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EA Gold Shark ver. 5 review

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

EA Gold Shark ver. 5

Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Currency pairs: EUR/USD recommended
Time frame: M5, М15, М30, Н1 (М15, М30 recommended)
Work time: 24 hours
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is a unique Expert Adviser and one of the latest and best products developed by the Finance Plus team for Forex traders. EA Gold Shark ver. 5 is based on a unique algorithm of indicators to provide maximum profits.
Options of EA Gold Shark ver. 5:
  • 3 unconventional indicators;
  • Parallel trading with several currency pairs (multicurrency trading);
  • Protection from false signals;
  • Locking and averaging of unfavorable positions to offset losses;
  • Trailing orders;
  • Inverse trading;
  • Stable trading even on highly volatile market.
EA Gold Shark ver. 5 may be used both in normal conditions and at high risks.
Having properly adjusted it, any trader, even inexperienced one, may use EA Gold Shark ver. 5 to raise his capital. 

EA Gold Shark ver. 5 8/10 (votes 918)
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Slavyk | Date 2019-02-21
EA Gold Shark will be on my top recommendation of forex EAs. If we talk about accuracy, this EA is definitely strong on that point. I always follow its signals and I win the trades most of the time. As for its own trading actions, I am impressed that it wins 8 out of 10 trades. So far, it has already increased my profit rate by 11% and I am very pleased with the results. No wonder I read a lot of recommendations about this EA on forums.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Azeh | Date 2019-02-14
I have a trader friend who earns good amount of profit. She told me that it was thanks to her EA. So I asked her what she uses so I could try. She told me about this EA Gold Shark but warned me that it does not work for everyone. She said that it didn't work for some of her acquaintances who had a different broker. Although I have a different broker, I still tried it. Sadly, it wasn't compatible with my broker. It crashes everytime I try to use it. But amazingly, the company allows refund so I still got my money back.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Irjonzki | Date 2019-02-08
EA Gold Shark is definitely an EA that won't let you down. Out of all the trades it made for the past four months, it only has an 8% drawdown. I think that's a great result because it shows that it has a very low risk of losses. Although I might not become a millionaire because I don't have enough to invest with $10,000 I still am looking forward to seeing great profit from this EA. It trades well and easily adapts to any trading environment.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Kara | Date 2019-02-01
I wasn't really planning to buy EA Gold Shark. But my friend pushed me to get it. I don't really trust trading bots because I believe that using my own skills is still better. But she was so persistent and she genuinely just wanted to share her success with others. I just gave up and got one. But for some reason, it didn't work for me. It really worked for her and I saw it. Once, I was with her while she trades and she just kept following the bot's signals and she won all. But in my case, the bot keeps crashing. It may be because I have a different broker. It would be a lot better if the company would improve the product so it would be compatible with any broker.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Meribel | Date 2019-01-28
I didn't expect much when I bought EA Gold Shark because I thought there's no way a bot can make a big change in my trading account. Although of course, I expected it to earn me profit even just by a little and I bought it for that reason. I just want to have extra earnings. But I was so surprised when I started using it because in just a month, I saw the positive results it brought to my account. It has increased my profit rate by 15% on the first month and it even grows as months pass by. As of now, I already have around 70% profit rate. It's performance is absolutely off the charts.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Tarra | Date 2019-01-21
It is inevitable for companies to have exaggerated claims on their products. EA Gold Shark is like that. They have very impressive and convincing claims about the EA but in reality, the EA disappoints. And I think the disappointment comes from their extreme advertising. Honestly, the EA still works well. Although it earns very little compared to how it is advertised. But if there are no claims, then the EA could have been fine with me. Because although small, it still helps somehow.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Niqui | Date 2019-01-15
Forex trading EAs are one of the best inventions ever. They are very convenient especially for a newbie like me. And it also takes luck to be able to find one that is genuine and will truly help in the trades. EA Gold Shark sends signals that help me win trades and have a steady profit. It recovers all the losses I acquired as I practice my trading skills.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Kelvin | Date 2019-01-10
I thought this was going to be a helpful EA, because of the positive reviews I have online. But when I started using this EA on my demo account it brought a lot of the wrong signals thereby making me run negative trades.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: David | Date 2019-01-08
So far, Euro smarter have really been of great help to me, it has really helped in boosting my account overall with 86%. It open and close trades at the right time with strong signal, this EA does not freeze neither does it crashes. & months of using it now, with no regret.
Author of EA Gold Shark ver. 5: Yullin | Date 2019-01-04
I would describe EA Gold Shark as an average EA. I have already tried some free EAs before which did its job in terms of the signals but didn't really provide much boost in my account. If there is profit, I'd say it's just about $5 a month. Absolutely insignificant compared to my monthly profit of at least $500. That's how the free EAs worked for me, and this EA Gold Shark performs just the same. I paid $150 to get it and I only received an EA with same quality as the free ones. That's pretty frustrating.
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