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Hedge Total

On-line since: 2009
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Regulation: -
Payment options: cash paymants, wire transfer, payment cards, WebMoney, RBK Money, QIWI Payment Terminals, mobile payments, Yandex.Money, EasyPay, MoneyMail RUR, Wallet One, Z-Payment, WebCreds
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: from 0 pips

About the company:

Hedge Total is a brokerage company established in 2009. The broker offers its clients over 200 instruments for Forex trading as well as CFDs on stocks and precious metals.

The company’s clients can open one of four types of live accounts: Cent, Total, Classic, and ECN. Traders can choose either USD or EUR or RUR as a currency of their accounts. The minimum deposit is $1. Besides, the company adds 40% per annum on free funds of its clients.

Trading can be performed via such trading platforms as MetaTrader5 and Power Trader. For mobile trading the broker’s clients can use MetaTrader5 Mobile.

Traders can benefit from free educational course and round-the-clock customer support. Moreover, Hedge Total holds various contests for traders and offers them different bonuses such as Bonus +100% for every replenishment of a trading account.

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লেখক Hedge Total: Julehanira | তারিখ  2019-10-08
As my order didn't delay and always I got the real-time market quote with a fixed spread in the market. The platform are user-friendly interfaces with advanced trading tools too. Their expert's signal make it easy to make a profitable order. Till now I have earned almost $1500 profits. I have withdrawal this profit via Qiwi payment gateway within a short time. Really I am satisfied with Hedge Total broker.
লেখক Hedge Total: Robinson | তারিখ  2019-09-02
I've found an unbelievable service and performance on the MT4platforms with Hedge Total broker in a subaccount, Actually, I've preferred to trade with Hedge strategy. Hedge Total has given this opportunity professionally, Their live price char and fixed spread help me a perfect execution. Also, their MT4 platforms are integrated with the advance chart and EA tools. so I can place any long orders without any tension, while it is risky. But I say they are safe for everything and I didn't get any margin call so far and my EA works well without any trouble. Even I didn't get delay withdrawal through Skrill. So I am satisfied with the Hedge Total broker.
লেখক Hedge Total: JoeyZhou | তারিখ  2019-04-04
I've preferred to trade with Hedge Total broker in a subaccount, As here I've got an opportunity for hedge trade. When I go to a long trade with a huge unit, it could be risky. But they are safe and no margin call. Their price chart is live in the market, so my EA works well without any trouble. So I am satisfied with the Hedge Total broker.
লেখক Hedge Total: fxmantengnengeh | তারিখ  2019-01-10
Hedge Total is the best broker for all traders to trade, it's been my second years making trading as their client and I will stay longer with them. They has nice spreads, only $1 minimal deposit size, fast execution, and no requote trading while they use MT4 and cTrader as the platform. In a week I earned profit more then 45%, when I deposited about $250, they gives much bonus and fast process, never delay. They also held many contest that also give giant main prize that not only money, buat car, camera and others. I'll try to join one of their contest and hopely can win it. Nice to make trading with this professional broker.
লেখক Hedge Total: Mariepip | তারিখ  2018-04-11
I joined Hedge broker after I tried the demo account which worked great, with good execution on the platform. I opened a live account with 100$ deposit. The platform MetaTrader 4 has delays in execution, and the spread is changing very fast during volatility times. I had a problem with take profit also delays on the platform and I called their support team, they aren't available or they close my call. I had a profit of 50$ after one month of trading because of the issues they have with the platform. I will close my account because I lose time with this broker.
লেখক Hedge Total: Dami | তারিখ  2018-02-23
I have long been using hedge total as my broker, started with $100. So far all trades and transactions have been going smoothly. Indeed, there are some things that need to be improved, but overall still comfortable with this broker, at least I have been able to make profits of $105 and withdrawal 2 days ago through wire transfer took 3 hours before I got my money.
লেখক Hedge Total: Lemmy | তারিখ  2018-01-09
I have had a great experience with this broker up to today. Support is very friendly and works quite quickly. I usually contact the support department often, the last time I had issues with my account, which my account server stopped working, it was the support department that helped me concerning this issue, they work 24/7. Applications for withdrawals also processed quickly, at least I have made withdrawals 5 times now, in which non was delayed.
লেখক Hedge Total: pipkamenan | তারিখ  2018-01-09
Hedge Total is a transparent broker and provide very good trading services. I don’t have any issue during trading in this broker for more then a year and I really satisfied with their trading platform. I trade with them currency pairs EUR/USD, the spread is not increasing and the clear cut system is applied. My deposit was about $50 - $200 and after trading I had a profit almost 50% from it. And the most important thing, order execution is very smooth and sent on time as I wish. My withdrawal also run in one day via many payment options. I think Hedge Total did very good job and I recommend this broker.
লেখক Hedge Total: Bert_james | তারিখ  2017-12-05
How could someone, blame this company for their losses? I've been trading with them for 3 years now and I never blamed them for my failures because I was the one who manages my trading account. Like for example, when I held my position for USDCAD for Five days, with a leverage of 1:200 and a lot size of 200 lots. I am fully aware that my trading method was very aggressive and it could lead me to loss my funds, but it didn't bother me because I knew this company would give me a real-time quotes and executes my order accordingly. And as I expected, in the first 2 days I lost 30% of my funds but I didn't give up. I held my position for another 3 days and luckily, I managed to get back the money that I lost. So, what I was trying to say was as a Forex trader and a client of this company, it's our responsibility to safeguard our trading account by using any methods that we are comfortable with and all the outcomes of our actions are the reflection on how we manage our trading account. So, to those who kept whining, please be responsible enough to your own actions. This company serves only as a middle-man for us to increase our investments.
লেখক Hedge Total: ranson olamdij | তারিখ  2017-10-04
I joined in one of their trading competitions known as the Pipser 6 months ago and surprisingly, I won a total amount of 200 USD from the said contest. I barely know the Forex trading strategies yet I managed to get into 6th place. Though, the contest is very easy to apprehend, but most of the participants had a very long experience compared to myself. My prize was credited to my trading account after I send my documents for verification purpose. A week later, I decided to replenish my account worth 250 USD and to my surprise, they added 10% bonus fund. I used the bonus funds worth 25 USD to place an order for commodities and luckily, the result of my trading activities are quiet impressive coz I made 15$ profits. Since then, I regularly place an order for commodities with a longer time frame. In fact, today, I have a total of 3 orders and plan to hold for another two days.
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