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On-line since: 2013
Country of origin: Belize
Regulation: IFSC
Payment options: Visa / MasterCard, wire transfers, Skrill
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: up to 1:400
Spreads: from 0.8 pips

About company:

FXMoneyWorld has been providing its clients with online trading services since 2013.

The broker is licensed and regulated by IFSC (International Financial Services Commission). Among the broker’s trading instruments are currencies, precious metals (gold and silver), CFDs, and indices. Trading is carried out through the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The company offers trading accounts that will suit both beginners and professional traders:


  • Minimum deposit: $100;
  • Leverage: up to 1:400;
  • Spreads: from 2 pips;
  • Stop-out level: 15%;
  • Commission (CFDs and futures): $25 for 1 lot.


  • Minimum deposit: $1,000;
  • Leverage: from 1:100 up to 1:200;
  • Spreads: from 1.5 pips;
  • Commission: $25 for 1 lot.


  • Minimum deposit: $5,000;
  • Leverage: from 1:100;
  • Spreads: from 0.8 pips;
  • Commission: $10 for 1 lot.


  • Minimum deposit: $510,000;
  • Leverage: from 1:100 up to 1:200;
  • Spreads: from 1.2 pips.

The broker has created the educational section for its clients that contains articles, market updates, forex library, glossary, and video tutorials. Customers can look through analytics, news, and articles by experts on the company’s website.

You can deposit or withdraw funds with the help of Visa / MasterCard and Skrill electronic payment system.

Author of FXMoneyWorld: Umaiporn | Date 2018-11-25
FXMoneyWorld is a very professional and honest broker. As I am, a Premium Account holder and I got unbeatable spreads, as low as 1.2 pips. Basically I use my own customize EA on their VPS and I analyze my executed orders less than 4 ms. The most pleasant moment with FXMoneyWorld was when last week I withdrew my profit of $1000 successful via wire transfers. I can’t tell nothing bad about this broker.
Author of FXMoneyWorld: Nina | Date 2018-05-03
I have been trading forex for 3 years now. I opened an account with fxmoney world for some time now. The spreads are very good. I trade the EUR/USD usually around 1.2 pips on the micro account. Generally good reaction from the platform. Most especially the first time I made a withdrawal through wire transfer was on Monday, which I received 2 hours later, for me this is very fast compared to my experience with some brokers in the past.
Author of FXMoneyWorld: Lontonka | Date 2018-01-24
I have just open account in FXMoneyWorld for 7 months. I started with $600, first 3 months my trading was not profitable I lost $220 during this 3 months, but now I have experience of trading and I am making profit continuously. One important that i love to this broker, that withdraw made very quickly. I made my 3rd withdrawal of $ 250 last night and this morning the money was in my Skrill account . I can say that FXMoneyWorld is most comfortable broker for traders.
Author of FXMoneyWorld: SmugglerDinesh | Date 2018-01-23
I say City Index broker is unprofessional and unreliable broker due to their monopoly service on the platform in my trading so far. Yes, I am trading with City Index broker in six months and experience that when my position going to profitable than the platform always dancing to make me looser. normally It hanged for 1-2 Minute to execute the orders and did works my TP option too. Also, their quote showing a different rate from the real market and it is changed continuously. although I had 400 investment with them but I have decided there is no meaning of trading with City Index broker yet.
Author of FXMoneyWorld: Awliyaa | Date 2017-12-18
I am still working to improve trading strategy and fxmoneyworld have teach me on how to have proper money and trade management, it is still works. I have started initial deposit of $100 to trading account and now profit is growing consistently with proper trading strategy. I loss for few time before during the process of learning forex and not making enough profits. Now I can earn as much as $300 per week and really satisfied with the result. Not to worry about payment and profit withdrawal it is always on time less than 4 days I can see money credited into bank account. I wish more profitable trades in this coming week with fxmoneyworld.
Author of FXMoneyWorld: olson | Date 2017-10-13
From my point of view that have been used Fxmoney world it is worth to recommend Fxmoney world to other trader that having a problem with their broker right now. Along my journey with them I found that trading platform is the most stable one which no requotes and fast execution. Even though this broker is still new in this industries but their services is equal with reliable broker that have been operate more than 5 years. No worry guys, if you are considering to join them you are most welcome with very competitive spread at 0.8 pip for major pairs and affordable initial deposit as low as 100 USD. I also have made a deposit every month and withdraw every week without any problem with my mini account. I am so glad, that recently I am able to bring average of 100 USD per week. Of course I also have loss during trading but it can minimize the risk in trading by setting up the risk rewards and must be discipline in trading. Overall Fxmoney world is a suggested reliable broker from me. Thanks Fxmoney world!!
Author of FXMoneyWorld: Chab | Date 2017-08-18
After trading for quite a while now, I learned a lot of things both the hard and easy way. My primary broker has been FXmoneyWorld because their service has been sufficiently consistent. I opened an account and deposited 30USD, 1:100 leverage, rode the forex market waves and made a 9.13USD profit in a week. The EA i used performed well made about 15% profit every week where i am able to trade smoothly with all my trading orders executed instantly without any frustrating quotes happening. Very good experience so far in terms of how orders work and how they support on verification. I'll see how they perform further on but first three months passed and I feel good about this brokerage.
Author of FXMoneyWorld: fx_marcin ‏ | Date 2017-06-21
I have an account FXMoneyWorld, and I can say that they are one of the best forex broker. Their MT4 platform is excellent, believe me even their execution on high volatility instruments is also excellent. Basically I am a scalper last months I set an scalping EA on the terminal and I earned $460 profits within one month. Until now, I already withdrawn 3 times using webmoney all of them processed within same day. My last withdrawal was $350 that was processed with 2 hours. So based on my experience till now I recommend FXMoneyWorld both hands.

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