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FXTSwiss review

On-line since: 2009
Country of origin: Switzerland
Regulation: not regulated
Payment options: wire transfer, payment cards
Minimum account size: $200
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: 1:400
Spreads: fixed from 1 pip

About the company:

Swiss brokerage company FXTSwiss started operating in 2009. Both individuals and financial companies are the clients of the company.

FXTSwiss trading solutions suit experienced traders and novices in the forex market. Scalping, advisors, and hedging are allowed in the company. There are also Islamic accounts. The broker provides the MetaTrader 4 platform available for personal computers and mobile devices.

The broker enables its clients to trade such financial instruments as 16 currency pairs, crude, and precious metals.

FXTSwiss 7/10 (votes 2670)
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Author of FXTSwiss: Stacey | Date 2017-09-28
I have been trading with FXTSwiss a year and a half, I can say I am pleased with their services, they offer good trading conditions, for example, spreads on majors like EUR/USD and USD/CAD is no more than 2 pips, very tight. I made 4 deposits during this time, all of them wire transfer, the processing was fast and effective, no commission and no swaps, their MT4 is very effective.
Author of FXTSwiss: PaolaFx | Date 2017-09-05
I trade with FXTSwiss for over a year now and I enjoy their services. I have a standard live account with a first deposit of 300$. I started to trade with them because I like the low spread on all crosses. For example the pairs which I trade with 1 pip are EUR/USD , GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP&EUR;/CHF - 3 pips, also I trade Gold and Oil when I see strong signals on the market. The platform MetaTrader 4 works with fast execution of trade and real time prices. I had some delays with the platform but they were changing the server with a better one and that was fixed in a couple of hours. Their support team is very responsive and polite. My profit at the beginning was 600-700$, and now after more then one year I make a living out of trading with a 1700-2000$ a month. I don't withdraw all that money each month I usually keep some extra hundreds to could trade bigger volumes. I recommend the broker because is honest and transparent with the withdraw process.
Author of FXTSwiss: fxalexa | Date 2017-08-08
I am really satisfied and pleased to trade with FXTSwiss because they provide good trading system that make me gained amazing profits. In a week I got profit about $500 to $1000 because I also use their daily analysis. Besides, my withdrawal also get well as promised, was smooth. I invite all of my friend to join this broker.
Author of FXTSwiss: Muffinfx | Date 2017-07-18
I trade with FXTSwiss for almost 5 months but I currently wait for the approval of my withdraw and I will close the account. It pasted 10 days since I requested to withdraw and still they don't give me the permission. The first couple of months the platform , MetaTrader 4 worked fine, but after I made ~1000$ in 2 months, and requested to withdraw my profit, the problems started. The platform had delays in execution during news feed, I had positions closed on EUR/USD and GBP/EUR and lost 120$, which I never got back, the spreads where changing from 1 pip on EUR/USD up to 2.2 pips. I called so many times the support team but they can't help me, or they are putting me on hold for ever till I get board and hang up. I traded with them from currency pairs to commodities and metals. I spoke also with one manager regarding the manipulation of the prices, and they of course said that they don't do that. I will close my account is not a trusted broker.
Author of FXTSwiss: Chris_Fx | Date 2017-06-09
They claim to support MT4 platform, I tried to open demo account with FTSwiss, however, when we tried out its demo account, I was offered some strange web-based platform, which seems very basic. I wasn´t that good. Also this broker is not regulated, and I was checking and found out that trading with offshore brokers is extremely risky. Many of these brokers are scam companies seeking to cut financial and regulatory corner. So I did not advance to a trading account. Also, some broker I know, complained about high spreads and platform constant slippage. So am not into this broker.
Author of FXTSwiss: Juehanna_ | Date 2017-05-23
I think FXT has become a great broker because along my journey with them, I don’t have any issues especially on withdrawal side. In fact, I have been using the services nearly to one year all process are smooth and great. During my early journey with FXT, I have chosen wire transfer method to make deposit and it was great since less than 2 days money has been credited into account. My initial deposit was $200 and I am so thanks that currently it has been growing up. I think guys, FXT is the best platform especially for newbie to start trade with since it allowed very minimum amount and also affordable. I am planning to request a withdrawal on next week and hope they can approve as usual and fast. Thanks FXT!!
Author of FXTSwiss: fxregal | Date 2017-05-09
I joined this broker already 3 months. I joined because they gave me a lot of offers that made me interested to join. After joining there is no benefits and benefits that I can feel and I get. I am thinking of looking for a better broker because I need a broker that has the best quality. I feel the benefits I have not maximized. I'll still wait, if it turns out that the profit I can get is just a little, then as soon as I will move to a better broker again. I am sure one day I will find a broker that meets my wishes.
Author of FXTSwiss: Fisher | Date 2017-04-20
I have been in forex for 5 years and I tested many brokers. I can say that FXTSwiss is NOT a good broker. I joined with FXTSwiss in last year, and I don’t understand why I have not been paid yet. Last week, I earned profit with 550$ when I deposited 500$ for trading. Therefore, I made a request of withdrawal for my profit, but the money hasn’t still come to my account at until now. When I complainted about it to this broker, they said it is in the process and will be done soon. Additionally, the MT4 application freezes when there has high impact news even though using a demo account. This broker is really a market maker, so don't trust it. The worst thing is that they arbitrarily closed my position without my approval. This hovers on being borderline illegal. Indeed, I feel I’m not appreciated when I traded with this broker. I was disappointed, so I’m going to find another broker to trade at the moment. All in all, be aware FXTSwiss, if you don’t want to risk your money!!!
Author of FXTSwiss: Kelsey | Date 2017-03-31
I have open an account with FXTSwiss for one year and I traded with real money. They are really a good broker, because they proved a faithful and honest especially in the way they handle traders' withdrawal request. In fact, I got my withdrawal within 5 hours in most times. Thus, my first deposit was only 100$ and I did low risk trades. Then, I withdrew my money after one month of trading with 200$ profit. Later, I reveived my money next day on my bank account. FXTSwiss is really a trustworthy broker. They always provide good services and fast trading platform for me. Also, they accept credit cards. In addition, I just tied up some money in their PAMM managers 2 month ago. I also like to invest in their titans account, but investment requirements are still beyond the range. By the way, FXTSwiss is the ideal broker for all traders
Author of FXTSwiss: Razvpip | Date 2017-03-21
I was trading with FXTSwiss the last couple of months but I just closed the account. I had a live account with a deposit made with my Visa credit card for 200$. They platform is not working with real prices. I talked with Anna but she said she can't help me and that they know that some clients experience re-quotes or crashing of the platform. I tried to trade also during the night maybe I had more luck but not. I trade with currency EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/USD but I wasn't able to win out of 10 trades 2 were winning. At the end the winning trades ( some of them) were deleted on the base that my strategy wasn't accordingly with the rules. I lost all my funds and closed the account, moved to other broker.
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