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GBE Brokers review
GBE Brokers

On-line since: 2013
Country of origin: Cyprus
Regulation: CySEC
Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Wirecard, Neteller, Skrill, and SutorBank, Bank of Cyprus, wire transfers
Minimum account size: $1000
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lots
Leverage: 1:200
Spreads: from 0 pips

About company:

GBE Brokers was founded in 2013 provides its services to private and institutional traders. The company is focused on FX and CFD trading by means of MetaTrader4 trading platform. At the moment there are 75 currency pairs and 41 CFDs.

GBE Brokers offers its clients two major account types: Traditional Spread account with fixed spreads, fits for discretionary trading and Raw Spread account, with spreads from 0 pips plus commission, fits for EA advisers and scalping.

Moreover, the brokerage company offers its clients demo accounts for those who will learn trading or test the trading platform. Along with the majority of brokerages GBE Brokers also provides its customers with swap-free accounts.

Besides, the company has PAMM accounts, trading instruments which let a professional trader to get additional income. As well investors derive profits from professional traders actions who trade their investments.

GBE Brokers is the trading mark of GBE brokers Ltd. licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

CySEC applies a series of rules and regulations to the licensed companies. Particularly, CySEC demands that at least €1,000,000 should be on the brokerages’ accounts to ensure financial stability. Moreover, all regulated by CySEC companies are the members of the Investor Compensation Fund which provides traders with compensation up to € 20,000 per person if a brokerage company cannot fulfill its obligations. This is an additional guaranty of clients’ funds safety.

Besides, the companies regulated by Cyprian financial authority may work freely in every EU member state.

GBE Brokers cooperates with Vermögensverwaltungen GmbH, German hedge fund, which has been working for more than 10 years. Besides, GBE Brokers is registered with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

GBE Brokers 3/10 (votes 1992)
Author of GBE Brokers: Razeny | Date 2018-11-13
Not a good broker to deal with GBE Brokers. Everything was fine in demo account, but started live trading with $1000 and then something suspicious started. Their platform started to hang each time I open lot. The price charts hitting stops for different account holders trading the same currency pair. During the last month speech of Theresa May Bexit concern I got 118 pips slippage on EUR/GBP pair and I lost $233. I tried to complain by chatting services they reply me saying platform problem, internet problem etc. This means that these persons who chat with us don’t have any idea bout trading. I am warning everyone to avoid this.
Author of GBE Brokers: LITU_Fx | Date 2018-04-26
Now I have few troubles to trade with GBE Broker at MT 4 platform. My orders didn't execute instantly, which minimum time is 2-5 minutes. So I can't close profitable positions or when I want open a position. Till now i have almost 30 trades, where I faced this trouble with them and I had lost almost $120 dollars from my invest. While their 0.7 pips spread on EUR/USD pair are good, Indeed their platform is worst and I wasn't able to automated trading too. Even I have used their mobile application, but it didn't work perfectly.I found so many negative slippages on my trading too. Really I am disappointed with GBE Broker. On June 2017 I have deposited €500 dollars via Neteller, they have charged 3.6%. I think it is too much fee, while no broker has charged like them. So now I am afraid to deal with GBE Broker.
Author of GBE Brokers: Yatz | Date 2018-01-18
After dealing with gbe broker in a Standard STP, I have been disappointed. Because they are expensive, If I opened a 0.01 size lot then they charge me $0.80 for Swa with 0.07 Commission. I say their service is low class due to the worst execution, always I had missed the perfect position to enter a trade due to unfair pricing. Also, I have experienced huge slippage, freeze platform and cheating activity on the MT4 platform. I was deposited to gbe with 200$ and I earned $100 profit, which unable to withdraw. Till now they have been canceled my five withdrawal request via Skrill.
Author of GBE Brokers: Lohiekns | Date 2018-01-17
I've been with GBE for one and half months now. I just close my account with them. I have an EA that is for scalping. When I enable this immediately, I got slippage most of the time more than 20 pips. I check this EA on their demo account but here everything is ok no slippage, no spike. On 11 January in a quiet market, they gave slippages of 35 pips. I think they use slippage plugin in their MT4 server to kill all clients profit. There is no meaning of trading with them.
Author of GBE Brokers: Hanafiah | Date 2017-12-12
One of the major weakness in GBE broker is a crush on MT4 platform. It is mostly happen while major news release in fact I have experienced it before for more than 3 times. At first trade, all process seem very smooth but after 5 months trading, service starting to become slow and slower. It really effect the progress and increase the level of risky trading especially for the order execution. It is delay and lead to losses. I have losses nearly to $200 within one day because of a bad execution. I don’t recommend GBE if any newer decided to try, just be aware and careful when choosing the right platform to trade forex.
Author of GBE Brokers: Gorgi | Date 2017-12-12
At first, this broker is really paying. Had no prob with the verification process, was approved immediately. But weeks after, when I was already earning by 50% and up, I have accumulated consistent losses due to spreads are changing rapidly and there always slippages. I dont even know whats happening to my account and even support team didnt bother to explain. I hope they will improve their services as soon as possible.
Author of GBE Brokers: Akashi | Date 2017-10-10
I don’t recommend GBE Broker to anyone. In fact, I have been using the services for almost 5 months and experienced bad platform execution. I still remember when I employed an EA and set the order of EUR/JPY pair at first I was glad when I saw the profit shown on the transaction. The amount was a $200. Unfortunately, once I tried to close the position it was totally blocked me out from proceed any execution. Worst case, the MT4 server was down at the same time for more than 3 hours. The customer support really not useful at all simply said the problem has raised from my EA itself. Due to that, I have closed down all trading account with GBE.
Author of GBE Brokers: DaveGonzalez | Date 2017-08-16
I have big trouble with GBE Broker's MT 4 platform. My order executed within 2 minutes and I can't close positions when I want. So till now, almost 30 trades get trouble with them by getting $120 lose. While their 0.7 pips spread on EUR/USD pair are good, Indeed their platform is worst and I wasn't able to automated trading. Even I have used their mobile application, but it didn't work perfectly.I found so many negative slippages on my trading too. Really I am disappointed with GBE Broker. On June 2017 I have deposited €500 dollars via Neteller, they have charged 3.6%. I think it is too much fee, while no broker has charged as like them. So now I am afraid to withdraw my profit with GBE Broker. can anyone help me?
Author of GBE Brokers: Ziyad | Date 2017-07-26
I am so thanks to GBE Broker which allowed me to trade so well through the platform. Currently, I have earned $200 for weekly and making profit consistently. I have been using the services for 6 months and services was good. I have made a deposit of a $1000 through Neteller and process done so efficient and less than 48 hours I can see money credited into account. Along my journey using it platform is well-managed and stable all the time. Mostly order are well-executed and very less slippage. In fact, support team is very helpful. Sometime when I have any inquiries I will contacted support team, it is good when the team is well-trained and I think GBE should maintain it definitely traders like me will stay with them. Good job!!!
Author of GBE Brokers: AnisMarhoul ‏ | Date 2017-07-06
Indeed I have bad trading experience with GBE Broker. I say their order execution on MetaTrader 4 platform isn't comfortable and $3 is too high commission in my raw spread account. In their MT4 platform I cannot open or close a positions where I want, then my position turning negative. I used their mobile application too but it isn't work perfectly. So I got a lot of slippages on my trading account. Now I make a withdrawal of $60 of my profits and pay 36% payment charge but they delayed this transaction via Neteller within 2 days. So I am Fed Up with GBE Broker.
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