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Unitmarkets broker problems

“In order to withdraw your funds, you need to top up your account” - this phrase could be the slogan of Unitmarkets.com brokers. The term ‘broker’ is not quite appropriate here, however. In this company, cash flow goes only in and never out. Today, members of Unitmarkets.com are actively attracting new Russian-speaking customers from CIS (former Soviet countries). They resort to aggressive techniques from MLM to psychological abuse in order to bring in new clients, or rather their money. New traders are being skillfully manipulated by the broker whose only goal is to keep the trading account topped up on a regular basis.

But let’s leave emotions behind and go through the facts. The first striking detail is a glaring discrepancy between the company's actual time of establishment and the one stated on its website. Obviously, Unitmarkets just acts like a teenager trying to look older when buying cigarettes. The company claims that it has been successfully trading on Forex since 2001 although its official website is hardly one year old. Actually, they have even claimed credits for non-existing rewards and mythical merits:

On top of the alleged non-existing rewards, our big-name broker has stolen another company’s legal address. For instance, the tax identification number 7751116026 provided by Unitmarkets actually belongs to SAMDAR LLC - a wholesale timber trading company. Ironically, the money scam and timber trading goes under one registration.

Company ranking: low
Note: The company is a Legal entity with tax debt over 1000 rubles (according to tax agency).
Status: operating
Registration date: 13.11.2017
Main State Registration Number: given 13/11/2017
Taxpayer number:
Registration event code:
General Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations:
Russian Classification of Objects of Administrative Division:
Registered Office: 108840, Moscow region, Troitsk, Vtoraya Nauchnaya str. 4/2, office VI app 3 

It gets even trickier when it comes to broker’s license  - it simply doesn’t exist. Apparently, authors of this website could have created a pretty decent sample but just decided not to bother.

Hello everyone!
Today's world is the place of scammers. Meet one of them -  Unitmarkets ruled by Atrix Global Trade Ltd.
I got the first-hand experience of how to trade with them in a “comfortable and easy” way. I got to know so many new people as well. A guy named Viktor advertised the benefits of the company and lied about a new training group for beginners. Tatyana Ushakova helped with “gaining” money. Soon it turned out that there will be no training group. I requested a withdrawal and then they began to behave weird. Tatyana told me that there were no obstacles for withdrawal, however, my account was transferred to a different broker. She assured me that everything was going just fine. Later on, I received a call from Michael (a true professional, really?) who blamed me for creating conflict. What was he talking about? As soon as I requested for money withdrawal, they all began to play dumb. Then Elvira takes the stage and is also trying to fool me. The money is not big but they won’t let it go. It shouldn't be a problem for a serious company. So they keep on repeating: request for money withdrawal but first make a deposit. When I asked first time for withdrawal, there were no problems with that but they wanted to stop these requests. Why do we need money anyway? Only big companies need it, although all of them pretend they only work with big deposits. It is just for training purposes that they attract “fools” with minimum funds. So this is how the “super broker” Unitmarkets works.
Regards, Brone
Do not transfer any additional money there! They are scammers! We suggest you file a complaint against them according to the sample below.

Ridiculous as it may seem, Unitmarkets is still gaining new clients. Numerous reviews on the net confirm this fact. The number of deceived investors is simply astonishing which means that they all were once fooled by the fake stories about reliability, high income, and crystal clear reputation of Unitmarkets. Unfortunately, such blind trust often results in negative experience and huge loss of private savings. “can’t get payout ” are the keywords to find Unitmarkets on the web. With any other broker this issue can be resolved somehow but not in this case.

