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Fraud schemes of scammers from Forex.ee

Nowadays, quick-witted brokers seem to know about psychology even more than psychologists do. Official websites of intermediary companies contain plenty of catchy words and phrases like “bonuses”, “promotional offers”, and “zero commission”. These words attract gullible and inexperienced traders. Dozens of them are tricked by scam brokers.

Forex.ee is one of these cunning brokers. Its catchy slogans such as “We help you earn money to live your dream!” and “Earn more together with us!” are nothing more than just one big lie. Let us see what the former broker's client says about his painful experience with Forex.ee. That is his explanation of Forex.ee’s fraud schemes.

Seaman sam | 16.03.2020

People should stop believing in free bonuses that can turn your $10 into $1,000 and then be withdrawn to your credit card. It’s a big lie. They give promises in order to keep you trading until you lose all your money.
Every week, Forex.ee offers you something like: “Make a deposit and win $1,000.” Then, they offer you to earn $5,000 in order to withdraw money at least once. It is absolutely not fair.

If we put emotions aside, the company’s fraud scheme is actually very simple: deposit – welcome bonus – the support service’s phone calls and promises that you can recoup all losses – second deposit – another account blowup. It is a vicious circle.

Trading platform

Let us see what sections the Forex.ee official website features. Its Trading platform section guarantees you only successful and profitable trading.

Here is what the traded under the nickname sheffchen thinks about “the most popular trading platform”:

It’s a weak company with poor support service. The platform froze for 15 minutes and nobody from the support service opened my message in Live Chat. They simply ignored me. I was lucky enough to set a Stop Loss and Take Profit. Otherwise, I would rip Forex.ee to pieces!

Withdrawal of funds

Anyway, the worst is yet to come…Traders face significant problems with withdrawing funds. Every second Forex.ee trader can tell you about it. They all are equally discontent even though they have lost different amounts of funds.

In fact, sometimes non-payments last for months and even years. The broker prefers to hold traders’ positions until the most unfavorable closing moment or until they go into negative territory.

Tigr99 | 19.11.2020

Do not trust Forex.ee. I deposited $60,000. Finally, when I decided to withdraw the funds, they turned me down. It turns out I must pay an 18% commission in order to get my money back. If you know how to return the money, tell me, please.

Roman Lonsky | 07.10.2020

Forex.ee is a scam broker. On September 2, 2020, I withdrew $400. I am still waiting for the money. They told me that my account was being reviewed and they would let me know about the results. In fact, I tried to withdraw the money I had invested and not the profit. I believe that those who want to invest in this broker should better think twice.

Offshore broker

Reading all these negative comments, we would like to ask you: “Guys, you decided to cooperate with an offshore broker. What did you expect? Anyone who knows at least something about trading knows that cooperation with an unregulated offshore broker involves serious risks, money loss, and fraud. There are many reliable licensed brokers. Why couldn’t you have chosen one of them instead?

Constantine | 15.04.2020

You can forget about withdrawing funds. We are talking about an offshore broker registered in such an exotic country as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Only corrupt people hide their money in a country like that. So, don’t even think about cooperation with this offshore broker.
Mobile trading available
Offshore company, no details on funds withdrawing

Slow support service

The cherry on top is Forex.ee support service. In fact, the company’s official website features numerous contact options. The company invites you to call them any time and is ready to answer all your questions.

Meanwhile, the reality is completely different. Traders are full of hope that the support service will help them. They start calling, and then...

Victor | 19.08.2020

The problem is not only in the scam broker or impossible funds withdrawals. It is also about the company’s support service that doesn’t know how to treat clients , as well as its poor knowledge of the market. I contacted the support service whenever I needed answers. I asked them for help. It turned out the support managers did not know the basics of trading. It seemed that they googled everything before answering my questions. Don’t waste your time on this broker.
“funny” support service
Incompetent support team, impossible to withdraw funds

Art | 23.11.2017

It is a scam broker. I can’t withdraw my money. In the beginning, support managers call you asking to replenish your account. But the moment you send a withdrawal request, they stop replying to your messages. I can’t withdraw my money for six months now.


Simply put, Forex.ee is one of those online scammers and fraudsters. The main proof is hundreds of angry comments left by the company’s former and current clients. In fact, the deceived traders are even ready to provide screenshots and documents to prove the broker’s fraud schemes. So, before you decide to cooperate with the broker and deposit funds, you should carefully read all the reviews about Forex.ee available on the Web.

You should always remember that there are many reliable regulated brokers worldwide. They offer favourable trading conditions. You will definitely pick up a partner among them.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Alicia | Date 2021-05-04
I opened an account at Forex.ee because of the favorable trading conditions and huge bonuses. A few weeks after I started my trading activities, I have encountered various technical issues. I report it to the support team every time but I received no response. I waited for it to be fixed despite the no response but there was really nothing. I tried calling them as well but I couldn't reach them. Until the end, I did not get through them and they never returned my money.
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