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JFD Brokers review
JFD Brokers

On-line since: 2011
Country of origin: Cyprus
Regulation: CYSEC, BaFin, FCA, ACPR, ICF
Payment options: payment cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and Visa Electron), wire transfer
Minimum account size: $500
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:400
Spreads: interbank spreads (0.2 pips AVG EUR/USD weekly), current market spreads

About the company:

JFD Brokers is a European company established in 2011. Being a relatively new broker, it proved to be a dynamically developing company and managed to become one of the largest brokers in the world.

JFD Brokers is represented in 60 countries across 5 continents. The company’s headquarters are located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The broker ensures completely transparent pricing and does not withhold information about spreads from traders.

JFD Brokers’ team consistently carries out technical and fundamental market analysis and regularly mails out market updates to clients.

JFD Brokers 4/10 (votes 1741)
Author of JFD Brokers: Alison | Date 2019-01-07
It's a little sad that JFD Brokers doesn't accept US clients. I was able to open a demo account here and I actually liked the experience. Although there were occasional lags in the platform, it could be ignored as it doesn't have much effect on the trades. So come the time that I have already decided that I want to open a live account, I found out that they don't accept clients from the US. It's partly my fault that I didn't fully read about the broker but they should have already given a notice right from when I opened a demo account. My time trying out the demo was only wasted.
Author of JFD Brokers: pippesan | Date 2018-10-25
I opened a standart account in JFD Brokers las months but their spreads floating, interbank spreads (0.2 pips AVG EUR/USD weekly), current market spreads. Basically, their spread is high spread and isn't fixed. so the spreads depending on numerous factors and they have taken high spreads from me in the news trading. In my last trading I lost my money because in EUR/USD pair the spread is 0.2 pip but I have found it 2.8 pips almost all the times. Also the platform didn't execute in the right position from my first trading until now. So I am planning to switch from this broker.
Author of JFD Brokers: Muscapip | Date 2018-06-14
I don't recommend JFD brokers because of the constant negative slippage and crazy high spreads during volatility times. I had an account in eur currency and I closed it. I lost 500 euros while trading for just two months, using currency pairs EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and EUR/CHF. I called their support team and they can't help and are rude also. The broker doesn't need to be on the market is not honest.
Author of JFD Brokers: Jeffrey Green | Date 2018-04-14
I wish I read the negative reviews on the Internet before I transferred them some money. The negative ones, yes. One of their employees smugged not being interested in my review, as they pay for likes and good reviews. This is the worst organised broker I worked with. I was quite surprised, they are supposedly German owned. Everything is done by hand, slowly. I encountered numerous faults in their systems. Getting my money back was a nightmare, at least I got back almost all of it at the end. 'Supposedly', as they are to be regulated by Greek Cyprus authorities only, and their only office I had contact with was a Bulgarian one. Don't be fooled by them mentioning Western European authorities and offices, read the small print. In short, avoid at all costs.
Author of JFD Brokers: pipkarma | Date 2018-04-13
After trading for less then 3 month I already closed my trading account in JFD Brokers due to some problem I encountered while closing an order and withdraw the profit. The platforms its works very slowly, when I made a deposit Its takes more then 5 hours execution while for withdraw process Its takes more then a day. I think that's really tiring. I think with their new trading system, its platform will also work quickly. Minimum account size and leverage at this broker is very competitive and in accordance with my expectations, but if the process is very slow, I feel JFD Brokers is not suitable for me.
Author of JFD Brokers: Panagiopip | Date 2018-02-21
I recently closed my account with this broker because their policy isn't transparent. I had hidden commissions, and the spread is not average 0.2 pips as they recommend on the page, but average of 0.6 pips. I traded currency pairs GPB/USD and EUR/USD. Made a first deposit of 500$ and lost the first month 300$. I called their support team because I had some closed positions during the night because of their server shut down, and a loss of 43$, they never restored my positions or my money.
Author of JFD Brokers: Brucesfx | Date 2017-12-06
I am a client of JFD brokers for over 4 months. The first two months the platform MetaTrader 4 was working fine but after the 3rd month they had delays in execution. My account was standard in usd currency with a 500$ deposit. I liked their trading conditions with a low spread of 0.2 pips for EUR/USD, and 0.4 for USD/JPY. I traded also Gold when I saw an opportunity. I called their support team many times regarding the issues on the platform they never called back or emailed me.
Author of JFD Brokers: VictorPham | Date 2017-10-31
I have a standard account with JFD broker since January 2017. Till now I have been traded 230 lot by depositing $500. While I have earned $287 but I have a disgusting experience of trading by the AgenaTrader platform. Because of a lot of slippage issue due to poor trade execution. Also I have tried Guidants platform but it is in German language, so leave it instantly. As their terms for open a position, I give 2.8 pips, which rate is the high in the market nowadays. I have much withdrawal but I have to send a written request for each withdrawal by the email, so the processing is delay compared to their terms and conditions, which is so disgusting to me. Now I have decided to take my invest from JFD broker.
Author of JFD Brokers: Shutanginey | Date 2017-10-04
I was introduced to JFD by my friend and they seemed to have a good selection of instruments to trade. In my first 3 months i never encountered any problems and I made profit for about $500 until the update happened. It was hard to deposit money because For some reason they always rejected my credit card and I had to wire in my money which costs a lot and took 5 days or a week before it was funded in my account. Last Tuesday, I moved my stoploss to break even. I entered at 1.23764 and my sl was placed at 1.23770 (a long trade for EURUSD). They closed my trade as it reached my sL but they placed a huge loss 3 times bigger than the entire intended 50 pips tp. I know it was in my favor and i was disappointed on how dishonest this broker is. I called the support but for several calls that I tried, I notice that the support line doesn't keep you on hold long, but can get thrown off call. - needs investigating. Then I tried to use the chat feature, they always refused to help instead they argued that those questions should be sent to the account manager. I wouldn't recommend JFD! They'll sell you the perfect things about their brokerage company at first but once you get in they turn the other way. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this broker.
Author of JFD Brokers: benny | Date 2017-09-07
JFD broker is one of the bad broker which are not reliable broker to me because when I try their demo account winning entry is very good and after I register real account with them loosing entry are more than winning entry. Their execution speed is not fast as demo account like their server for demo account much faster than real account. There is a time that I miss my pending order which spread suddenly wide make my pending order not valid to use. Initial deposit also to me is not acceptable especially newbie that don’t have much money to start trading. Minimum amount must be 500 USD and to me it is quite big amount and if they can change into 100 USD I think much better. Support team is not friendly when I made a report about execution speed and spread widen, their answer is not helpful at all. To all trader out there if you are still considered in joining this broker just think twice or more.
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