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Equity Flow: waste of money

After taking a closer look at the Equity Flow's website, it becomes crystal clear why there are so many negative reviews about it in the network. This broker is a typical scammer similar to Tor Trade whose fraudulent scheme we have discussed earlier. Equity Flow also offers allegedly successful trading with the help of artificial intelligence program and gives empty promises of quick and easy earnings even if a trader knows nothing about trading strategies, fundamental and technical analysis.

Its website has a typical header with stereotypical and cliched motivating phrases. Moreover, it dazzles a visitor with so-called benefits that are phony and placed only for the clients' attraction.

Furthermore, the broker is quite proud of its own "advanced" advising program – EFA (Equity Flow Algorithm). As stated on the website, it combines the best features of analytical robots and professional traders. Remarkably, only a few financial companies have the right to use EFA. Apparently, the representatives of Equity Flow decided that the advertising of this magical algorithm would be enough to lure the flow of traders who were craving for easy earning without making much effort.

Nevertheless, we have to disappoint those who believe in such nonsense. There is no magical algorithm, programs, or software that will make winning decisions for a trader. Well, at least nowadays. However, you will definitely lose your deposit because that is what generally happens. See feedback below.

Cera 12/07/2019, 13:38
EquityFlow is a scam. When I asked for my funds' withdrawal, they started making threats and insults, zeroing my balance. Thus, I’ve lost my money. Unfortunately, my first trading experience was not a success.

Profi, June 29, 2019, 14:54
It is a con!

Svetlana 18/07/2019, 13:28
I had also lost my deposit before its withdrawal ((( The total amount was almost €1000. What a dodgy enterprise!

Anastasia 25/07/2019, 14:56
I’m shocked! My account was also cleaned when I became suspicious of my trader and asked to return at least half of my money. Now I have no idea what to do. Do not repeat my mistakes! Equityflow is a scam!

How does Equity Flow trick traders?

This broker has many ways of fooling its clients out of their money. For instance, many people have been deceived by the brokers' trading advisers as well as its platform. Generally, traders lured by the promises of quick earnings make deposits, and indeed trading goes quite well. However, when traders want to withdraw their money, all of a sudden all positions become losing.

If a client decides to quit cooperation with EquityFlow, the EFA robot which was mentioned above can also zero the client’s account.

Then, the client sees that the account has a minus balance. Representatives of the fraudulent organization start asking about interest and warn the client about the need to repay it with real money. Otherwise, they threat to turn to debt collectors for help.

The majority of money transfers is made by fake cryptocurrency wallets automatically sending cash in the pockets of Equity Flow. What is more, additional fees and all kinds of commissions are requested.


Equity Flow is another scam broker whose activity is aimed at finding gullible people for the money deception. It has nothing to do with trading. There is only one outcome: the loss of the deposit. Before starting cooperation with a broker, carefully study its operating history, pay attention to its experience, read the reviews, and make sure that it is not in the blacklist. Be careful! Don't throw your money away!

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Author: Lanie | 日期 of  2019-12-02
Equity promised that I will be having great returns if I use their trading assistant. It is a program that trades automatically and they claim that it gives great results. However, what I experienced was contrary to what they promised. Instead of profit, their program incurred huge losses. It always traded on new release and in return lost a huge amount of money. It lost half of my account balance so I told the broker that I would stop using it already. But they only ignored me and the program wiped my balance.
Author: Jadiev | 日期 of  2019-11-25
Although interested, I didn't really have any plan to enter the Forex industry. It was simply mentioned multiple times in one of my college classes and I took the time to research about it. I never expected that a broker would contact me. Equity Flow got my details probably from one of the advertisements I clicked on. They told me about the advantages that this broker could give me and I was persuaded. I deposited $1000 but the trading experience wasn't great. Their platform is terrible and their support team is unhelpful. In the end, I lost all of my capital.
Author: Horoya | 日期 of  2019-11-21
Equity Flow is taking advantage of less experienced and less knowledgeable traders. They are good with persuasion and they can really get into your head with their promises and claims. As someone who aspires to be successful in Forex trading, I easily believed them when they told me that they will assist me in my trading activities. At first, they were responsive in my messages but eventually, it stopped. My account manager still had access to my account so he can still do the trades for me. So when they stopped responding, I also halted my activities. However, I noticed that my balance is dropping even when I was not doing anything. As it turned out, it was my manager's doing.
Author: Fred | 日期 of  2019-11-13
I deposited a total of $2300 on Equity flow because they promised that I will be receiving a high amount of returns if I invest a larger amount. But after a few deposits an almost a year of trading activity, I decided to withdraw at least 10% of my profit. When I did, it was rejected. And after that first request, my account balance started to drop. My platform started to act up and order execution was no longer accurate. Until it just completely fell to zero balance. Then the broker closed my account.
Author: Maxerion | 日期 of  2019-11-08
I wish I never answered the call from Equity flow. I also wish I was never swayed by their empty promises. They made me deposit $5000 and told me that I would have guaranteed returns at the end of the year. But their platform was so terrible that I wasn't able to make a single decent trade. Execution was always delayed and there were slippages. It also had glitches and displays the wrong amount in my account balance. That is why I never knew which amount was the real one. Customer support was also horrible. Representatives were very impatient and rude.
Author: Jezel | 日期 of  2019-10-28
If we talk about the trading experience, I would say that this broker did not disappoint. As a matter of fact, I guess they have the best trading environment among the various brokers I've tried. The only problem I had before was the slow response rate of their customer support. Now I understand why they don't seem to be bothered even when they keep their clients hanging for a long period of time and that's because they are actually a fraud. I only knew about it when I tried withdrawing my fund. The day after I sent my request, my account was suspended and I never got access to it again.
Author: Flaevie | 日期 of  2019-10-24
I deposited $3500 at Equity Flow. I had so much trust on this broker because the person I talked with sounded very reliable. She answered all of my questions with no hesitations. She also gave me early tips on how to survive and succeed in the Forex industry. I guess I was also gullible so I easily fell for their trap. After depositing the money, I never heard again from that representative and I got no response on any of my messages anymore.
Author: Krisa | 日期 of  2019-10-16
I traded at Equity Flow for about eight months. The trading experience was pleasant despite a few losses because I still had more winnings. I had $2119.46 on my account balance by the time I requested for a withdrawal of $800. I already did whatever is required for withdrawals. I already had my account verified but my request remained on pending status. I waited for a month but I never received any update from the broker. They didn't even reply to my follow ups.
Author: Esmegil | 日期 of  2019-10-10
I should have known. I should have known that Forex trading is no easy task. There is no easy money on this industry because it requires deep knowledge and great skills. But I was blinded by the lie that Equity Flow would provide a trading software that would make things easier for me. I foolishly believed that a mere robot could boost my account while I sit comfortably doing nothing. Everything was a lie, and I was naive for believing this lie. I just hope that through this article, no other people could fall victim to this horrible broker.
Author: Gideon | 日期 of  2019-09-30
I used to be a client of Equity Flow. They are very cunning in doing business. They have ways to leave you with no choice and force you to deposit money on your account which has no hope for withdrawal. It is true that you can have a negative balance because of the robot that they offer. It would lose all its trades giving you a negative balance. They also tried to threaten me with debt collectors but I already asked assistance from a lawyer I know and told me that they cannot do that to me. However, my lawyer can only provide me with legal advice but taking things into court is another thing. I wish all clients gathered together to fight against this broker.
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