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Forex EuroClub review
Forex EuroClub

On-line since: 1999
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: -
Payment options: wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union, WebMoney
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: from 1:200
Spreads: from 3 pips

About the company:

Forex EuroClub is a brokerage company that appeared in the forex market in 1999. The broker pays special attention to the legality of its operations. Besides, it does its best to provide its clients with the most favorable trading conditions and high-quality services. Over years, Forex EuroClub attracts more and more clients. The company’s offices are located in twelve Russian cities. The head office is situated in Rostov-on-Don.

Forex EuroClub is a part of the Soft corporation that unites advertising agencies and companies selling computer equipment and home appliances. Diversification of assets provides the broker with financial stability. Moreover, in 2005, Forex EuroClub became a partner of High Street Networking and Laiki Bank Group.

Forex EuroClub offers trading conditions that will suit both beginning and experienced traders. The minimum deposit for a standard account is $100 (1,000 rubles for accounts in the Russian ruble). The biggest leverage is 1:200 whereas the spread for major currencies totals 3 pips. Trading can be performed via TradingDesk Pro 5, a mobile platform compatible with various devices, and Web Forex Trader. Newbies can open demo accounts.

Forex EuroClub has the following advantages:

  • An opportunity to use trust asset management services;
  • Automated trading;
  • Weekly contests with the prize pool of 6 thousand rubles.

Forex EuroClub 4/10 (votes 1804)
Author of Forex EuroClub: kczpr | Date 2018-10-30
I had several problems with Forex EuroClub. First of all they often have an big slippage. Beside this my EA is not doing well, one of my colleague recommend to use another EA so I removed my previous one and add new one. When my new EA was doing well and my account started growing they started cancelling my successful trades Finally I decided to withdraw my money and I put a withdraw request using Skrill after 21 working days the withdraw still on pending. I would not recommend this broker!
Author of Forex EuroClub: dazzyfx | Date 2018-06-15
I close my account recently with Forex EuroClub because the platform has constantly delays in execution, and not once I found out my Stop Loss limit was moved to different level. I called their support team but they aren't willing to give a professional answer and they are very rude. I lost 200$ deposit during one month of trading with them. The spread is not stable during volatility times. I traded with medium term positions currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CAD. I'm glad I didn't deposit more because I would've lost more. I don;t recommend the broker.
Author of Forex EuroClub: Tayo | Date 2018-04-17
Don't use this broker! Forex euro club is a real scam, they have cheated me in the past, and I will never try and advise anyone to use this platform at all. It happened that on the cause of my trading I got a profit on currency trading, in which I took my profit. But after 3 minutes all my profit disappeared and a very large loss appeared. Firstly, I did not understand how this can happen. I thought this was a software error and I restarted my trading platform. Nothing changes. I complained to the support department but nothing was done! Then i checked my trading history to see what happened. And i found three false bargains. I did not make those unprofitable bargains.
Author of Forex EuroClub: work_4may. hus | Date 2017-10-05
It was very frustrating when I funded my real account with a small amount of money, $185. I thought this company would add 30% to my newly opened account. It's been a week already since I wire transfer my own funds, but no bonus funds that has been topped up. I really don't know why, because my trading account is verified already. I am also thinking that the 30% bonus that has been advertised on their webpage is just a bait. Why? Just think this, the 30% bonus supposedly added to my account because it says "anyone can participate in the bonus program" but this company kept rejecting my request. I sent numerous emails to them but to no success. I only got an automated response. I even called the telephone numbers indicated on their website but the phone kept on ringing. No one answered my phone calls. Anyway, I haven't placed an order yet, because I lost an interest already. I want to withdraw my funds and transfer to another broker.
Author of Forex EuroClub: piprohan | Date 2017-09-08
I trade in Forex EuroClub since June and in opinion, it's not good to trade with this broker so that last week I close my account. I did it because in my last trading I faced some losses due to some requotes and spreads which is uncertain, I lost almost 50% of my funds. It true they offers nice minimum deposit in $100 and biggest leverage is 1:200 whereas the spread for major currencies totals 3 pips, but Their spreads are high if there are a news release. So I think to leave them and looking for a better brokers with better trading conditions.
Author of Forex EuroClub: CryptoTim | Date 2017-09-07
Forex Euro Club is the best place for forex trading platform of mine since last two years. Here I have been trading in a mini account and I experienced a hassle free trading life in the market. Because their trading terminal TradingdeskPro4 is so fast and a lot of features, tools or indicators on this platform that I ever experienced. often I have used their mobile forex platform, it is too good. My first deposit was 200RUB with 1:50 Low margin. After then I have gone ahead with make more profits in my trading. My current balance is 4000RUB. I have preferred to trade on EUR/USD pairs with 3 pips spread. I had no problem to deposit or withdrawal money via international Credit Card. Actually, I am benefited from Forex Euro Club broker.
Author of Forex EuroClub: Kiah | Date 2017-08-11
I have traded at FBS for 6 months, the trading platform is pretty good at first but the next months was a bit of worst. I had about 50lots of NZD/USD and I counted that if I closed them all with the additional spread, it would create a loss of about $2. For all of the sudden, I realized that there is something wrong - the function just disappeared from my MT4 platform. I called the support to help me fixed it but they won't let me contact them. I emailed them but until now they won't respond to my mail. When I wanted to close my account, they also refused to close it. In the end, they hold an inactive account in my name, but they do not let me withdraw my previous earnings from it. There is soooo much better choices out there..
Author of Forex EuroClub: FXjoahn | Date 2017-07-04
I had account with forex euro club, with the 3 months of joining this platform, to me they have a very rude and uprofessional customer service, and they have gaps and spikes that my other brokers dont have. I wonder why.. seems they are manipulating their platform.
Author of Forex EuroClub: Roxanne | Date 2017-06-14
After searching for so long, finally I found Forex euro club through the web search. I think it is worth to share about this broker since it could fulfill what are needed by a trader like me. It has been 3 years with Forex euro club and so far I am satisfied with the system implemented on the trading desk pro. As for me, I’m more prefer to trade through computer because screen are more bigger than mobile phone that I can observe market more details since my trading style is using naked chart without any indicator and noticed that this trading platform is friendly user and I don’t have any problem in finding the settings. Stop loss and take profit always been set because if anything happen on market or platform that I’m not notice I still can save my money from being loss too much. Currently, I can earned around 500 USD per month by using their trading desk pro and I don’t have any issue regarding to withdrawal because they always pay me on time. Thanks Forex euro club!
Author of Forex EuroClub: SahedNur | Date 2017-05-29
I have opened a mini account with Forex Euro Club for trading. But now I have left them for the last 2 months after losing all my trading capital. At began I think their service will be better, while their trading terminal is worst. I have used their TradingdeskPro4 and mobile forex platform without any features on the platform. I have deposited 500RUB with 1:50 Low margin. So I think that it can't afford to make more profit in my trading. So I have opened a long trade with 6 lots on EUR/USD pairs. Two days later I have seen the order goes to lose, So immediately I want to close the trade. Unfortunately, I am unable to close this trade, suddenly trading platform got frozen for an hour. Finally, I experienced losses nearly to 400 RUB. I was really upset about this and I couldn't take this anymore with Forex Euro Club.
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