The next 2 weeks were good too; I made $300 with other pairs. But after 2 months, I started to have losses and not because of me. The trading platform started to present unstability and closed alone all the time. When I opened it again, most of my trades had been erased, leading me to losses. I sent several emails to support team but this department never replied my emails. As I was tired of lossing all the time, I closed the account withdrawing the only $50 I could keep it.
Author of Dynamic Trade: claudia.l.garcia1 | Date 2017-06-30
I am trading for some months now , at first I was in their demo account and everything is workin perfect but when I swtiched to the live account and made my first deposit of $500 everything went to hell! The wire money works fine using the Neteller but I got a problem with their customer service telling me that they haven't received it. It's been 1 week when they confirmed me that they've already received the money I deposited to them. So I was trading live now, I am using EUR/USD and USD/CAD but nothing worked! There is also no real time quotes! Execution are delay and too much pricing! I guess if you put too much money to them you won't be able to get it back because they will not approve your request to withdraw it! So I do not recommend this broker, they are thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author of Dynamic Trade: Hammon | Date 2017-06-30
I worked with Dynamic Trade 9 months ago, but this broker makes me disappointed in many times. Thus, I was expecting so much from this broker because I saw good reviews about them in other forums. However, they are not like that, especially when I trade in real account. Thus, I opened real account 7 months ago, after I had traded in demo account in 2 months. When I deposited 450$, and I earned profit with 300$. Therefore, I made a request of withdrawal with 300$, but they canceled all the profitable trades I made on my account. Then, I contacted them to solve my matter. I was surprisingly with their answer that my trade is "Latency Arbitrage". I was shocked because I didn’t trade in this manner. Hence, I asked them to refund my initial deposit which was 450$, but however this broker just give me back only 250$!!! In addition, they are ignored with each of my email that I sent to them. Also, I called to them with their office number and I realize that their office number is fake. Besides, their service is very bad, such as: slow execution, poor trading strategies. All in all, Dynamic Trade is a scammer, and I don’t recommend this broker to my friends!
Author of Dynamic Trade: Monice | Date 2017-06-12
Dynamic Trade is my first broker and I have traded with them for one year. From my point, this broker is one of the best forex brokers for new trader - newbies. Thus, this broker is really simple and easy to use trading platform with competitive spreads. They have unique services compared with other brokers. I always receive their daily technical analysis and intraday signals by email, and that bring provide me good results and market movement. Actually, I just earned profit with 400$ in 3 days ago when I deposited 300$ for trading. Then, I could receive money just in 5 hours after I had made withdrawal with them. It’s really fast. In addition, Dynamic Trade has been good broker so far because of narrow spreads, good services, and a wide range of instruments to trade. Besides, they have good educational material for free in order to shape my skills in forex market. In conclusion, Dynamic Trade is the ideal broker for newbies, and I highly recommend this broker.
Author of Dynamic Trade: cheffx | Date 2017-05-11
I started to trade with Dynamic Trade after a friend recommend them to me and I am a client for the past 6 month.I deposited 500$ with CahsU and the money were credited to me Profit account within minutes. I like the low spreads specially on the major pairs which I trade like EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP. The platform PROfit works till now flawless, real time prices and no manipulation from the broker during volatility times. When I see strong signals I trade also Gold. I have a profit of 800$ monthly. To withdraw profit I use the same system as deposit CashU, and the approval takes 1-2 working days. I like the broker because is honest!
Author of Dynamic Trade: ripu | Date 2017-05-11
Wow! It's possible to customize my profit account. The personalized trading features are very impressive. The economic calendar provides real-time pricing. My short position for usdjpy and gbpusd are honored today in less than 10 seconds. This action simply says that Dynamic trade is improving. Last year, when I started with them, I found their platform very lousy and difficult to use. I almost gave up because of that. Thanks to the IB for encouraging me to continue my online activities here despite of failures. To be honest, I lost hundred of dollars in my first two weeks of trading. Because of the quick assistance of my IB, I managed to regain what I lost. He told me to open a demo account and to view the Forex video glossary. The result of my training is fruitful. Now, I almost doubled my trading capital. My total earning for the 1st quarter of this year is $240.24
Author of Dynamic Trade: Jakopl | Date 2017-04-21
i start trading with the Dynamic Trade with their $300 no deposit i feel all was good though the account size is too big I still want to take risk and trade with this broker, Spreads are best on major pair and some what higher on minor pairs. The executions are great and I like it, I even have had orders triggered during news economic events with excellent fills... I am happy to be with Dynamic Trade because they have provided me with excellent service and advisory as of how to work with HFT without abusing their liquidity pool. They surely are the best out for me and I recommend this broker to give it a try. You will not regret it.
Author of Dynamic Trade: Hayudave ‏ | Date 2017-04-03
I have join Dynamic Trade 5 months ago because of their exciting referral program. They are giving $50 for per referral. My 5 friends are joined under my referral link. I managed to earn $200 from referral. Even 6 days ago I withdraw $100 from my referral bonus they send it to my Neteller account within 4 hours. I am looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with them.
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