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Divisa Capital review
Divisa Capital

On-line since: 2008
Country of origin: New Zealand
Regulation: FSCL
Payment options: wire transfer, credit cards
Minimum account size: $2500
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: from 0.5 pips

About the company:

Divisa Capital FX is a brokerage company registered in New Zealand. It ensures trading currencies with instant execution of orders and provides premium conditions for institutional clients and professional traders.

Apart from a demo account, any client can open a live trading account. The minimum deposit with Divisa Capital is $2,500. The broker requires clients to open accounts in US dollars. However, clients can deposit their accounts with GBP, EUR, and AUD. Funds will be converted into the main currency and credited to a trading account.

Divisa capital provides access to Forex through several trading platforms such as MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4, Currenex Classic, Currenex Viking, and Currenex API.

Among other trading conditions, traders should be aware of floating spreads depending on a market situation, the use of Expert Advisers, and scalping.

Divisa Capital 4/10 (votes 1795)
Author of Divisa Capital: RoslynFx | Date 2019-04-09
I can'nt trading with Divisa Capital broker on Currenex Classic platform, while this platform has thard class in the market. Because no orders were executed in time and the price quote are drifter from the market. Also their Commission is high and no tools didn't work too. Accually they has poor perfomence on platform. Their support is disgusting too, always call me from +1312789 to make me deposit more. This isn't a professional broker behaviour. So I think Divisa Capital broker is unreliable to trade with them.
Author of Divisa Capital: AustinSilver | Date 2019-02-11
have worked with Divisa Capital broker and experienced an uncomfortable platform, MT4platforms and Currenex Classic platform are both harass me on execution, live quote and charting. As if I have open or closed a deal, then I have seen the requotes, delay execution, and tools didn't follow my direction. Also, It can be frozen any time. I think they have poor servers. so I have been withdrawn all my money and closed my account. But now the support pressurized for deposit by the mobile phone and email. I say they have an unprofessional service. Also, I want to Beware other traders about Divisa Capital.
Author of Divisa Capital: Oswon | Date 2019-01-09
The first thing that I like about Divisa Capital is their website design. As someone who gives importance to content layout, I really liked the minimalist yet sophisticated appearance of their website. Of course, more than just the aesthetics, the design of their website allows the users to easily navigate through their site and locate the information they are looking for. Also, their minimum lot size is 0.01 which for me is great. When I was just starting, I only play around 0.01-0.03 lot size to experiment on the trading. However, I needed to shell out $2500 as an initial deposit which is too high compared to other brokers.
Author of Divisa Capital: Hasan | Date 2018-11-27
I started trading at Divisa Capital three months ago and I don't think it's the broker for me. I am a scalper so I make use of slight price movements but I am being limited by their wide spread. So instead of earning small profit every trade, I have no choice but to hold my position for a little longer until it passes the spread.Then there are also times when the platform malfunctions. Because although I set a stop, my order is still not closed even when it went past my stop loss.
Author of Divisa Capital: fxaerin | Date 2018-11-12
First their $2500 minimum account size, isn't it to much ? I also can't say that they have tight spreads as it doesn't go lower than 2,5 pips. Besides the platform doesn't have instant order execution, actually is very slow execution and thus losing money. I left no choice but close my trading account in this Divisa Capital.
Author of Divisa Capital: pipkuakanpulang | Date 2018-09-17
I get interest to open trading account in Divisa Capital after friend of mine who stey in New Zealand invite me to join him trading here. He said this broker offered quite affordable spread that fixed on favorite pair, and the services order are executed smoothly. I search some information from their website and trader forum discussion about their performance. Most of traders are have no complaints about trading execution, and spreads are also stable. But they only provide two type of payment options that are wire transfer, credit cards and in my country it's hard to make payment using wire transfer and I don't have credit card. So I need time to thinking again for open trading account in this broker or not. I hope they provide another payment options too.
Author of Divisa Capital: SiwarSakr | Date 2018-04-17
I have been closed my account from Divisa Capital broker. Because recently their support started to harass me by the phone 1312789.4750 and pressurized for deposit in my account. While I was deposited $2500 two months ago. I have traded by the Currenex Classic platform, which isn't reliable. I was open a deal on eur/usd pair but a few hours later I was seen that my trade being closed below my TP point and it was always delayed to execute all of my orders. Also, It can be frozen any time. I think they have poor servers. so I have been withdrawn all my money from my account. So I want to Beware others traders about Divisa Capital.
Author of Divisa Capital: Tristanfx | Date 2017-12-06
I was a client of Divisa Capital for 9 months and after I closed my account they started to harass me to reopen my account. At first I deposited 2500$, made the first 3 months a profit of 1700$. I traded on MetaTrader 4 and Currenex Classic. Both platform were fine, with instant execution of trades, after they changed the server I had delays in execution. I called their support team and never got an answer to my problem neither a reply. I traded EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/DKK, and USD/NOK .Recently I requested to withdraw all my money 3200$ and I closed my account.
Author of Divisa Capital: Sofie | Date 2017-11-07
I had a bad experience with this broker. I usually made 6 trades per day and when I was about to trade more their connection often crashes and constant requotes and slippages. These all ruin my trading day always. I tried to inform the broker but sadly they cannot do anything. Very frustrating
Author of Divisa Capital: Michael | Date 2017-10-16
I had a terrible experience trading with this broker. It has rules which don’t have sense, especially related to trading conditions. Also, although minimum deposit is too high, I could afford it but I lost it in less of 4 months due to bad performance of the platform. It used to freeze all the time and change the price constantly, so if I fixed my order on USDGBP at 89.50, then this was changed to 94.62, so it resulted in losses for me. Then, I had to wait around 2 months to my account be verified because my documents for verification were rejected all the time. I had to call to support department and thank God, a good manager processed all my documents that day. But definitely, I wouldn’t recommend it for a serious trading in forex market.
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