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Million Dollar Pips review
Million Dollar Pips

Million Dollar Pips

General Properties
Currency Pair: EUR/USD
Timeframe: M1 
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Work time: 24 hours 
Work with decimal point figure: 5
Forex advisor Million Dollar Pips is in action around the clock, however, trades are opened in very short time periods. Million Dollar Pips advisor opens a few orders and closes sharply fixing a small number of points. One of Million Dollar Pips advantage is that the Advisor sets Stop-loss and Take-profit levels during a high market dynamics. With Million Dollar Pips advisor it is recommended to trade with EUR/USD pair.
Worth paying attention that testing of this advisor strategy is carried out only by M1 ticks of EUR/USD pair.
There is an opinion that similar Forex-Advisors bring profit only in MetaTrader4, as ticks are synthesized inside of M1 bar in MT. In such a way, before the bar is shaped the tester looks forward, aside from that, on a real account ticks are rectilinear between extreme bar points and they never move as in MT tester.
By Forex traders responses this advisor performance in the demo monitoring is quite tempting. But a disadvantage of this advisor is that on a live account huge drawdowns are possible. The thing is that Million Dollar Pips Forex advisor opens and closes a great number of trades for a few seconds that may impact the live trading account negatively while trading. 

Million Dollar Pips 8/10 (votes 78)
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Hashim | Date 2019-01-16
I didn't like the performance of Million Dollar Pips. It has been falsely advertising too much claiming that it could make traders a millionaire. The truth is this bot will simply make some trades but it won't give much profit. It could just give about 2-3 pips of winnings. What's worse is that it doesn't even win on a regular basis. I'm already lucky if it wins 2-3 pips. Most of the time, it loses by 10 pips per trade. I received nothing but headache from this bot.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Uikiel | Date 2019-01-09
Million Dollar Pips should not be named this way because it is in no way going to make you a millionaire. It can't even earn a hundred dollars! I honestly just tried it out of curiosity. Many people have been talking about it and so I got a little excited. But as you could guess, it only caused me trading misery as it was losing at least 15 pips in every trade. It had a few earnings but the losses were still dominating. In the end, I just had to stop using it
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Jake | Date 2019-01-04
Very sure this a credible EA, it provides precise signals, and opens and closes at profitable positions, it works perfectly on my MT4 platform. At first when I started using million dollar pips on my platform, it gave me small profits which gradually increased in the long run.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Jaden | Date 2019-01-02
This is just a waste of time and my hard earned money, I have just wasted $350 in getting this EA. It does not work effectively at all keeps freezing and crashes almost every hour. I won't recommend million dollar pips at all
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Lumier | Date 2018-12-27
I was just browsing through the web when I stumbled upon an ad from Million Dollar Pips. It was very enticing and convincing so I hadn't stopped the urge to test it out. I got it for $100 and there was a money-back guarantee. When I used it, at first it was going well. Trading with small lot size and winning most of the time. However, after more than a month, it started trading aggressively with big lot size and ends up losing. It went on like this for weeks so I decided to return it. But the problem is the money-back was only valid for a month. Now, I am not using it anymore.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Bobby | Date 2018-12-24
As for me, million dollar pips is profitable. I made the proper settings on EUR/USD as it was recommended. I have had 18 wins and lose only 4 trades. It has really provided me strong and accurate signals with no bugs. I am currently enjoying this EA.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Kemi | Date 2018-12-20
I had negative results using million dollar pips, I won't recommend this EA at all. Always brings wrong signals, thereby, making me run at a loss. This was a waste of $300.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Chelsea | Date 2018-12-18
I honestly almost closed my account because I have been messing up big time. But then a friend suggested that I use an EA. But since she hasn't tried any yet, she wasn't able to give me a particular EA. So I had to look for it myself. That's when I found Million Dollar Pips. The claims were very promising and convincing so I tried it out. I was losing anyway so why not give it a shot. Fortunately, after using it, I was able to rise up again in trading. It helped me little by little at first. Opening positions with a small lot size and earning small profit. Until as time went by, it eventually traded bigger sizes and earned more as well. This EA has already earned back my capital and now has a 10% profit.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Buenvio | Date 2018-12-14
I won't recommend you to buy Million Dollar Pips. You will just waste $150 on a useless bot. Their money back guarantee is not even true. I got this bot and it did not work in my platform. It only caused crashes and freezing. Right away, I reported it and asked for a refund. They did not immediately reply to me. In fact, it took them a few days before responding and they only told me that their bot doesn't cause technical problems and that the problem could be with my broker. I told them that this was the first time it has happened and it occurred only when I switched on the bot. They haven't responded to that yet and it has already been a month.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Toyin | Date 2018-12-11
I bought and subscribed to million dollar pips and so far the service and the working of the EA is very good. One thing about this EA is that you need to get the settings once you do get a handle on how to set it up it works great. Currently I am using 0.01 lot size with good profit on my live account.
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