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On-line since: 1999
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: Registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Also regulated by the official regulators in UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and France
Payment options: On-line checks, bank wire, paper checks and credit cards
Minimum account size: $2,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:100 and 1:200
Spreads: 2-3 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

FXCM Company is one of the leading online Forex brokers. Company’s clients are residents of more than 150 countries. International representation offices and branches of FXCM Company are located in all major financial centers of the world and it allows its clients to get high quality and efficient service. 

FXCM is under the control of regulatory bodies which have authority worldwide. Thus, activity of regional office FXCM in London (Holding LLC) is regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) in the UK.

FXCM 8/10 (votes 4107)
Author of FXCM : Nue | Date 2016-12-02
I was checking a few reviews about FXCM, many of them have complaints about slow customer service. Though it can be true for all those who have experienced this problem but in my case. I have never found any such trouble. I thought to share it with all of you so you don’t miss the opportunity. FXCM is providing for a successful trade. The slow customer service can be an issue due to any specific technical problems for the time being but my experience says they provide good services and have the potential.
Author of FXCM : Ibrahim | Date 2016-10-10
I am very satisfy with the service of FXCM,I am surprise and bothered to see all these negative comments about this awesome broker, trading on their platform have been so profitable to me. I got my withdrawal my withdrawal from the bonus FXCM gave me, it really worked fine and fast for me. I basically scalp much and I have been able to make some profits from scalping; I made over $12,000 profits and I have received $7000 withdrawal without any problem. I am satisfy with their services, and I recommend this broker!
Author of FXCM : Carter | Date 2016-09-15
I traded FXCM for 2 weeks. I started winning as much as 21 out of 25 trades the first week. Going from $100 to $622. Then the following week. All my money seem to disappear. I found that if I put in a stop... It was met with a spike that took me out. If I started to exit a bad trade and hit cancel instead, the market seemed to change direction. I averaged 60 pip a day and then they started playing me. One guy even called and asked for my strategy, like he had been monitoring my trade?
Author of FXCM : Kirby | Date 2016-09-14
Two of my small trades were not closed at limit although price past my limit. I tried to adjust my limit and stop loss on the chart but no change would happen. Fxcm was controlling the positions and not let me do any changes to my trades. Then later, the price moved against me and hit the stop loss and closed my positions a bit past my stop loss. Their response was that there was not enough liquidity to close them at limit( profit), although each position was 20000(.2 of one standard lot). I try to find 100 excuses before condemning, but I know Fxcm intentionally did not let the positions executed, limit and stop loss get adjusted and closed at past the stop losses. They haven't replied me why I could not change the positions' limit and stop the way they ignored twice my request for a permission form to use trade interceptor app. Please beware this broker
Author of FXCM : Master | Date 2016-08-22
Very popular broker with average trading conditions. But news trading is unreal - crazy spreads and slippages and sometimes even requotes. It seems more like a bucket shop rather then ECN broker. All complaints, found the typical excuses that are technical points and fix everything soon. Add me in skype - vovkfx, and I will help you to choose the best broker for you.
Author of FXCM : fxvimas | Date 2016-08-18
Many gave evidence about this broker. they say that this broker is a broker who cheat. I was curious to prove to yourself about all the negative reviews that have been given by the trader to this broker. I also thought that this broker is a broker that is not good.
Author of FXCM : kito | Date 2016-08-03
Some of their partners here in my country do not give bonuses for the new referrals. I also heard that few of the account holders were banned without proper explanation.
Author of FXCM : Chaparro | Date 2016-07-20
Stay well away, they are total scams. I cannot recall how many times I've been scammed by this company – FXCM now. I've got screen shots and charts and feeds from various brokers to prove, they will stop you out although the price next reached it. Their software will freeze up all too often, at times when it's going against your position. The software will freeze up not allowing you to close your positions, and orders will be filled at huge slips although the price wasn't volatile. Do not risk your money with this broker, stay well away!
Author of FXCM : Ralph | Date 2016-06-17
I was introduced to FXCM by my friend. At first I was attracted to their advanced and beautiful platform. Then, I realized there was one way trade only. Deposit deposit deposit and no withdrawal. Always no connections and requotes. Please, stay away! Now I am with two other brokers so far i am satisfied. Not as bad as FXCM!
Author of FXCM : Fxfaithless | Date 2016-06-17
Horrible slippage, trades are almost always being executed against me, especially around important news. I think, it’s impossible to make any profits with this broker, I will not be investing more money here.
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