Given all that, how do they manage to recruit new members at all? Massive manipulation techniques are used here. The victim stays hooked due to several managers working with him. Continuous calls, promises, and urge to top up client's account  - these are effective tools of the broker. As a result, customers may lose from few hundreds up to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Full name: Osheyko Viktor
email: olvit@ukr.net
skype: live:vikisheyko
broker’s website: Unitmatkets.com
Company name: Unit Markets
Account number: 14517
How did you find the broker: received a phone call
Lost amount: $35,500
People who contacted me:

  • first contact - Aleksey +3726176824
  • analytics: Ushakova Tatyana skype: live: ushakova_37 phone: +3726199329, +3726170929, +37052115816, +3726171369,+37166174401
  • others: Bayaguskarova Elvira live:unittradersgroup +35722007662
My comment: I believe that Unitmarkets have ripped me off
The scam scheme: a guy named Aleksey called me and said he was a  trader from Unitnarkets. He started to convince me to make a deposit promising a huge gain. He helped me create an account and I made a minimum deposit of  $500. Then I was transferred to Tatyana Ushakova - the analyst - who explained me how to open deals. I didn’t get any other info on how things work. Tatyana only explained how to open deals. As we started to trade, she mentioned that $500 is not enough for good deals and advised me to deposit additional $5,000. And as I was new , Tatyana opened all deals.  At first, everything went smooth and we even gained some profit. But later she advised me to deposit another $5,000 and then again the same amount. As a result, my deposit reached $15,500 plus money from the deals. And then she advised me to withdraw $5,000 to make me feel that there were no problems with that here. I managed to withdraw $5,000 and got them on my account the next day. This step was made in order to mislead me. Finally, she opened a losing trade and started calling me and persuaded that we need to add more money in order to keep the account. The opened trade continued to slide down, and I had to deposit more money to keep the level up. Even the broker added its money, and Tatyana promised me that soon the trade would gain profit, and I could withdraw my money. However, the situation didn’t become better, and they offered me to deposit another $10,000. When I told them I had no more money to invest, they lost my account in a day.  All this continued for one month, and that was the result of my trading with Unitmarkets: instead of gaining huge profits and having a safe and long-term partnership I lost $35,500. That is how this broker works. First, they make you deposit your money and then they lose your account. You won’t earn anything with them! You’ll only lose the money!
In addition:
  • I want this info to be published so that other people avoid these scammers
  • I agree to publish my personal details and I’m waiting for other people to contact me in order to deal with financial scammers in a joint effort
  • screen of  personal account Unit Markets
  • screen of  funds on account
  • screen of deals
Complaints about forex-scammers
Hello! Thank you for your thorough explanation of your situations with scammers. We are sure this will help other people avoid similar schemes. Regarding the money refund please contact us: ChargeBack.Me@ChargeBackMe
Please discuss the refund conditions with our partners, no prepayment is required! If our partners behave suspiciously, please report it to us. I will refer your review to our authors and will inform you as soon as it is published to keep you up-to-date.

Examples are numerous. Unitmarkets managers won’t stop at anything urging clients to take a loan for the next deposit.

Yuriy B.
If you receive a call from these two - Ilya Gortsev and Tatyana Ushakova  - just hang up or you’ll be robbed of your money. These professional manipulators fooled me into depositing $500 - all my savings as I’m retired now. Later they just lost my whole deposit at no time and tried to persuade me to take a loan to reinvest. Don’t trust Unitmarkets and you’ll keep your money safe.

