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There is no need to speak English to understand what FOREXCOPY means. This is the case when the name corresponds to its literal meaning. FOREXCOPY is a service that allows you to duplicate orders of other traders. Probably, you have always dreamed about trading "like that cool guy". The main purpose of this service is to make this dream come true. Many brokers have introduced this service and have been offering their clients to use it for a long time.

FOREXCOPY allows you to copy trades of other traders in real time. If you want to try, you just need to look through offers and subscribe to the trader you are interested in. It is up to you how to use this service. For beginners, this is a great chance to get acquainted with the foreign exchange market and start working, minimizing the risks as much as possible. For professionals, this system offers unlimited opportunities to increase their own profit. A successful trader with a large number of subscribers becomes almost a broker and receives fee from each successful copied transaction. Thus, this is the first step to the affiliate program. Usually, brokers` FOREXCOPY is compatible with the affiliate program, and this means a double benefit if traders attract followers on their own. As a result, FOREXCOPY is a perfect example of symbiosis because cooperation is equally beneficial for each of the parties.

Let`s take a closer look at how FOREXCOPY works on the example of InstaForex. The ForexCopy system by InstaForex stands out from similar offers of other brokers thanks to a special approach. The main distinctive feature of this program is the effective protection of followers` funds. Your money always remains in your own account under full control. So, there is no need to to request your funds back from the accounts of managing traders. The commission is charged only on those transactions that have been closed with profit. The amount of profit must be larger than the amount of the commission for each specific transaction. If you are subscribed on terms of paying a daily commission, you only pay for the working days when the Forex market is active. Custom settings allow you to subscribe to several traders and set the copying ratio, choose certain currency pairs to be copied, and set the volume of copied trades. After all, it is possible for a subscriber to copy trades for free! For more details, go to InstaForex official website.

It`s easier with traders. They want to get regular commissions or fees for each day of subscription. InstaForex guarantees all payments. There are three types of commission to choose from:

  • Commission per profitable trade
  • Commission per lots traded
  • Commission per subscription day

The trader`s account is automatically placed in the ForexCopy monitoring list which is viewed daily by thousands of potential subscribers. There is no limit to the number of subscribers. This program is fully automated and does not require any extra efforts from traders, thus enabling them to focus solely on the forex trading. Besides, traders can copy trades of other traders on their own, serving as a link between a group of traders and a group of subscribers. This scheme enables them to reduce risks due to several different methods of trading in the Forex market with the use of technical or fundamental analysis. The traders receive commission daily or after termination of the subscription, depending on the type of commission. Commission payments are automatic without any interference. Both parties can see the commission to be paid in real time.

To sum up, many traders choose FOREXCOPY service for its effectiveness. Why don`t you try as well?

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Author: Vensa | 日期 of  2019-12-06
My sister has been using the ForexCopy system and I saw that it really boosted her account. I saw how devastated she was when she started Forex trading because she was getting a lot of losses. But then recently, she was no longer complaining about the losses and was always in a good mood. Then she shared with me how much the ForexCopy system has been helping her recover her past losses. Currently, she is copying the trades for the EUR/USD and USD/CAD pairs. It's good to see that she is having progress in her investment.
Author: Wizsern | 日期 of  2019-11-25
The ForexCopy system is a good choice for newbies who are still having difficulties adjusting to the complexity and volatility of the market. Having a trader you could copy is good help to earn even when your trading activities often fail. I started with this system as well and only stopped when I was already confident that I could do my trades well. That is why I am really thankful to this and the trader I copied.
Author: Gorana | 日期 of  2019-11-21
The ForexCopy system is a really helpful program especially for beginners. I once also subscribed to this program because I have been losing quite a huge amount of money on trading. I admit it was due to my lack of experience and I was highly affected by my emotions back then. I am lucky because my broker offers this system. I followed one broker on her activities on the EUR/USD and USD/CAD pairs. Thankfully, my losses were recovered and she gave more impressive results as the months went by. If you are a newbie as well, I would recommend this system.
Author: Carra | 日期 of  2019-11-13
This program is amazing! I am very intrigued and I am now planning to open a trading account because of this. I am very hesitant to start trading because I am afraid that I might just waste the money that I will invest on it. But because I have read this article and ForexCopy system seems reliable, I think I would be able to take the risk now. It is motivating to see the stories of other traders as well.
Author: Makenla | 日期 of  2019-11-07
I am amazed by the features of the ForexCopy system. It is very flexible and really profitable. I am able to choose my trader and I wouldn't have to copy every trade that she makes. I can simply choose a pair and follow her activities on that pair. But I can also have the choice to copy everything. As of now, my profit rate has already increased by 8% and I am really crediting that to my ForexCopy trader. She does a really good job on her trades.
Author: Anegel | 日期 of  2019-10-28
I am a new trader and even though I already studied almost everything about the Forex market, I am still nervous that I might not be able to apply everything on the real thing. I am currently using a demo account but I am planning to start a real account soon. Reading this article and knowing that I have this option makes me feel very relieved. In case I am still not capable enough, I can at least copy another trader while I continue on practicing my skills.
Author: Wegnay | 日期 of  2019-10-24
The ForexCopy system has helped me a lot during my first months of Forex trading. Even when I studied a lot about the industry and practiced using the demo account, trading with a live account still felt different and I was very anxious that I might lose all of my capital. As a result, I made a lot of mistakes and lost almost half of my fund. I tried this program and it worked wonders. It retrieved my lost balance in no time and earned profits consistently.
Author: Banchi | 日期 of  2019-10-16
The ForexCopy system is absolutely amazing. This was recommended to me by my account manager at Instaforex and everything was clearly explained to me. This system helped me boost my account while I practice my trading skills at the same time. I am not very afraid to make mistakes because I know that it would be recovered through the ForexCopy. Thankfully, I make less mistakes now and I am earning well thanks to this system.
Author: Helazar | 日期 of  2019-10-10
My broker offers a ForexCopy system and for me this is their best feature. I am still lacking confidence on the trading skills and I'm afraid I might lose everything if I trade on my own. That is why when the representative recommended the ForexCopy system, I did not think twice anymore and immediately grabbed the chance. Luckily, I copied a competent trader. I did not copy all of her trades, just the EUR/USD and USD/CAD pairs. So far, trades are going well and my account is growing.
Author: Habbib | 日期 of  2019-10-04
This ForexCopy system is such a genius idea. Without a sweat, you can grow your funds simply by a copying an experienced trader. What's even better is that there is no need to copy everything. In my case, I only the copy the activities of my trader on the EUR/USD and USD/CAD pairs. So far, I am happy with the rate of returns that I'm getting. Also, while I copy the trades of another trader, I am also making my own activities so my skill is still being enhanced.
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