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Pardus review

The Pardus expert advisor

The Pardus expert advisor is a mechanical trading system which was developed on the basis of time-proved and high-performance trading system.
The usage of Pardus helps get high interest from the profit suffering the minimal drawdown.
When developing the Pardus advisor the main aim was creating the most efficient instrument for long-term, profitable and low risk trading.
The algorithm of the Pardus advisor includes some solutions that were used in the reliable 3WpU Advisor. There are the analysis of several technical indicators and the whole number of candlestick patterns analysis in the basis of the expert’s functioning.
Moreover, the Pardus advisor uses a filter system that helps to avoid high-risk positions. There is also a function based on the market fundamental analysis, which helps Pardus to open positions only during such trading sessions when trading is the most efficient (including the market reaction on significant news). It helps Pardus to open positions having a high probability of making profit.
Besides, working with the permanent lot the Pardus advisor uses an efficient Money Management mechanism, which helps to increase profit in the case of optimal risks.
The Pardus advisor includes the closing bar control function; so, you enter the market at the opening price of the next time period if the trading signal remains. It eliminates the problem of discrepancy between the results of testing and real trading.
The Pardus advisor’s peculiarity contains in two different programs that are used for opening and monitoring short and long positions. It means that there are two different algorithms for selling and buying. The reason for that is the market dynamics being different when the market grows and falls.
Due to the system’s universality, the Pardus advisor helps to trade successfully with almost any major currency pair and cross-currency pair.
Depending on a trader’s decision, the expert advisor can operate in any trading conditions set by different brokers: Market Execution, Instant Execution – the data format having 4 and 5 digits after the comma.

Pardus 7/10 (votes 35)
Author of Pardus: Irenina | Date 2019-03-18
It has been around 4 months since I started using Pardus EA. I got it for $200 and I was guaranteed with a 60-day trial period wherein if I didn't like the performance, I could return it and take a refund. But that was not necessary as this EA is superb. It trades wisely, keeping its losses to a limit and being grand with the profits. So far, it has already earned me more than $600. Even on my busy days, I can still expect profit because of this.
Author of Pardus: Margi | Date 2019-03-12
Pardus EA is a typical Forex adviser that both earns and loses. Although I must recognize that the earnings are still higher than the losses so it can still be considered profitable. I'm not really sure about their claim on the high profitability on long-term trades because it really isn't that impressive. Also, this EA is only profitable when trading major pairs like EUR/USD and USD/JPY but mostly fails when trading minor pairs like USD/CAD. It would be better if it works well on all pairs.
Author of Pardus: Valentina | Date 2019-03-05
Pardus EA is my second trading advisor. I honestly find it impressive and incomparable against my first EA. My first purchase was terrible but this EA showed me a different outlook in forex trading. At first, I monitor its performance from time to time because I don't want it to fail me like my previous EA. But when I saw its good performance, I decided to leave it on it own. This EA surprises me with unbelievable profit every week. So far, the lowest profit it has earned in a week is $38 then the rest ranges from $60-$85 each week.
Author of Pardus: Melissa | Date 2019-02-27
I tried Pardus EA because it had promising claims. I got it for 250 euros and realized that it is a little more expensive compared with other EAs. What's more disappointing is that despite being expensive, it did not perform as how I expected it to (based on their claims). Although it really earns profit on a normal market condition, it can't handle high volatility. It insists to enter a high volatile market and opens a position but later on will not be able to keep up resulting to a great loss. So I still need to completely turn it off when a news announcement is coming up.
Author of Pardus: Monver | Date 2019-02-20
I am already profiting well with my trades but I am still hoping to boost it a little more so I bought Pardus EA. I tried it first on a demo account because I don't want to risk my hard-earned money right before really testing it out. Surprisingly, it performed really well. I just can't help but think that I should have used it on my real account right away. Because after a week of using it, the bot earned $58.12. That is really impressive.
Author of Pardus: Toqeer | Date 2019-02-14
Pardus EA has been in business for many years already. Because of that, I thought that maybe it could work somehow. So I went ahead and bought it. I spent $159 for it. Or should I say, I wasted $159 for it. This EA is going to make you broke. I only used it for a week but it already lost almost a hundred dollars. If I continued using it, I probably would have lost everything. The way it loses almost all of its trades is just unbelievable.
Author of Pardus: Daraj | Date 2019-02-07
I've heard a lot of good feedback about Pardus EA so I decided to buy it. But to be sure, I tested it first on a demo account. I need to see it for myself first before I let it do trades with my own money. And just as the reviews said, this EA is indeed a good one. It always sets stop loss and take profit when it opens a position. It also does great both for short term and long term trading. As of now, it's been a year since I started using it and it has boosted my profit rate to almost 80%.
Author of Pardus: Ilyaspip | Date 2019-02-01
They say curiosity killed the cat. I guess that's true. I got so curious about Pardus EA that I just had to test it out even though I've been seeing some negative feedback on this EA. I even spent $200 on it. But this EA wasn't worth any penny. I shouldn't have ignored all those negative comments about this. I wasn't even able to use it once because everytime I try, it makes the platform freeze or crash. What's worse, sometimes it even causes my whole computer to crash. It could cause great damage to my computer so I stopped trying to make it work. Fellow traders, be cautious of this EA.
Author of Pardus: Reyatta | Date 2019-01-25
Pardus EA is a great help to me. I started a volunteer work recently and the areas we go to do not have internet connection. Often times, we stay there for a few days or a week. I don't trade long-term so in the days that I'm on a volunteer work, I don't have active trades. These past two months, my trading account has been neglected so I decided to get an EA. Pardus is a scalper so it's compatible with my trading style. It trades multiple times in a day and profits at least $75 in a week.
Author of Pardus: Brent | Date 2019-01-21
Pardus expert advisor is my most regrettable purchase of 2018. I bought it in late November for $150 and was only able to use it for a week because if I didn't stop using it, then my account balance would be wiped out. For that one week, it was able to lose me $200. I can't even earn that much money in a span of 1 week. I gave it another chance and tried to use it again this year but it still performs that same. More losses, minimal profit.
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