В общем, советуем быть настороже, учитывая, что компания планирует продолжить активное "окучивание" доверчивых граждан. Об этом говорят популярные сайты поиска работы. Unitmarkets регулярно публикует объявления о наборе русскоязычных менеджеров по продажам по телефону с хорошим окладом и премиальными. Чтобы не попасться на удочку мошенников, внимательно изучайте брокера. Потраченное на это время сохранит ваши сбережения и нервы. Не ведитесь на яркую обложку или громкие обещания. Помните, что доверить свои деньги можно только проверенному, надежному брокеру, и держитесь подальше от кухонь уровня Unitmarkets.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Amante | 日期 of  2019-12-02
It is so hard to avoid fraud brokers nowadays especially when they exert incredible efforts to deceive people. I was a client at Unitmarkets but now they closed my account because I requested for a withdrawal and refused their advice to deposit instead. I have my reasons for withdrawing my fund and I own that money so why would they not allow it? So they terminated my account instead and I lost everything that I deposited there. I only found out now that their awards were fake as well. Such horrible people!
Author: Urfen | 日期 of  2019-11-25
Unitmarkets taught me to stop being trustful especially when it comes to online matters. I never imagined that frauds could be as grave as this broker. To go as far as making fake awards, aren't they too dedicated to deceive people? I fell victim to their trick and I lost $2000. This may be a small amount for some but this is a big deal for an ordinary person like me. This broker is the worst.
Author: Pochi | 日期 of  2019-11-21
There is undeniably a rising number of scammers in the Forex industry. There were also a lot of victims and I was not spared from this. I opened an account at UnitMarkets with hope that I would be putting my money on good investment. I put in a total of $1000 in my account and I was able to grow it to almost $2000. Of course, I was very happy with the results and I was also excited to try withdrawing some of it. I requested for the withdrawal of $100 but I was rejected. I made a few more attempts and they remained on pending status.
Author: Josieah | 日期 of  2019-11-13
I am a member of a Forex forum and became acquainted with one of the members. We shared our trading experiences and he told me that he is a trader at Unitmarkets. For more than three months, he has just been telling me his experience at the broker and he was convincing me to open an account with them as well. He even tried to convince me to leave my current broker and transfer to his. I was having a pleasant experience at my broker so I did not decide right away. Thankfully, the news about the broker being a fraud already broke out even before I decided to agree with that trader.
Author: Ecanta | 日期 of  2019-11-08
I honestly had no plan on investing on the Forex market because I am not confident enough that I can handle this kind of investment. However, a representative from Unitmarkets reached out to me and told me that they would guide me all the way so it is okay if I still have my doubts. They told me that they offer training for beginners and that I would be assigned with an account manager. Indeed, I had an account manager and he kept telling me that he would take care of my trades. I waited for the training that they told me about but it never happened. Also, my account manager did my trades for me but they were all losses. In the end, my account was wiped and I was forced to close it.
Author: Arthas | 日期 of  2019-10-28
Unitmarkets are good liars. They make believable claims and they say it with utmost confidence hence they sound more trustworthy. This is honestly how they earned my trust. They told me that their company is one of the most reputable brokers in the industry and they boasted of the awards they received (which turned out to be fake). I lost $500 on this broker and I don't think I would be investing again any time soon.
Author: Chesna | 日期 of  2019-10-24
I received a call from Unitmarkets and they convinced me to open an account with them. As curious as I was, I gave it a try and deposited $500. An account manager was assigned to me and she had access to my trading account. I gave the permission to do some of my trading activities because they promised that they will help me boost my account. However, the opposite is what happened. My manager lost half of my capital and might have even lost more if I did not confront her. She told me that it is part of the process and I will see profit eventually but another month passed and my account was wiped clean.
Author: Yrajia | 日期 of  2019-10-16
No doubt, Unitmarkets is a fraud. I am glad that it has been my habit to thoroughly check every detail about the company from licenses to offices and even awards. It is so easy to claim things because not everyone makes the effort to counter check its authenticity. When I saw that the awards were non-existent, I knew right away that this broker had nothing good to offer. I feel sorry for those who know less because they can be easily deceived. To tell you the truth, the claims of this broker are really enticing and you would really be tempted to try them out. But please, always do your research to avoid dealing with fraudsters.
Author: Derven | 日期 of  2019-10-10
I am glad I did my research. I almost believed everything they said on their website including all the recognition they received. There were also a lot of positive feedback online which probably are mostly fabricated. But as I was digging deeper about the broker, I found out that the rewards mentioned on their website did not exist. They were all fake. If I simply relied on their words, I probably lost quite a huge amount now since I am planning to invest a large sum of money on Forex trading. Beware of this broker, everyone.
Author: Lucian | 日期 of  2019-09-30
We need to spread awareness across all social platforms. Even after all that Unitmarkets did to their clients and despite all the reports, they still dare to continue their operation and try to attract new clients. They are very good with sales talk and I am sure they target those with little knowledge about the platform. This people behind this broker are heartless. They are greedy and only care about themselves.
作者 of unitmarkets_broker_problems: Gayr | 日期 of  2019-10-11
Why no one can stop them? I also saw ads for new clients on the Internet, then I read this article and I was very surprised. I will share this post with friends and acquaintances.
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