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Real Trade

On-line since: 2003
Country of origin: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Regulation: -
Payment options: bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER
Minimum account size: $20
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: from 1:1 to 1:500
Spreads: from 1.5 pips

About company:

Real Trade Group is rightfully recognized as one of the leading brokerage companies in Europe. As the company has been operating in the forex market for 14 years, it earned deep respect of other market participants. Many traders choose Real Trade as their broker to conduct operations in the foreign exchange market.

All clients of the company can use the Real Trader software. It allows you easily carry out orders and track all transactions. The broker has many advantages: accounts in almost all global currencies; annual interest rate of 4%, no commissions, automatic withdrawal of funds and automatic trading. Real Trade enables hedging and trailing stop. The broker’s clients can use free mobile trading applications and the Real Trader 4 platform. Real Trader 4 Multiterminal is used for simultaneous management of multiple accounts. The broker offers 40 currency pairs and everything a trader needs for successful work in the market.

If you want to work with a broker with extensive expertise, consider Real Tradе. If you have experience working with the broker, leave your comments for other market participants. Your feedback will help others make a choice.

Real Trade 3/10 (votes 2043)
Tác giả of Real Trade: Hitiyas | Ngày of  2018-09-05
I've been using Real Trade Group for 6 months now. They used to be good. But now they've lost their faith. During the last US employment announcement, I opened a trade on EUR/USD pair and I closed with the profit of $185. Last week I had pair Next day I made a withdrawal request of $400 and after 30 minutes, I notice that my last history of order has disappeared from my platform and they also cancel my profit I really wonder. But my withdrawal status still showing on processing. I have contacted with live chat, they given an excuse that I have broken the rule that’s why they canceled my last trade but which rule had broke they did not disclose it. I will close my account and will be looking for a new broker.
Tác giả of Real Trade: Monipip | Ngày of  2018-04-30
I had three times negative slippage from this broker, called their support team, never got my money back. I lost 181$ with this trades. The platform MetaTrader 4 works fine, sometimes the spread is crazy high for EUR/USD up to 2.8 pips. I traded with Real Trade for the past 6 months and I will close my account because they change my Stop loss limit. I managed to withdraw the rest of my funds after I wrote to them for one week.
Tác giả of Real Trade: Frank | Ngày of  2018-03-09
The worst broker!!! When I had my positions open they increased the margin. I was wiped out! Also, placing a stop, the price could drop below the stop, and then bounce back up - stop will hit on the way up again, what they do with stops, is that they wait and see if the price bounce up, and then trigger the stop. Clearly this broker is nothing but a scam.
Tác giả of Real Trade: Garena | Ngày of  2017-12-13
Realtrade broker was consistently delaying my withdrawal request which made me lost my patience already. I sent them wd request last August and I dont know what seems to be the problem and it took them so long to process it. I needed to pull out all my funds which is $515 already because I know they were manipulating my profits and reducing my funds without me knowing. I was very disappointed. So I decided to leave and request to withdraw the remaining funds.
Tác giả of Real Trade: Kamari | Ngày of  2017-11-07
As a client of Real trade who is always travel I normally used mobile trader apps but recently I found that apps is very poor service. I opened the chart but it keep on loading all the time. Concerning about it I contacted to support team and asked about the problem while they simply blamed that my internet connection was delay. Again they asked me to change to other provider or fixed my line. As simple as that the answer? No responsible towards client! I have lost about 40 pips last week on GBP/USD position because the poor platform. As a trader time is precious. I cannot tolerate any more with such irrelevant error by Real trade and already quit!
Tác giả of Real Trade: Loki | Ngày of  2017-09-14
I would like to share my experience concerning Real Trade. Trading conditions are poor because One can clearly see lack of the liquidity by taking a look at their currency charts, which are full of the opening gaps and provisions and spreads are just average. Just recently, i open 4 orders short with Gold and i put stop loss at 1345 for all orders and before the impact news and the orders numbers went down but it was not GAP and my stop loss is not working when i tried to set it so My Mini account number 7097724 today wiped off due to it. contacted them via email to support and complaints department .. received a reply with that it was due to liquidity. Not recommendable
Tác giả of Real Trade: layla | Ngày of  2017-08-17
From my point of view that have been trading with real trade broker for 6 month, I don’t want to recommend this broker to anyone since I experienced some trouble that make me not comfortable using their service. I made a hedge position for USD/JPY because my first entry still negative floating(buy position) and I trying to make it breakeven(selling position) but they close my position have positive floating because of they are not allowing me make a hedging. They supposedly not to closed any position without client information and this was totally opposed with the term and condition, and definitely as a client, I have a right to claim and blame them. I am still waiting my money back refund from them at least refund my capital back.
Tác giả of Real Trade: Raina | Ngày of  2017-07-31
After cancelling my profits, I contacted them for explanation. After 3 weeks, I had to remind them and it's still not resolved. I still don't know why it happened and why I lost my $600 I would never again invest with Real Trade broker.

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