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অনলাইনে রয়েছে: ২০০৬ সাল থেকে
উৎপত্তি হয়েছে যে দেশ থেকে: রাশিয়া
নিয়ন্ত্রণ: অনিয়ন্ত্রিত
পেমেন্ট অপশন: ওয়েব মানি, ইয়ান্ডেক্স.মানি, লিভারটি রিজার্ভ, ব্যাংক ওয়্যার, RBK মানি, ইন্টেগেটেড ইন্টেনিয়াস পেমেন্ট সিস্টেম, পেপাল
অ্যাকাউন্টে ন্যূনতম পরিমাণ: 1$
ন্যূনতম লটের পরিমাণ: 0.001 লট
লিভারেজ: 1:500
স্প্রেড: ইউরো/ মার্কিন ডলারের উপরে ২ পিপ

কোম্পানি সম্পর্কে:

২০০৬ সালে মাস্টার ফরেক্স প্রতিষ্ঠিত হয়। কোম্পানির সাধারণ লক্ষ্যগুলো হলোঃ গ্রাহকদের সাথে সৎ এবং সুন্দর সম্পর্ক বজায় রাখা, দক্ষ এবং অভিজ্ঞ ব্যবস্থাপনা , গ্রাহকদের সেরা ট্রেডিং শর্তাবলী প্রদান করা।

মাস্টার ফরেক্স কোম্পানি এর গ্রাহকদের ইন্টারব্যাংক কারেন্সি মার্কেটে লেনদেন করার এবং ইলেক্ট্রনিক কমিউনিকেশন নেটওয়ার্কে গ্রাহকদের কার্যক্রম সম্পাদন করার সুযোগ প্রদান করে।

প্রাথমিকভাবে, মাস্টার ফরেক্স একটি লেনদেন কেন্দ্র, সেইসাথে দ্রুত উন্নয়নশীল ফরেক্স ব্রোকার। এই কোম্পানি গ্রাহকদের ফরেক্স মার্কেটে মান সম্পন্ন সেবা প্রদান করে।

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লেখক MFX Broker: Stefano | তারিখ  2020-02-20
The customer support of MFX is the worst in this broker. I guess that is because they really had no plan on talking to their clients again after they take our deposits. They sounded very sincere and dependable when I was talking with them before I opened an account. This is also the reason I decided to start an account with them. Because they appeared to be worth the trust. But as it turns out, they only intended to scam their clients.
লেখক MFX Broker: Messiano | তারিখ  2020-02-11
The owners of MFX broker should have been found now and should be lawfully punished. They can't roam freely as if nothing has happened! They have ruined the trust of their clients and robbed them off their money. I just don't understand how a fraudulence this big is able to slip away from the authorities. There have been accounts from former clients raising their complaints but why does it seem like nothing is being done about it?
লেখক MFX Broker: Arafin | তারিখ  2020-02-04
It has been a long time now since the issue has been exposed but these people are still not punished properly. I don't understand why Zhiznevskaya is still able to live her life freely as if she hasn't done her clients any wrong. I was one of those who fell to their tricks. I deposited $500 and was able to trade for about three months. After that, the platform became very shaky and everything that I have were lost. Even when I stopped my trading activities.
লেখক MFX Broker: Esmie | তারিখ  2020-01-28
My friend is a former client of MFX Broker. I have almost witnessed all of her trading activities because she is constantly showing me her trades. The reason she's doing it is that she wanted me to trade with them as well. She was showing me how profitable she has become and that the broker she helped her. However, she didn't know that this broker's real intention was to never release the money she deposited and the amount she profited. She learned it too late and now she is devastated.
লেখক MFX Broker: Sahil | তারিখ  2020-01-20
It has been a few years now since I last had my trading activities at MFX Broker. Presently, I've already found myself a reliable and honest broker. It was hard to trust again. My experience from the fraudulence of MFX Broker made me a lot more meticulous in the details that the broker provides. I make sure that every single claim they have is true. I lost more than five hundred dollars at MFX Broker so I didn't want it to happen again. It was a terrible experience but I am happy now with my current broker.
লেখক MFX Broker: Krina | তারিখ  2020-01-14
I want to know what happened to the owners of MFX Broker. I think what they did is punishable enough by law but how is it that they were able to easily get away with it? This Margarita is even out in the public making her own webinars. It's infuriating because their former clients are devastated while they get to live their life normally. This is unfair!
লেখক MFX Broker: Pipo | তারিখ  2020-01-06
I know that it has been a long time now but it still angers me that the people behind MFX Broker did not receive the right punishment that they deserved. They have made all of their clients suffer but why is it that they were able to get away with it just like that? This Margarita even has the face to be active on her social media and conduct webinars. Where is the justice?
লেখক MFX Broker: Harryo | তারিখ  2019-12-18
This is the reason I haven't engaged in any online financial investment yet even when I really wanted to. I am afraid that I might come across a fraud broker and that I might fall victim to their schemes. In this broker's case, I don't understand how the owners could even have a face to update their social network. I feel sorry for those who have been fooled by these people. I hope this serves as a lesson for them to not easily trust anyone especially financial firms.
লেখক MFX Broker: Filma | তারিখ  2019-12-03
I wasted eight months of my life believing that I am doing something amazing. I finally had the courage to try Forex trading but I was so unfortunate to end up dealing with a fraud broker. They dropped empty promises which I naively believed. I lost more than a thousand dollars on this broker and I feel so frustrated. I am not sure if I will try Forex trading again in the future because right now, I still can't trust anyone yet.
লেখক MFX Broker: Ferno | তারিখ  2019-11-26
I can't help it. Every time I see Margarita's posts on her social media networks, I just can't help but click on the report button because I can't believe how thick-faced she could be that she still openly shows the world that she can teach about financial investments. I don't understand how people can still believe all the lies coming from their mouth. Do they not know that she was one of the owners of a broker who took all of its clients' funds?
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