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Million Dollar Pips review
Million Dollar Pips

Million Dollar Pips

General Properties
Currency Pair: EUR/USD
Timeframe: M1 
Trading platform: MetaTrader 4
Work time: 24 hours 
Work with decimal point figure: 5
Forex advisor Million Dollar Pips is in action around the clock, however, trades are opened in very short time periods. Million Dollar Pips advisor opens a few orders and closes sharply fixing a small number of points. One of Million Dollar Pips advantage is that the Advisor sets Stop-loss and Take-profit levels during a high market dynamics. With Million Dollar Pips advisor it is recommended to trade with EUR/USD pair.
Worth paying attention that testing of this advisor strategy is carried out only by M1 ticks of EUR/USD pair.
There is an opinion that similar Forex-Advisors bring profit only in MetaTrader4, as ticks are synthesized inside of M1 bar in MT. In such a way, before the bar is shaped the tester looks forward, aside from that, on a real account ticks are rectilinear between extreme bar points and they never move as in MT tester.
By Forex traders responses this advisor performance in the demo monitoring is quite tempting. But a disadvantage of this advisor is that on a live account huge drawdowns are possible. The thing is that Million Dollar Pips Forex advisor opens and closes a great number of trades for a few seconds that may impact the live trading account negatively while trading. 

Million Dollar Pips 9/10 (votes 94)
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Vania | Date 2019-08-08
Million Dollar Pips is awesome. It is earning on an unimaginable rate. I never thought that I could see a total of more than a hundred dollars profit in a week because honestly, I have been only earning a very little amount. Due to the enticing claims of this trading EA, I couldn't help but purchase one. Thankfully, it has been doing what it promised to do and I am content with the results.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Oprem | Date 2019-08-02
Don't even waste a second to believe that Million Dollar Pips is actually going to earn you a million dollars. Contrary to what it claims, this trading bot doesn't really earn much. Provided that I am a newbie, I'd say we just have the same level of trading performance. Thus, it would be senseless to buy this bot because it won't really be much of a help.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Musa | Date 2019-07-26
I will recommend Million Dollar Pips to anyone. I can only afford to shell out a hundred dollars so I am not really expecting the same results as that of what is in their website. But I can say that despite the small trading capital, I can still see a high profit rate provided by this bot. I estimate it to have a profit rate of 35% and for me that is pretty high already. Especially since I still have a lot to learn.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Marky | Date 2019-07-22
Before you decide to buy Million Dollar Pips, you must first consider that it does not work properly on a Windows 10 operating system. I am using the same MT4 platform but whenever I try to use the bot, my computer suddenly crashes. I spent more than a hundred bucks on it but I wasn't even able to use it. The company said that they guarantee a money-back but when I contacted them regarding the issue, they didn't respond.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Doost | Date 2019-07-15
I recently got the Million Dollar Pips EA and I think that it is amazing. It has only been more than two weeks but I can already see significant results from its trading activities. I stopped trading manually when I started to use this EA to see how it would really perform. Unbelievable, it was able to earn a month's worth of my usual profit rate in just half a month. I'd say this is a good trading assistant for novices who are still hesitant to make trading decisions.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Ovita | Date 2019-07-09
Million Dollar Pips is not for me and my broker. This is not the first time I got a trading bot because my broker allows it. But this is the first time that a trading bot won't work on my platform. Every time I tried to use it, the platform would crash. None of my previous bots was like this so I don't understand. I am currently still waiting for the response of the company regarding refund but it has been 2 long weeks already and I still receive nothing.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Somu | Date 2019-07-02
I hoped for Million Dollar Pips to perform just as how it was advertised but I never thought I would see amazing results this soon. I have only been using this trading bot for two months and it has already earned almost a thousand dollars. This is from the trades it made on its own and the trades I made following the trading signals it provided. It is also perfectly compatible with my broker's platform so everything is going smoothly.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Aguil | Date 2019-06-26
This software is terrible! They are very daring to claim that they can make $250 to a million dollars in just a year when they can't even boos my account even a little bit in a month. Instead, it wreaked havoc on my account and almost burnt out my trading capital. I was able to save myself only by completely disabling this software. I won't recommend this to anyone.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Estefanya | Date 2019-06-19
Million Dollar Pips has proven itself to be dependable even when left alone. For someone with a full-time job and hectic work schedule, I can't focus much on my trading activities. This is my primary reason of getting a trading EA. It stood out to me in terms of its claims and just by its name, it already looks impressive. Although I'm really not expecting it to make me a millionaire, I am seeing how well it performs. It s definitely worth every penny spent on it.
Author of Million Dollar Pips: Chiyu | Date 2019-06-13
Don't easily trust anyone who tries to sell you anything online. I was deceived by Million Dollar Pips and believed their "money back guarantee" which is a big lie. I purchased the trading bot for $200 but when I tried to use it, it didn't work. I contacted the company to report the issue but no one answered me. Then when I read more reviews about this bot, I found out that this is actually a scam.
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