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GCI Financial review
GCI Financial

On-line since: 2002
Country of origin: Belize
Regulation: Registered by International Financial Services Commission of Belize
Payment options: Wire transfer, credit cards, PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney and check
Minimum account size: $2,000
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: up to 1:200
Spreads: 3 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

GCI was found in 2002, and is among pioneers at the markets of currency and contract for difference (CFD) trading. GCI Company has about 10 000 clients all over the world, including individual traders, companies and account managers.

GCI offers its clients a modern, reliable and not sophisticated system for online trading. The clients’ funds are kept on segregated accounts and are insured; and the dealing experience of the company meets the highest requirements.

GCI Financial 7/10 (votes 4969)
Author of GCI Financial: pipmerahmarun | Date 2018-11-30
I regret opening a trading account in GCI Financial until now. I know this broker from my colleague who said get many profit and bonus during he traded there. Besides he said the platform in GCI is stable and the spread is not crazy during volatility times. After I try their system in demo account, I opened the real one last months but the platform got frozen, especially when I was trade in the night and when I trade using mobile trading application. In the other side their minimum account size $2,000 so big to me. In my first trading I deposit that big $2000 but they only give me 5%. I think it too small. My experience during trading at the broker was very different from the experience told by my colleague. Did he lie? I feel the capital and profits I trade here are not balanced so I intend to find another broker.
Author of GCI Financial: Robahh_ Kenya | Date 2018-09-20
Profit Group isn't perfect for trading in the market, because of the worst MT4 platform. I have traded in a Algorithm-ECN account, where I have always faced that my order didn't execute on my desired position. it could be delay almost 10 to 20 seconds and my all positions slipped 15 to 20 pips. Besides when I want to close any trades on the MT4 platform then I am unable to close these trades and I can't set up an EA. That's why I had to get $153 loss so far. While my invest were $200 and its almost lost. So I try to leave them by requesting a withdrawal for my money back. But the withdrawal order has been canceled. I have asked for their support and sent several emails but I didn't get any response from them.
Author of GCI Financial: fxpakenman | Date 2018-01-30
I have been trading for a month with GCI and I lost about 30% from my capital. Everything is okay in my first trading process, the platform run fast because their own server are strong so the execution run smoothly and very satisfactory. In my first trading I got bonus and profit about 15% to 25%. But I have been depositing when I withdrawing my profit both via wire transfer and PayPal. I try to think positively, and I try to trade again, but I actually suffered losses because the spread suddenly increased without prior notice. This also happens in my 3rd trading, until I feel I have to stop trading at GCI because I lost all of my deposit. I won't recommend this broker to any trader. They only provide ease and false promise at the beginning of trading to get a deposit from traders
Author of GCI Financial: Lodi | Date 2017-12-21
Their connection is very bad and often crashes, there were constant re-quotes also. Their bad platform always shutting down many times. I often loose money as their positions are automatically closed at stop loss point. I won’t be investing more with this company.
Author of GCI Financial: shahfx | Date 2017-11-16
it has been a month my withdrawal still pending and there is no respond from them after they ask me to re upload again my document for verification. My withdrawal only for 2000 USD and the method of payment via wire transfer. I manage to gain 2000 USD after 3 month trading with very caution in making entries but when I manage to gain such amount they delayed the process. Document for verification has been given but there is still no answer from them. My money also has been deducted from trading account but still not transfer yet into my bank account. If this problem still not solve I’ll consider this broker such a scam broker.
Author of GCI Financial: Jyde | Date 2017-10-20
The process of verification in GCI Financial is very difficult and the managers are not a good help for it. I opened a trading account attracted by low spreads and good minimum deposit, but in order to use the account, you must verify first and after 3 months, I will keep on having problems with my documents. My ID was accepted but my address certificate, not. They ask for several signs from officials and although I have explained the situation in my country, they don't believe or just ignore my messages. GCI Financial is a bad broker.
Author of GCI Financial: Jeffreyfx | Date 2017-10-02
I had use the demo account with a 50,000$ virtual balance, and I like the trading conditions, but after I opened a live account and I deposited the 2000$ I started to have problems with the ActTrader platform, which should have no re-quotes. Actually I had more re-quotes then ever with this platform, or the broker was manipulating the prices on the market. From the delays of the platform and crashing I lost during my first month of trading 700$, after that I was able to win some money back, around 300$ trading Gold, Silver and EUR/USD, GBP/USD. After a couple of months more, I requested to withdraw 1000$, which was not approved, I requested then 500$ wasn't approved. Well... in the end I managed to withdraw 3 times x 300$ and I closed my account. I don't recommend them, have hidden commissions and also the broker is manipulating the prices.
Author of GCI Financial: moya Joa | Date 2017-08-24
One of my orders got cancelled without valid reasons, and I just discovered it today. On Monday, I was expecting that I would earn some funds, but to my surprise the EURUSD got closed without my consent, and take note, it was closed with a lower price (1.7982). I contacted them immediately via Live Chat and was very dismayed because they left me unattended after they get my account details. Until now, I haven't heard any response about my concern. I thought they wouldn't leave their clients unattended, but I was wrong. What they did to me was a proof that they' aren't professional and won't value their clients. I really trust this broker but because of this incident, everything changes. I won't fund my GCI trading account anymore.
Author of GCI Financial: Edna | Date 2017-08-02
Not impressed at all with Gci Financial services, I taught Forex trading is for the purpose of making profits, but having traded with this broker, it was the other way I have made huge loss of $2000, while trading with gci financial. It happens that I open just 4 positions on the platform ( as a professional trader) so as to test the platform and all where executed accurately to my satisfaction, I only lost 1 trade. So I decided to trade big on the platform opened the positions of 13 trades and to my surprised I started experiencing slippages and even the trades all refused to close, whenever I want to close the position, I kept getting an error message till all the trades led to loss. I regret trading with GCI financial.
Author of GCI Financial: redza | Date 2017-06-23
Hai guys if you’re intend joining GCI broker I’m not recommend this broker since this broker has late in approval withdrawal request and their platform also are not stable to use. I’ve been with them for almost 3 month just to try their system whether it suit with me or not. I’ve made my first withdrawal request after a month trading and I can profit for 300 USD but it take 2 weeks for them to transfer the money into bank account. When trading using their trading platform I have to be extra careful because their execution speed slow for almost 10 second and sometimes it will re quotes my orders and I can see a few slippage on charts. During economic event this platform is not good enough to use because it will freeze when you want to make multiple instant order in one time. Support team does not play their roles to help me when I made a report regarding to this issue seems like they don’t have any solution to this problem. All in all GCI broker is not a reliable broker.
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