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Is BNB Options trustworthy?

Here is a typical blank check company. It’s main goal is to cheat traders out of their money. As a rule, newbies and credulous people fall victims to frauds. The question is, is it reasonable to step on a rake and repeat the sad experience of scammed traders? The answer is obvious. So, it is up to you to decide what broker to choose. In this article we will try to explain why BNB Options can be called trustworthy in no way.

So, this black-listed broker was registered in 2014 in London. Two years after that, BNB Options became a member of the National Association of Forex Dealers. The company boasts of innovative services that enable clients to take full advantage of the binary options market. The news feed at the bottom of the website is a very convenient tool. The website itself is user-friendly. Moreover, the broker received a plenty of positive comments. Allegedly, one the benefits is safe withdrawal of funds. Probably, it was so when the broker has just started to work.

A month ago I had a call from this bnboptions broker. I have no idea where they found my phone number, but the fact is that I was really interested in binary options. A very polite manager (I think his name was Bogdan) offered me to make deposit under favorable conditions. I said that I have no experience in this sphere, but he promised to fill me in. So, I made a deposit and started trading. Indeed, this guy Bogdan was really helpful. He explained what I should do. So, I made a profit of 170 with the initial deposit of 100, then I earned 920 and lost 390 in a week. This way, I gained 530. Then I was off the desk for a week. My monthly result was 60-70% profit. Though the company promised that I would get 80%, 70% was also pretty good. I withdrew my money twice with no problems. By the way, I read positive comments about bnboptions. They are really decent guys, no cheating. But you should try before you trust.

Nowadays, it’s trendy to publish clients’ comments on a website. Naturally, those comments are exceptionally positive. On the one hand, the feedback is an important source of information, but on the other hand, this information should be veracious.

However, one or several comments are not enough to form an opinion about a broker. You should learn about all pros and cons at first. The most recent comments should be factored in. Services of a popular dealing center can deteriorate, and its clients can only hope that the broker will make up for its failures.


February 11, 2019 at 5:57 p.m.

Has been working with BNB since 2017. During that period I invested 42,500 dollars, 2,600 of which I managed to withdraw. I earned 15,300 in trading. On February 7, 2019 I applied for withdrawal of 8,500 dollars but my application was rejected. I even had no withdrawal option in my client area. My personal manager promised me to sort the problem out. As a result, the Withdraw button appeared in my client area again, but connection with the manager was lost. So, it’s an obvious scam. Stay away from this broker!

Svetlana Krokhina

I have also been cheated. I lost 250 dollars in trading and 250 in an affiliate program. It was just a waste of money. My personal manager said that my deposit could be insured but I needed to deposit at least $1,000 for that. At that moment I had an inkling that something was wrong. I did not trade since that, but now I fear that they will charge me the full sum for the affiliate program and the insurance.

To start trading with this broker, you should deposit at least 250 dollars. It’s a pretty high threshold for newbies. So, I concluded that it must be a sophisticated broker that does not attract clients with cheap tricks but aims to work with seasoned traders. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. As soon as I requested a withdrawal, the broker’s managers called me and offered a bonus, so I could continue trading and extend my profits. I refused and my account was blocked the next day.

Timur, 28 years old


Published at 07.04.2019 at 9:14 a.m.

To make it clear, I’m a real client!

I have a few words to say about this broker.

EROG KARTUSHOV is a bullshitter!

At first, he talked me into depositing a big sum and then more and more. As a result, I put in 13,000 dollars. I was required to make a profit of 43,000 and only after that I could withdraw. They promised me pie in the sky. The financial department contacted me as well. Black Friday will make you rich… That is what they said to me. So, this Erog is a scum bag! Surely, I was not allowed to withdraw any money. The more so, they doubled the needed amount of profit that could be withdrawn. I was simmering with anger. I wish I met him in person so I could rough him up. All those who post good comments are fakes. These scammers worry that they will get less money. Impossible to get any profit! All charts are fake. To prove it, compare them with real chart on the market. They are different! And I doubt that they are from the UK. They sound more like the Ukrainians. And one last thing: they are not licensed!

The lion’s share of negative comments was about problems connected with withdrawal of profits. However, it is hard to say whether those comments are true or false. Nonetheless, there must be some reason. Apart from withdrawal difficulties, BNB Options is notorious for other shenanigans. Here is one more surprising story that took place a while ago.

From: Mohamed

Sent on: 2017-05-17

Hello. How can I get rid of bnroptions.com? In summer 2015 I registered an account with them. Recently, I had a phone call from this broker, and the managers said that I had been fined 375 dollars. What should I do?

As seen in the comment above, the broker fined its clients merely for registering a trading account and not making a deposit. It is just ridiculous. Moreover, it is illegal. Nobody has the right to charge money for registering an account. Such dishonest brokers just bully clients and talk them into giving them money. If clients resist pressure and refuse to pay, the scam broker can do nothing about it since it has no rights.


