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On-line since: 1999
Country of origin: Denmark
Regulation: Saxo Bank is an officially registered European bank
Payment options: Wire transfer
Minimum account size: $2,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: 2 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

SaxoBank was founded in 1992 by the Danish businessman. Originally the Company was called Midas, but it was changed to SaxoBank at the time the bank obtained its European license for banking in 2001.

SaxoBank specializes in online investments at the international capital markets and provides its clients with opportunity to trade with the wide range of financial tools, such as currencies, contracts for difference, futures, options and other derivatives, the Bank renders services on trust management also.

The trading is carried out online with the help of SaxoTrader program, which is the proprietary of the Bank. The thousands of investors and traders from more than 100 countries of the world are clients of the Bank. The client servicing is conducted from the Headquarters of the Bank in Copenhagen, and also from 12 offices, situated in the largest cities of the world.

SaxoBank 9/10 (votes 5490)

Web-site: SaxoBank

Author of SaxoBank: Ria | Date 2015-09-15
I had some terrible problems with the demo account, mainly being unable to set stops and limits. Kept running into javascript errors, then the crash hang
Author of SaxoBank: Fasa | Date 2015-09-09
USD/CAD spread on a normal day with is below 2% until there's a news event that increases volume and volitility where they will suddenly increase the spread to 8 or 9%. They're Market Makers and don't play fair
Author of SaxoBank: Coconut_Girl | Date 2015-09-09
As a new trader, I do not know much about the brokers in forex but the saxo I've read a bit of the reviews that say that the service at this broker is good but spread offered is too high so it can not be for new traders and it makes me afraid to open account here.
Author of SaxoBank: Xcis | Date 2015-09-08
've used MBT for a while, it's a good broker as far as the features it offers. But as far as trade executions it fails terribly. I experienced major slippages, trades being stopped out before the stop loss is touched.
Author of SaxoBank: liezel fx | Date 2015-09-08
This is scam company, they have dealing desk with 'fixed spread'. Their price quoting is always at their advantage, I compare their quote with other brokers!!!!!!
Author of SaxoBank: isPromoRU | Date 2015-09-07
If I could only go back the times, I won't open an account with them. All my money disappeared a week ago without my knowledge.
Author of SaxoBank: Mahoi | Date 2015-09-04
Can't believe people still trade with this junk. Its got to be the biggest bucketshop ever. I left a few bucks in an old account and recently went to test a strategy on it and traded gold. They have a great spread, but I was slipped over $2. What a joke. Get real, what a phoney phoney company. Think of trading forex elsewhere.
Author of SaxoBank: emily_golffx | Date 2015-08-27
requote is hell , price is not correct with other brokers and when u make orders what is showing on the market watch is far from what they will give you and always to thier favor , i think they are theifss. if u want to gamble u can trade with dem. the odss are never in your favor, they alway give u delay quote, it is intentional. BIG SCAMMERS
Author of SaxoBank: Inferno | Date 2015-08-26
They are already stamp with "naughty" broker (scammer). Sadly but this is the fact, But our country now have broker police like FPA too, even they are not officially from our country government. Several scammer or bucket shop staff already faced them, but they cant do anything. Coz they lost argue with "new broker police" in my country with very knowledgeable bout fx broker.
Author of SaxoBank: Jauregui | Date 2015-08-26
My first trade I did through this broker was great, no slippage or re-quotes everyting was fine, Then all of a sudden the start slipping my orders by between 20-35 pips, If you are in a trade you can't click out using a direct deal, becasue you will get re-quote after re-quote, the only way to get ou is to place a stop order. On their website they say "guarenteed stop order" this is not true! I won't recommed it to pro. traders.
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