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On-line since: 2009
Country of origin Belize
Regulation: IFSC
Payment options: Bank wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Webmoney, Skrill, Perfect Money, DIXIPAY, China Union Pay, Qiwi, CashU, Neteller, OKPAY
Minimum account size: $5
Minimum lot size: 0.01
Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:3000
Spreads: from -1 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

FBS is an international brokerage house providing top quality financial and investment services all over the world. Moreover, being an ECN/STP broker, FBS provide their clients with wide range of services. The aim is to develop and implement top-notch technologies and service level standards that would satisfy the needs of the most demanding investors. The work is based on transparency, honesty and professionalism.

FBS 4/10 (votes 1771)
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Author of FBS: jonahtan | Date 2017-11-30
from my point of view, trading with fbs broker give me bad experience only. I try their no deposit bonus which is 50 USD, it is easy to get after complete the verification account, but it is hard to gain profit for newbie like me because their minimum lot is 0.10 which is to risk if market turn out from my analysis for sure the account will margin call. My account can survive only for 3 month after it reach 70 USD then my account has been margin call because price reverse more than 70 pips. Spread for the account is not fixed because it will widen at the morning which make my take profit not triggered because of this problem. Platform sometimes will give me headache during trading activity because of their execution speed that slow to take the orders. Their other bonus for normal account also cannot be rely on because it is not support the margin and if you deposit 100 USD then you got 100% bonus, only your money will support the margin, the bonus just shows only. I left this broker because they are not reliable at all.
Author of FBS: maazi aniek | Date 2017-10-02
I had an unpleasant trading experience with FBS since last month. The problem starts when I requested to withdraw some profits from my ECN trading account worth 290$. Shortly after I sent my passport and the latest copy of my bank statement, I got an email from them saying my documents are in low resolution. So, when I uploaded the documents again, they automatically reject it. According to them, my documents are edited. My patience is wearing out! They're making an alibi just to prevent me from taking out my profits or to to prolong the withdrawal procedure! Imagine my problem is not solved yet and it's been two months already! This only shows FBS is not a good broker to entrust our money. I already stopped my trading activities with them because it's useless anymore. I had a feeling that I couldn't get my money because they didn't accept my documents even the notarized copy of my domicile certificate. This is very frustrating. I really thought FBS has a reliable trading service and they won't leave their clients unattended. My concern was already escalated to my IB, but still nothing happens. I don't want to stress myself. So, I decided to leave and share my trading experience to public sites, like this one, to warn the newbies!
Author of FBS: FBS Official | Date 2017-09-29
Hello, I am an official representative of FBS, I would like to help resolve any issues that you are having. I will post a reply for each statement with name reference, starting from the oldest comment: Dear Iglesias Please kindly always read the terms and conditions of any bonus that you sign up for. It is important to understand how the bonus works. Dear Uriel May I have your account number to check on your claim? FBS never closes orders manually for the client, unless your margin reaches the Stop-Out level. Regarding freezes, again we have to check what you are referring to, but it is important to have stable and good connection at all times. You may also wish to check into FBS VPS Services. Dear Krasnasky - please kindly provide your account number so we can check on this issue for you. What you state is simply impossible. Dear fedrick Can you kindly provide your account number, so we may check on this issue for you? What was the reason for verification denial? Our Live Chat is active 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please tell us some details, what you mean by the Chat was off? Please also kindly note, that you can always send your claim to support@fbs.com Dear Bonieta Please kindly provide your account number so we may check into this matter for you. 1. What bonus are you referring to that you did not like? 2. Please let us know when you experienced all these difficulties on the platform. 3. Our Live Chat operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. On which date and approximate time do you claim the Live Chat failed to connect please?
Author of FBS: Bonieta | Date 2017-07-19
Is this broker fbs is real? How about the bonus offered recently which I never received from them, and been waiting for so long to get it. In my opinion, they such not an ideal broker and cannot be trusted anymore. Just stop deceiving people with your fake bonus. I have made a deposit $300 and right after money credited into trading account I continue trade and so surprised when trading platform worked very bad and order were not executed as I wish. The spread changed and increased with all of sudden. Furthermore I noticed the charting activities also very poor and slow. It make me difficult to expect and predict what is actually happen and running on the platform. Live chat failed to be connected and no one able to answer and guide me as a traders. My advice is stay away or you will see bigger loss in your account.
Author of FBS: fedrick | Date 2017-05-11
I have been approached by a stranger trader that claimed he came from Fbs. On July 2016, He asked me to join him and invested 100 USD into trading account. I have done on demo account and run it for 3 weeks. I think I don’t have any problem on trading wise and MT4 platform worked well for me. Unfortunately, I experienced major problem on withdrawal process. To be specific it was about verification problem, the system rejected my document for few times. I tried to contact customer support through live chat however it was not working and off. I have requested a withdrawal of a 50 USD via wire transfer but somehow it took some time to be approve. I have to wait for more than 5 days to get money credited into bank account. These was happened and repeated for the third time and I consider this as a poor service by Fbs.
Author of FBS: Krasnasky | Date 2017-04-03
FBS is just a thief, so don’t put your money to trade with this broker. Thus, FBS is the biggest scam broker I've ever worked in forex during my trading career with 5 years. Although, I trade with another broker for now, I would like to share my bad experience with FBS in last year. In last year, this broker took me over 1000$ from my account and I couldn’t deposit my money since they blocked my account! I worked with FBS 2 years ago, and the deposit and withdrawal is good, no hassle. My problem happened when I wanted to withdraw 1000$. At that time, I couldn’t get money because of the error of server, so I waited 2 weeks. However, the money hasn’t come to my account yet, so I contacted to their customer service. Their customer service always told me that I wait, wait and wait. In fact, there had no change in my account after I had waited more 2 weeks. I’m so angry with these guys, so I contacted them again. Then, they block my account, and they steal all my money – 1000$. In conclusion, FBS is a Big Scam for traders, and I do not recommend this broker for trading!!! Scam!!!
Author of FBS: Uriel | Date 2017-04-03
An unreliable broker, had a bad experience on their platform. When you trade on the demo account,you gain on demo, but when you trade on the live account, you lose on live. They close the trade even when you have not asked them to. They also Freeze the trade when they discover that you are making gains, I have lost all the $200 I invested on FBS platform. They are a big cheat.
Author of FBS: Iglesias | Date 2017-03-10
I open live account with them because they attract me with their welcome bonus 88 without making any deposit but they have tnc which is the bonus only valid around 1 week only and the smallest lot that can be open 0.10 which is to me it quite huge amount for newbie to start trade using this lot. Spread is higher than other broker which is 3 pips for major pair. When I’m hold one position that more than 100 pips it will stop out so how can I gain some profit if this things happen to me. Thank god it just bonus that I’ve loss but it shows that how bad their services.
Author of FBS: Nana | Date 2017-01-09
I have opened a micro account 1655214 and deposited $5000 last 3 months ago. I had no problems for the past 3 months because it grew up to 5k But recently I have encountered several issues in my trade. The pairs that I'm using such as AUDUSD, EURGBP and USDJPY were closed with all losses. I am using martingale so I know for sure that trades cannot be closed with losses. My profitable account sadly was blown.
Author of FBS: Aisha Abubakar | Date 2016-09-27
Hi I worked with FBS for an year and found it really amazing i made a lot of money with its ihasan promo ...it gives 300% bonus and i made a mind blowing money...u cant believe its promotions are really amazing must try everyone...
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