The BNB project is one of the most frequent types of shenanigans. The broker has created an eye-catching website so that to attack as many clients as possible. But before you invest you money into empty promises, you’d better learn more information about your would-be broker on several sources. Before opening an account, get acquainted with the client agreement, risk disclaimer, and legal documents. Stay away from amateur brokers. It is safe to trust your funds to big companies with the experience of 5-10 years. Besides, a distinct feature of a trustworthy broker is the license issued by reliable regulators.

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Author: Junito | 日期 of  2019-11-27
BNB Options is a frighteningly great fraud. I believe they are still operating until now and they are still targeting vulnerable clients. I hope that the authorities decide to halt the operations of this company because they are ruining people's lives. I lost more than $2000 on this broker and a lot of time. I don't want other people to suffer the same struggle I experienced.
Author: Jester | 日期 of  2019-11-22
BNB Options seems to be operating still despite all the complaints against them. But it must be known that this broker should not be trusted. They are a group of people trying to rob people off their money. They target the novices who lack knowledge and drop empty promises. They lie about their achievements and their services and many fall for it. That is why I want to warn others not to trust this broker.
作者 of is_bnb_options_trustworthy: Exxim | 日期 of  2019-12-05
People must be warned! Let us spread the word about BNB Options because they might only fool more people. Despite all the complaints, they still have the courage to continue on their business. They must be overly confident that they wouldn't be taken down even when clients repeatedly report them. What I feel right now is rage towards them. The owners of this company are heartless!
Author: Ushamon | 日期 of  2019-11-15
Is there still hope in getting back my fund from BNB Options? I know it has been months already since I lost access to my account and the company seems to have blocked me on all their communication channels because I can no longer reach them. I simply wanted to take back my remaining balance. Even though they have already taken a lot from me by opening trades in my account and closing them on losing position. To interested trader, I am telling you not to make any interaction with this broker anymore.
Author: Jacel | 日期 of  2019-11-07
Never give your trust to BNB Options. Their website might appear legitimate and you might have a good trading experience in their demo account but these are all just their technique to earn your trust and eventually deposit an amount they would ask from you. I already lost more than $500 on this broker and I wouldn't want other people to end up like me. While it is still early, stay away from this broker right away. Their words are very convincing and that is what makes them dangerous.
Author: Tabananica | 日期 of  2019-10-30
Don't ever open an account at BNB Options. I know this article is already a warning but I am warning you again. I don't want anyone else to be like me and the other clients who have become victim to a ruthless broker like this. All they gave were empty promises and insincere assistance whenever I had issues in my trades. I though they were genuinely helping me but as it turned out, they were actually guiding me to do things that would benefit only them like making multiple deposits. I lost more than $3000 on this broker and I don't want you to do the same.
Author: Yzania | 日期 of  2019-10-21
If you visit the website of BNB Options, you would not see anything suspicious. As a matter of fact, this broker appears promising. Their claims are very appealing and you would really want to start an account. However, be careful as this is only a facade. They made this beautiful website to attract clients whom they could steal from.They do various schemes to rip people off their money. If you ever come across this broker, please turn your back right away.
Author: Erika | 日期 of  2019-10-18
I was contacted by a representative from BNB Options. I was already interested in Binary options trading and have been following a few articles and newsletters about it so I wasn't surprised that a broker called me. The representative I talked with sounded very professional and assuring. I won't deny, he easily earned my trust and he was very clear in explaining the trading conditions they would offer. Everything was looking great and I was about to open an account but I met someone who told me that she was scammed by this broker. I did my research about the broker and found out that there were tons of complaints against them. Someone saved me from this fraud and by writing this, I hope to save someone else too.
Author: Hebnimo | 日期 of  2019-10-07
Please stay away from BNB Options. I believe they are still operating until now despite all the complaints that their clients charged. This broker took $2300 from me. This was the total of all the deposits I made because they told me that it would be helpful in the faster growth of my account. I earned quite a good amount but it could have been just manipulated to make me believe that I really am earning well. A year and a half into trading, I asked for my first withdrawal. And there it was, my account was terminated right away.
Author: Zande | 日期 of  2019-10-03
What I learned from my terrible experience at CFD1000 is that it is still better to trust a company that has already made a good reputation than risking with a slightly new broker. The reason I chose CFD1000 over other more popular brokers is it has a cheaper trading cost. I also had a perception that popular broker charge more. But I was wrong. I lost so much more just because I trusted the wrong broker.
Author: Braxten | 日期 of  2019-09-26
Do not trust BNB Options. I already made that mistake so I am writing this to warn others and save them from this horrible broker. In November 2017, I opened an account at this broker. I was promised with guaranteed returns for as long as I keep my account balance at a certain amount. Therefore, whenever my balance go below $5000, I need to replenish it. Little did I know that the broker was manipulating my account discreetly that I did not notice it. I only started to realize it when I started to monitor my transaction history and that is when I noticed that there were activities I did not make. Those were losing trades and that is how this broker robbed me.
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