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BTS Broker: broker or scammer?

BTS Broker is a young company providing trading services. The broker notes that it takes care of each client and offers trading conditions that allow investors to make profitable deals regardless of the chosen strategy.

The company describes itself as one of the best brokers in the financial services market. According to its official website, it is a trademark of Bts Broker Ltd which is regulated and authorized by the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. The company has made good progress in the financial sphere, showing stable growth performance. The award-winning broker has managed to earn a reputation as a reliable company.

The broker`s clients can trade currency pairs, stock indices, commodities, and precious metals. The company offers its own trading platform. As stated on the web, its specialists and experts are the leading participants in the financial markets. There are many positive features on its official website, but is there any truth to that?

Let`s try to figure out what this broker really is. Apparently, this is another scammer which is just hiding behind brokerage activities. Collaboration with such firms results in heavy financial losses. Initially, a scammer promises high yields to traders, but then it does not allow them to withdraw their money back.

BTS Broker`s activity is just a rip-off. To make sure of that, it is enough to study its website and the feedback from defrauded traders. Let`s start with the website which is quite typical. In fact, such websites are created for the broker`s enrichment. Scammers do not want to invest funds. Their aim is to cheat money out of naive people. As a rule, such brokers have little experience in working in the financial markets.

However, this website is designed in such a way as to give the impression that the broker has sound experience. A lot of scammers do this as there are few people who want to cooperate with a young company.

The broker is registered in the UK, and it is true. However, this is an offshore zone, which means that it is impossible to track cash flows. Besides, there is no one to complain to. Moreover, this registration does not mean anything. Nowadays, firms can obtain a licence from fraudsters.

Notably, the website does not feature the information on the company`s history. At the same time, the broker posted that it had been awarded in 2017.

2012, February 14, 2020
This company is registered in Britain. According to the broker, it has wide experience. However, this is not true, since the real experience of the company is only a couple of months. In fact, the project was created on January 07, 2020. Therefore, you cannot trust this company. In addition, the trading platform lags, freezing up constantly. Apart from that, there is no way to contact the broker`s support team. Thus, you might say that the company does not operate at all. It provides clients with leverage of 1:500. However, this is too high for deposits from $50 to $1,000. Therefore, it can be concluded that a client will suffer losses anyway.

alenamyhina, March 1, 2020
It is impossible to make money with this company. The broker is a scammer. The btsbroker.net website indicates that the company has been awarded a number of times. However, there is no evidence to support this. Moreover, the broker won the award in 2017, but in fact, the company started its activities only in 2020. There is information on the network that the broker was registered in 2020. Therefore, I do not recommend cooperating with this company.

As for contact details, the website features a phone number and several email addresses. The company specialists will undoubtedly answer you. The broker`s earnings depend on communication with its clients.

As indicated on the website, the company`s mission is to provide retail and institutional clients from all over the world with exceptional trading conditions and the opportunity to realize their potential.

In fact, there is no mission. The company stated it only to attract the interest of traders. If you think you will trade on your own, you are wrong. A certain professional trader will help you drain the deposit. Further, the scammers will ask you to replenish your account until you are mired in debt. Unfortunately, this happens very often.

The reviews from cheated customers only prove this point.

Jatviag, March 17, 2020
This company is nothing more than a fraud. The broker does not bring your money to the interbank market but carries out all operations within the company. The point is that a client`s profit is a loss for the company. Therefore, it benefits from clients` losses. Many traders lose money due to their lack of experience or knowledge, while experienced and professional market participants lose money due to the broker`s signals, personal managers, and other things.

Biter, August 12, 2020
Apparently, the company does not have a license from the Central Bank of Russia. An experienced trader will hardly cooperate with the broker that operates in Russia but is not licensed by the main regulator. Only beginners can buy into this scheme. The company is focused on novice investors.

Of course, there are positive comments, but their number is very low. Most of the reviews of BTS Broker are negative. Traders who have already been tricked try to warn others.

Zmeykaaa, February 13, 2020
If you do not want to be cheated, do not cooperate with this brokerage company. Its employees steal money from people. This is a black broker.

1987, February 19, 2020
Having worked a bit with this company, I realized that its goal is to help me lose money and that`s it. The broker does not allow traders to earn. In addition, strong slippage occurs while trading. All this is done on purpose. When I complained, the company`s specialists were rude and did not even try to solve my problems. The most interesting thing is that many traders are simply banned. My account has also been blocked, so I have no opportunity to get my money back.

Claudia, March 23, 2020
BTS Broker capitalizes on people while they are fighting the virus. The company does not allow traders to earn! The broker is a scammer!


If you think that it is easy to find a reliable broker, you are wrong. Indeed, there are a lot of companies offering brokerage services, but the lion`s share of them are scammers. These firms do not want to part with clients` money. BTS Broker is one of such companies. Be careful and do not cooperate with scam brokers.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Junnel | তারিখ  2021-12-14
For some reason, BTS Broker was claiming that it has received multiple awards but there was no proof to support this. To be honest, its services are pretty enticing, but when I learned about those unrealistic awards, I just decided to stay away from it. Thankfully, I made the right decision.
Author: Anikka | তারিখ  2021-12-10
I invested more than $500 at BTS Broker. To be honest, I don't know anymore how much the broker has taken from me. I linked my bank account to the company and this allowed them to have access in my personal funds.
Author: Manoell | তারিখ  2021-12-01
Account registration at BTS Broker was very easy. In fact, when I opened an account, almost everything was processed by the representative. It was not a hassle to me at all. All I had to do was deposit money. Sadly, when I did, my account was immediately shut down.
Author: Melvi | তারিখ  2021-11-26
It was a year ago, I opened an account at BTS Broker. The representative was able to convince me so well that I deposited money on the next day. At first, the experience appeared great. But then after a while, a representative started to contact me to ask for more deposits. I politely declined but he kept calling everyday just for this. After several calls, my account was terminated.
Author: Emgee | তারিখ  2021-11-15
BTS Broker never intended to help us become great traders. Its only goal was to collect our money and vanish to think air. I wish I never spoke to their representative. I wouldn't have had to go through this unfortunate event.
Author: Riggo | তারিখ  2021-11-12
Finding an honest and reliable broker is now really hard. I thought BTS can be trusted but the company still betrayed me. I only ended up losing all of my money because the broker ran away with it.
Author: Jason | তারিখ  2021-10-18
Of course it is impossible to make money from BTS Broker because the company is a fraud. I was contacted by one of their representatives before and when I asked about their regulation status, they said that the are regulated. But when I asked for further details, they hung up on me.
Author: Reguda | তারিখ  2021-10-04
My friend was a victim of the fraudulence of BTS Broker. The company promised him with all sorts of programs and tools but he never saw it when he had an account. Also, the customer support team did not answer to any of his questions.
Author: Melih | তারিখ  2021-09-23
All the information on the website of BTS Broker is a lie. This broker never intended to provide brokerage services that is why their trading platform was terrible. They did not bother to develop it well since all they wanted was to collect the money of their victims.
লেখক bts_broker_broker_or_scammer: Shion | তারিখ  2021-11-03
We were all tricked by this cunning broker. I lost more than $500 to this broker. My account manager even tried to gaslight me and I almost believed that every losses in my account was my fault. I later found out that the company had been manipulating our accounts.
Author: Yaaj | তারিখ  2021-09-14
I knew something was wrong with BTS Broker. This company reached out to me and tried to convince me to register an account with them. Their offers were attractive that is why I checked their website. However, I was disappointed because they lacked so much information. Because of that, I decided not to engage myself with the company.
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