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Rinkost Markets

上线年份: 2007
原始所在国: 塞舌尔
监管: SIBA
支付选项: VISA卡, 万事达卡, Maestro 信用卡; payment kiosks: Elecsnet, Gorod Federal System, FSUE 俄罗斯邮政, Free Cash, Promsvyazbank; Yandex.Money, RBK Money, Qiwi Wallet, WebMoney
最小账户规模: 1美元
最小手数: 0.01手
杠杆: 1:500
点差: 固定 从2点起, 浮动 从0.5点起


Rinkost Markets成立于2007年。这家经纪商向个人和法人提供在线交易服务。公司的目标客户主要来自俄联邦、独联体国家和波罗的海国家。

公司客户通过各类设备上的MetaTrader 4和WebTrader交易平台接入外汇市场。自动复制成功交易员交易的复制交易服务可能对新手有帮助,并且在不浪费时间或交易的情况下让专业交易员承担风险并从市场中获利。公司定期在网站上举办各类竞赛并提供赠金。例如,开设的第一个账户是免费且无风险的。

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作者 of Rinkost Markets: Lavinia | 日期 of  2018-10-19
Today marks my first year of trading with Rinkost Markets and I decided to write a review on this exact day. I want to share with you firstly, the withdrawal process. I'm sure this is what traders look for when finding a broker. And I'm telling you, you won't encounter any problem when you want to withdraw your funds. It is processed within 1-2 days with the exact amount you withdrew. No hidden charges. so far, I've withdrawn around $400. But the downside is that their platform is not really the best. There are times when it gets very laggy and crashes. In my case, it happens when I'm about to close a trade so I end up not closing it and when I reenter, the price has already changed. What I do when this happens is I wait until the price moves back to the direction I want. Although there are times of course where I have no choice but to close it at a losing position. But this issue does not always occur. Just occasionally. I'm still fine with it as long as I still earn and their speedy withdrawal compensates for the platform issue.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: fxwojin | 日期 of  2018-08-14
Since I trade in Rinkost Markets almost 2 month I didn't earn any profit from them. Even though when I register my real account all the process run fast, there are many bad comment about this broker and most of them said that this broker is very unreliable broker with so many errors on their platform high spreads and commission are not affordable. I asked about the rules and trading conditions, but they don't give me an answer me anymore. I hope everything getting better as soon as possible and I get my profit, before I close my trading account or find another broker.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: Fimi | 日期 of  2018-02-20
I have used rinkost market as my broker, yes, they are scam, avoid them! Initially, I thought they were good as you can withdraw money very quickly. Over the time I deposited$100 and built my balance to $350 profits. Now they showed me their real face. They shut down one of their servers and made the me lose my money, including profits I have made earlier. I mailed them, but they didn't bother to answer any of my e-mails. When I went to live chat, they told me to contact with dealer1 & gave me lame excuses. You can't call them because they don't have any phone no.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: Jishumen | 日期 of  2017-11-30
I want to point out the fraudulent activity of RinkostMarkets broker. Last month I had an open trade on EUR/USD and USD/JPY pair on NFP news but suddenly there was a 72pips spike on EUR/USD pair on my platform that took out my stop. Beside this USD/JPY pair closed at the spike price about 57 pips lower than my stop. I did live chat with them they refused to adjust my account. Why they did like that? They stolen huge money from their clients making false spike.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: pipkanna | 日期 of  2017-11-30
3 weeks ago I made my first trading in Rinkost Markets because their minimum account size only $1 and in my first trading process all the thing until the withdrawal went smoothly and fast. After withdraw my first profit, I want to make a deposit again because the broker promising with a minimum account size of $1, the client will get the ease trading and satisfactory results. But when I make deposit of $50 the trading process is often error and then stopped in the middle and then my account automatically logout. I contacted the operator, but they did not give a definitive answer, and their service was unfriendly . I think to stop trading here because until now there are no conclusion from them for my problem.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: pipwohan | 日期 of  2017-10-27
I joined Rinkost Markets for 3 month, but last week I think to close my account due to negative experience and I losing money. At the first time, I make deposit because they provides online trading services to individuals and legal entities. I also interest because their minimum account size only $1. I usually made $40 deposit, but last time I make trading I receive server shut downs even twice a day. Every trading process got error and I can't make a withdraw request. Therefore, contacted to their support, and their support always said that they would transfer my request in soon. Until now, I have had no money, so I decide quit to trade with this broker.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: RandyNelson | 日期 of  2017-10-02
In the began I have been trading six months with Rinkost Market, actually I am not satisfied in a fixed account, beside their spread are too high in the market. I say their trading terminal execution is too bad, where always prices going in opposite direction and my TP didn't work because yesterday I was opened a buy trade 3 lots on EUR/USD at 1.1740 positions and set TP 1.1714. Now EUR/USD current quotes is 1.1722. So I confirmed that it didn't work. So I close the trade manually and take the profit. So I just want to say Rinkost Market broker give worst platform and service. I have heard that Rinkost Markets broker is blacklisted forex broker company by the KROUFR . I think they are fake and looting trader's money. Please aware of them, now I just want to say them goodbye.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: Oidolan09 | 日期 of  2017-07-19
I've traded with 4 brokers but Rinkost is the best broker among other brokers. I opened an live account there with $500 because my scalping EA is profitable on demo. I made over 250% profit during the 4 months because trading platform works with my EA. I had tried this EA on other brokers but result was worst.. I already made 3 withdrawals via webmoney and got my money within one day. Fantastic service they have. I hope they will keep up this good work.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: Rotimi | 日期 of  2017-06-12
Just started trading with Rinkost markets, so far, I have had great trading experience trading with this broker, I started trading with them with $400, so far I was allowed to start with any amount I am convenient with. Now I have made three withdrawals through Web money. I hope I continue enjoying this good services from the broker.
作者 of Rinkost Markets: AlharthiFx | 日期 of  2017-05-25
I am not satisfied with Rinkost Market after joined from six months. I have a fixed account where the spread is good but the order Execution is worst. Yesterday I was opened a buy trade 3 lots on EUR/USD at 1.1140 positions and set TP 1.1214. Now EUR/USD current quotes is 1.1222. So I confirmed that it didn't work. So I close the trade manually and take the profit. This type of service is so disappointing for me from Rinkost Market broker. Actually I'm just wasting my time because there was no significant profit that I can get from using their Rinkost Market's trading platforms. So I just want to say them goodbye.
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