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上线年份: 2012
原始所在国: -
监管: 格鲁吉亚国家银行
支付选项: WebMoney, WalletOne, LiqPay, Qiwi, 万事达卡, Visa卡, 电汇, Skrill, PayPal, OKPay, Payza, Neteller
最小账户规模: 1美元
最小手数: 0.01手
杠杆: 1:3000
点差: 0.2点起



FxGlory向客户提供电脑和智能手机MetaTrader 4交易平台的真实和模拟帐户。





FxGlory 8/10 (votes 3992)
作者 of FxGlory: Noorihan | 日期 of  2018-12-11
I am extremely disappointed with FxGlory. They advertise the spreads on EUR/USD pair is 0.2 pips but I never get spreads below 5 pips. When I chatted with their live support all the time they said that they offer only floating spreads so that is as usual. This happened non volatility market but the worst thing is that they I got 12 pips spreads during the volatile market. They are not scam broker but they snatching money giving unseal spreads.
作者 of FxGlory: Ryuk | 日期 of  2018-10-01
I am with FxGlory for a year now. So far, I'm somehow okay with my trading experience. They have a very stable MT4 platform with fast execution and no lags. Although, MT4 is the only platform they have so if something went wrong with it, there wouldn't be any alternative platform. Thankfully, no drastic issue has occurred to it yet. They also have a tight spread which is what most scalpers look for but unfortunately, scalping is not allowed with this broker. Although of course, tight spreads are also beneficial to long-term traders. As for the withdrawal, well, they aren't very fast on that aspect. Mine took almost two weeks before being transferred.
作者 of FxGlory: Georgianafx | 日期 of  2018-05-24
I have opened a trading account last month and deposited 1000$ because I wanted to apply for 50% bonus, and start to trade with 1500$. They never provided that bonus in my account. I traded this past month EUR/USD, USD/CAD and I had a profit of 75$. The platform is not stable during volatility times and the spread is changing from 0.2 pips for EUR/USD up to 1.2 pips. I called their support team and I never had an answer from them.
作者 of FxGlory: Vogan78 | 日期 of  2017-11-21
I registered with FxGlory broker 4 months ago. I have been facing server disconnection problem since last months. When I contact with their support they told me that they updating their platform and it will be fixed within next 2 days. 3 weeks passed but I am still getting requotes, need at least 30 second for execution. Apart from the execution, I also experienced huge slippage during news hours. Even I got 75 pips slippage on EUR/JPY during the ECB conference announcement. My profitable deal got stop out. I certainly will not trust them.
作者 of FxGlory: piphoneybutter | 日期 of  2017-11-21
I was intrigued by FxGlory because of their low minimum account size only $1. I joining them almost 3 month, and now I think everything okay but their service to the trader's complaint and problem solving they provide very unsatisfactory. My friend also forbid me at the first time to join this broker, because he had known this broker for a year and often had problems trading. Most of the trading process of the platform they use is always error and their spread are floating. In my last trading, I can't make a withdraw request and I had difficulty contacting their customer support. I will try to contact them again and get my money. They are not scam but their system not good enough.
作者 of FxGlory: Ronald | 日期 of  2017-10-20
When I opened the account in FXGlory 4 months ago, I could see that had no license, but as in my opinion it meant nothing special, I decided to take a chance, specially ebcause of the low amount of incitial deposit. My first deposit made via Skrill porcessed properly, but soon when I started trading I could see that there were too much slippage, and technicall issues, as for example, I set my S/L and placed my order in the EUR/USD, USD pairs in general as I was used to, then I loss almist 50% of my funds, fortunately I realized right away.also their reviews cannot be trusted. I definetly do not recommend it.
作者 of FxGlory: Rizky | 日期 of  2017-08-29
be careful when trading with FxGlory because I just being scam by them when they cancel my profit with reason that I made an arbitrage on my account. I made 2 position with same pair but not the same time which 1 position sell last week which I swing this position for one week and then I open another position buy because trend already change to up trend. As I know, I can’t open 2 different position at the same time but I can open 2 different position at different time. Pair that I use is only GBPJPY and they just cancel my profitable trade for 400 USD!!! I have been contacting their support to get further information with evidence for what they claim and I got nothing respond from them. please give back my profit because I have attached prove for my entry.
作者 of FxGlory: Jetty | 日期 of  2017-08-07
I have problems withdrawing my money at FxGlory. I made a withdrawal request on May 2017 and it has been in Compliance status since then. I haven sending emails to my account manager, Support and Dealing team and no one replied until I got an email from my account manager after that. They explained they have some problems with their withdrawal approving system and that they are doing this manually and it should be approved in soon. However the status is still the same.
作者 of FxGlory: jaha_dla | 日期 of  2017-07-14
When I tried to sell the GBPCHF at 1.2512 and the Silver at 15.63 an hour ago, I was taken aback because my orders were honored in less than 5 seconds. It's the reason why they're getting popular in my country. Lot of Forex traders chose to be with them because of it. All my friends have an account with FxGlory. In fact, some of them are applying for the partnership program offered by this company, as I heard, this company offered higher trading commissions for the Introducing broker. Once I established a good relationship with them, I will try to apply as an IB.
作者 of FxGlory: McGee | 日期 of  2017-06-26
FxGlory is a bad broker, and I have terrible experience during trading with them. I've joined with FxGlory for 2 year, and so far I have had bad trades with this broker. I would like to warn everyone using FxGlory. This broker is so bad and they are flat-out stealing from traders. FxGlory has stolen 3-4 pips from all my profitable positions. I'm trading an ECN account and apparently all my trades need to go 3-4 pips beyond my take profit level before they close out. Typically trades will be closing out just 0.2-0.5 pips or so beyond the take profit level to cover spread. However, FxGlory is profiting and extra 3-4 pips from every profitable trade I make. I'm labeling this broker as a SCAM even though they are the largest Forex broker in the world. I haven't even been here for a week, so stay away from FxGlory. They are scammer and they just want to steal your money!
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