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Kalita-Finance Ulasan

Atas talian sejak: 2002
Negara asal: Rusia
Peraturan: -
Pilihan pembayaran: payment cards, wire transfer, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Contact, Svyaznoy, Sberbank dll.
Saiz akaun minimum: $150
Saiz lot minimum: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:400
Spreads: terapung

Mengenai syarikat:

Kumpulan kewangan Kalita-Finance menyediakan perkhidmatan dagangan atas talian di CIS dan negara-negara Eropah.

Melalui WebTrader dan iTrader 8, yang dibangunkan oleh broker dan boleh didapati untuk alat peranti mudah alih, pelanggan boleh berdagang mata wang, logam, indeks, CFD pada saham dan lain-lain.

Selain itu, syarikat ini juga telah mencipta sistem saham Rusia ECN Kalitex yang pertama secara langsung menghubungkan pembeli dan penjual untuk menjalankan aktiviti perdagangan.

Kalita-Finance membolehkan para pedagang melakukan perdagangan mata wang serta merta, saham dan komoditi melalui akaun yang sama seperti anda boleh membuka sehingga tiga sub-akaun di atasnya.

Kalita-Finance 7/10 (votes 3399)
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: Goaoire | Tarikh 2018-12-27
I do not recommend Kalita-Finance even I would advise not to put even 1$ to trade at Kalita-Finance. Last week they increase, they spread 25 pips on eurusd pair 5 seconds before a news release the Fed rate announcement beside this the server was down and I could not manage my open position and the moved so much up that I lost money $174. That's what typical bucket-shop brokers do.
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: sallytrader | Tarikh 2018-10-17
I recently closed my account with Kalita-Finance and here are the reasons: Their platform is the worst. It can't be loaded during news release and on a normal market condition, it often disconnects. When I set the SL and TP, it doesn't execute even though it hit the price. It takes almost a minute before my order is executed. Then their support representatives are not accommodating at all. Whenever I complain about the issues of their platform, they make a way to put the blame on me. For instance, they tell me that I should check my internet connection or that I should upgrade my device. But the problem is obviously with them because my other applications and the other websites are working very well. I especially hate the representatives in the live chat. They are very rude! They told me one time that if I don't want to listen to their advises (device upgrade, internet connection), then I better not call them again. And you know what? I'm really never calling again because I already left this broker!
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: Bernadette | Tarikh 2018-08-10
I am unhappy with what I'm experiencing with Kalita-finance now. I am unable to withdraw my profits. I replenish my account via Webmoney and I will use that to withdraw as well. This is the first time I'm withdrawing and there is still no update on my request. They only told me that I will undergo the verification process. That was 10 days ago. Then when I called after two days, the staff put me on hold for about 20 minutes and when she got back to me, she told me that my request is still in process and they will update me soon. Then no one answered anymore on my succeeding calls. I also sent them an email but there is still no response as of now. The transfer was so quick when I deposited money but now that I want to take it, suddenly, they can't be reached.
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: Nitanodo | Tarikh 2018-02-19
I feel Kalita Finance broker isn't safe for investors. Because In the high volatility market I have observed that they increased spread gradually up to 10 pips in my orders and disabled trading on the EUR/USD. Yesterday I have open positions on EUR/USD but I can only close the orders and I can not place new orders too. Although the spread is fixed 1 pip in a basic account, when I tried to open a position on EUR/USD pair but the order finally opened 10 pips high on the MT4 platform. I understand they increased the spreads without notification, sometimes I have faced freeze connectivity on the platform too. I have found they had some licking on service. Such as PAMM, MT5, Mobile, Affiliate and VPS program. Also, I have failed many times to withdraw my profit via MasterCard. So I warn another trader that please justify Kalita-Finance brokerage in a demo account.
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: FxIpsita | Tarikh 2017-11-29
Kalita-Finance is a worst broker, which I have used. Trades are executed with a very high slippage, usually within 10 pips away. They charge $120 for EAs service. Using their EAs I am not getting that much profit. Even last month my profit was $23. But they advertised that I could make upto $100 every day. So it seems they don't like profitable traders guys stay away . I am going to leave this broker.
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: fxbekbengeh | Tarikh 2017-11-29
I got a recommendation from my friend to make a trading account in Kalita-Finance, 2 weeks ago. He enjoyed the various types of bonuses and trading system in this broker. I try to register and make my first trading here, in that time after activating the real account I immediately get a welcome bonus about 40% which is very helpful to me in order to increase profits. So I make a deposit and trading again. But the system got trouble with the network and server crashes they are not up to date. My deposit confirmation are take a long time and not clear procedure. I think to get out of this broker, even their customer support said the problem just a server trouble, and they will process my deposit shortly. It has been 3 day, and I don't get any information and my money to. It lose. they are liar broker.
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: kagura | Tarikh 2017-09-29
kalita finance is not a reliable broker at all when they block my account after I made a request for withdrawal 1000 USD. At first they just hold my request for 2 week and always contact their support to get an update from them because usually it takes 2-3 days only but this time its late than normal. When I notice they block my account, immediately I contact their support through live chat to know what happen then they said I have use strategy that against their rules. I already explain my strategy which only use scalping and intraday with big lot size. I can growth from 200 USD to 1000 USD within a month but when I want to withdraw they block my account. I still waiting their respond regarding to this matter after I have explain and provide prove with statement from mt4. To all trader out there, be careful when doing a business with this broker because they don’t like we gain so much profit with them.
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: Rine | Tarikh 2017-09-07
I was disappointed with Kalita-Finance because they lied to me with the bonuses they offer to me. On the official website of Kalita-Finance, they mentioned that I can get a 100% bonus on every my deposit. But I did not get a bonus of 100% of the amount of my deposit as they promised. I've contacted their customer support and they promised to give the bonus 3 days from now, hopefully they are right.
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: sergey | Tarikh 2017-08-09
I was definitely have lost my faith with Kalita-Finance even after 9 months with them. I worked on demo account almost 2 month and after comfortable I shift into real account. At first, I made a deposit 500 USD to start trading and half of my capital has lost due to unprofitable trades. I think it might due to lack of experiences while at the same time I have implemented all skills and good trading plan acquired by expert forex group. I keep on trade and again I also lost for 100 USD. Along the way while using the platform I figured out repeated frozen of platform and inconsistent charges for spread and other fees especially on major pair. Then, I only realized what they have done to my money when I just got a profit nearly to 300 USD. They closed all transaction and blocked all trading system. Beware with this broker they totally can’t be trust!!
Pengarang of Kalita-Finance: Mingi | Tarikh 2017-07-20
I have opened a live account with Kalita-Finance last year with a capital of $150 and traded only with EUR/USD and EUR/JPY pair. I used my phone while trading and so far it was very convenient to use. The platform and navigation was easy to use. I trade with 5 lots per week and it was a good profit in return. I will recommend them to my fellow traders. Kalita-Finance is the most reliable broker that I have traded with and very professional.
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