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On-line since: 2014
Country of origin: -
Regulation: Finpark Ltd
Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex-money, wire transfers AlfaClick
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: 0.01 Lot
Leverage: 1:100 – 1:1000
Spreads:  from 2 points

About the company:

NewForex appeared on the market in 2014. It specializes in convenient trading conditions and online trading courses. Moreover, the broker advises on deals hedging and offers attractive affiliate programs.
The company’s clients may open two types of trading accounts: First Streem and New Grade. The MetaTrader 4 platform provides traders with 25 currency pairs, futures on metals as well as CFDs on shares of 28 companies.
Traders, who have already registered with NewForex emphasize several important advantages: unlimited initial deposit, access to swap-free accounts, 24-hour client support service, 30% deposit bonus, analytical reviews and the latest news on the forex market.
Below, you can find comments about the broker as well as read about its pros and cons. Evaluate the quality of the company’s service and please leave a comment in the specialized section.

NewForex 9/10 (votes 5451)

Web-site: NewForex

Author of NewForex: Kariyel | Date 2018-10-15
I liked trading with NewForex. They offered the best trading condition to their clients. I have been with them for 5 years and I've earned a lot by trading with this broker. Their platform is outstanding: instant execution, accurate signals, useful drawing tools, tight spread, and price synced to the real market price. I can't give all the credits to my own knowledge and strategy because if they didn't have a good platform, then I won't be able to smoothly execute my transactions. If in terms of withdrawal, I already took a total of more than 20,000USD. In the most recent one, I took 8000USD. I am thankful because even though my withdrawals are pretty large, I did not encounter any problem. In fact, I receive them in 1-2 days. Unlike with what I read about other brokers where clients are asked for every documents possible before giving them their money. Of course, I also submitted documents for verification. But once it was done, all my succeeding withdrawals were processed quickly.
Author of NewForex: Sujin | Date 2018-09-17
Trading has always been smooth with NewForex broker. Because of their fast execution, I am always able to open positions on the price that I want. They really aim to provide the best trading experience to their traders. Even when I was a newbie, around two years ago, I did not incur extreme losses. And that's mainly because of the educational materials that this broker offers. There are some tips and techniques that a beginner can try. Their regular market analyses are also very helpful even for experienced traders.
Author of NewForex: FXKhan | Date 2018-08-08
Newforex is my current broker house where I have trade smoothly with stable service. I have trading on MT4 platforms, which is so fast and hasn't any slippage or hang. So I can open a position instantly with the low spread on EUR/USD, USD/JPY currency pair. Also, I have found the real-time market quotes. Beside their trading session map, trader’s calculator is helpful tools for me, also I have followed the expert's technical analysis. In one year I am able to earn $1.2K, while I have withdrawn of amount $750 through Skrill account. So I say Newforex broker is professional in the forex market with a stable forex trading service.
Author of NewForex: piphanasotem | Date 2018-07-26
In this review I would like to share my trading experience in NewForex. My trading account active since five months ago and during this time I feel satisfied enough because I only need to spend minimum account size worth $1 I earned almost 30% profit. But I read a lot of complaining review about the minimum lot size and the spreads that floating in this broker. I am confused if in my next trading I'll lose my money because of floating spreads, and now I thinking again whether to look for another broker or make a deposit and trading in this broker again. I hope they fixed the spreads and the value of profits and their bonuses can be increased in the future.
Author of NewForex: fxsisahanya | Date 2018-07-14
I’ve been trading in NewForex for more then 2 years and I’m glad that I found them. The platform they provided works with instant execution and real time quotes so in my every trading I I haven't faced any type of problem. Besides this broker has low minimum account size only $1, and the main thing is withdrawal, I did withdrawals three times and I had no problems all withdraw run fast and transfer to my account just between 2 to 3 working hours via MasterCard. I am getting all successful trading tips with essential terms and conditions in NewForex. Highly recommend them.
Author of NewForex: Kemi | Date 2018-04-20
Excellent customer service and platform. I just started as a beginner on new forex platform, thanks to the customer service who kept putting me through on how to start trading. And I think the platform is better. There is no much unimproved, noisy information, trading platform working without a fuss, without any fanfares. Spreads stayed fixed, stops were not hunted. I will open a live account by Monday, I hope the platform will be the same experience with the demo trading.
Author of NewForex: Eleffx | Date 2018-03-19
I am a client of NewForex after a frined recommend them to me. My first deposit was 150$, the transfer was made with Skrill. I am a day trader and use medium- term positions, usually I trade after news release currency pairs GBP/USD and GBP/EUR. The platform works fast in execution with real time prices. I like the fact that the spread is stable during volatility times. The broker is reliable.
Author of NewForex: Siju | Date 2018-01-26
NewForex was suggested by one of my friends. I have an account with them since 4 months now and I can proudly say that I made the best selection. Low spreads and fast withdrawal are the reason why I like this broker most. Especially withdrawal through skrill which I have used twice to withdraw on this platform. The last withdrawal of $250 which was the second withdrawal took just 35 minutes. I recommend this broker to all traders.
Author of NewForex: pipjengjeng | Date 2017-12-07
NewForex is a broker who is very professional and put what the traders need as their priority. Become their client for almost 2 years, I am satisfied with the bonus and also a competition which is always held by this broker. Trading process and its withdrawal also went smoothly and securely. They provided good leverage: 1:100 – 1:1000 and make me got almost 45% profit in my every trading process. Besides, their always gives best execution that done very quickly and accurately. I was also greatly helped by the contest and big bonuses. I highly recommend NewForex.
Author of NewForex: Orlate | Date 2017-11-15
Newforex platform support my trade activities properly and I used to work on swap free account for more than a year. I am glad to be one of their client as the always provide pro-client service especially regarding technical issue. I have experienced before when MT4 platform delay more than 5 second and pending my orders I lost almost 20 pips but when I called the support team they assisted me properly and refunded my money. But last week I just withdraw a profit of $100 and it has been generated within 1 day trade. It was a successful trade on EUR/USD position and now I can see profit is growing good. I hope more profit with Newforex!
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