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Emporio Trading is world-class company that strives to become market leader but so far, in vain

On the company’s website in the About us section, it is stated that Emporio Trading has "a leading position in the market for more than 7 years. "Even since the introduction of our company to the market, Emporio Trading has been investing in technologies to further bringing in top of the class tools and environment for clients by consistently providing great pricing, reliable trading platform, world class server technologies, ever improving customer servicing and great promotions". It also strives for long-term relationships with clients.

After such a description, many clients undoubtedly want to start trading right away. Some at least want to learn more about the broker. However, here the most interesting part begins. Emporio Trading does not even try to create the appearance of legal and safe trading.


About broker

  • 136 cities
  • 18 countries
  • 100,000 clients

This is how Emporio Trading presents itself. Now let's look at what the broker does not indicate, e.g. the lack of license.


There is no link to the license on the website. Emporio Trading claims that its activity is regulated but the tabs are non-clickable. The broker does not specify the license number anywhere. There are only logos of different regulators.


These logos belong to three regulators that are very questionable. For example, BrokerRegulator is the regulator of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Google search is literally full of warnings about the unreliability of this agency.


The following information is available on the websites: 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, e Lini Highway, P.O. Box 257 Port Vila Vanuatu. This regulator’s address will be the first to be found by the Offshore Leaks Database, the main portal for searching for offshore leaks. Notably, it has become the starting point of many high-profile investigations. The portal map shows that the company’s office has been closed.



It also has another contact address - Moscow, Moscow City, Federation Tower (Vostok), Presnenskaya Embankment, 12. Russian databases do not find a "world-class company" Emporio Trading as well.

The only place where it is possible to find out more or less truthful data about Emporio Trading is the portal who.is, which helps to check the domains. The portal shows the address: USA, Arizona, registration 03.21, 17, name – GoDaddy.com.



Trading conditions

Currency pairs: 55

Leverage: up to 1:1000

STP- execution

Spreads: from 0

Trading accounts: 3 types

Payment methods: VISA, MasterCard

Website: emporiotrading.com

Emporio Trading has a small number of trading opportunities. Yet, it offers direct but very risky placement of orders on the exchange (STP). In the company's product section, the broker does not even deny that there may be slippages and malfunctions. It is difficult for traders to enter and exit a trade in illiquid markets, there may also be delays in the execution of orders for a number of reasons. There is also a reset of orders and many other unpleasant surprises that lead to the loss of the deposit. Notably, market participants complain that Emporio Trading claims itself not responsible for the listed problems. Thieves, scammers are the main characteristics of the company in the comments.



Emporio Trading can hardly be called a reliable broker. The lack of a link to the license, dubious regulators, a poorly developed website and ties with the offshore zone make this company quite dubious for opening an account. In addition, Emporio Trading practically does not care about the content of its platform. The documents look more like a promise to work together and make a big profit. There is a lot of advertising and practically no useful information. This is why the broker cannot certainly be called a world-class company, a leader, or a reliable partner. So, it will be quite naïve for traders to assume that they will earn money with such a broker.

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Author: Haston | Date 2021-10-21
When I heard about Emporio from my friends, I immediately checked its website. At first glance, it looks like it is able to give excellent services. But upon navigating through the website, some tabs and links were not clickable. Some even redirected me to suspicious webpage. Because of that, I warned my friends about cooperating with the company.
Author: Rexy | Date 2021-10-11
When I deposit my money to Emporio which amounted to $500, the company did not contact me again. I was supposed to receive my account credentials upon payment but I never got it. I tried reaching them through call and email but they never answered.
Author: Leya | Date 2021-10-08
The moment I deposited my money to Emporio Trading, I felt a sudden doubt about my decision. Then when I tried contacting the broker to get my account details, they did not respond to me anymore. And I never knew what happened to my funds anymore.
Author: Stelios | Date 2021-10-01
I had a horrible experience at Emporio. I trusted the broker because of their abundant regulation. But it never crossed my mind that those regulators won't be trustworthy. I believed so much to their promises that were never made true. In end, I only lost $800.
Author: Eyzad | Date 2021-09-22
My account manager at Emporio suddenly disappeared after I made the second deposit. My initial deposit was $100, then my account manager helped me to make it grow. Later on, he convinced me to add more funds and recommended an amount. I deposited $5000 as per his advice, but after that, he just vanished. On top of that, I also lost my account.
Author: Gabrielle | Date 2021-09-17
Oh please, all the claims and promises of Emporio are not true. I was deceived by this broker and I had an account with them. The experience was terrible. Not only was I unable to make any decent trades, the broker also did not return my money. When I decided to close my account, all they did was delete my account but they never paid me my remaining funds.
Author: Saurav | Date 2021-09-09
The danger in the trading industry now is the rampant number of fraud brokers. Many companies including Emporio appear reliable and claims many attractive promises. But then when you dig deeper, you will find out that the broker is not licensed, hence it is risky to invest with them.
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