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Cobra Trading

上线年份: 2013
原始所在国: 美国
支付选项: 电汇, 银行卡, WebMoney
最小账户规模: 25000美元
最小手数: 0.01手
杠杆: 1:500
点差: 浮动 从1点起


Cobra Trading是一家2009年成立于美国的经纪公司。

公司为其客户提供主要和稀有货币对以及期权、期货和股票这样的交易工具。交易可以通过下列交易平台实现:RealTick、CobraIQ、OmniPro、Sterling Trader(R) Pro、Cyborg Trader、CobraOnline、JTrader、X_TRADER和NinjaTrader。


Cobra Trading为客户提供适合初学者和有经验市场参与者的培训课程。新手可以从基础课程开始学习关键的交易知识。专业交易者可以从公司首席分析师举办的研讨会中获益。

Cobra Trading 6/10 (votes 2911)
作者 of Cobra Trading: Mebailsha | 日期 of  2022-09-21
Cobra Trading is easy to access, and easy to open an account. I have never had any concern with execution, spreads are so low that scalping has never been a problem. Support is easily reached and they are fast to reply with an answer to your question.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Hetty | 日期 of  2021-12-06
I am very disappointed they could not give a good quality. The connection is always bad and when already participated in various contests, they don't give a bonus they are supposed to provide. Crazy spreads and slippages make your trading much more harder. There is no clear explanation to withdraw funds. When you open account your account belongs to them I advise to choose not only regulated brokers, but also ECN, without conflict of interests. When you're in a trade the spreads can get extremely wide. Save you're money find a better broker.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Martin | 日期 of  2021-08-17
I've traded with Cobra Trading in a standard account and experienced an awesome MT4 platform. As the RediPlus platform has the best execution in the market and I got direct access. Also, it is built-in with a lot of features as trading tools, analysis, and indicators. I say I've experienced professional service. I hoped regularly I could earn money and I will continue to trade with Cobra Trading.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Manoel | 日期 of  2021-06-04
The customer service of Cobra Trading is just deeply disappointing. I have been trying to reach them because I am having trouble withdrawing my profits but they are not responding. I have been waiting for a week already and no single representative contacted me.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Kane | 日期 of  2020-11-16
Their minimum size is very large. However, they were not professional. I only traded 1 time, because I immediately found something strange about this broker. I don't want to lose my $25.000 deposit. I already understand how a scam broker works. Because I was deceived before. They immediately terminated my account. I never thought that they would ever turn out to be a fraud. The just went away taking all of our money.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Fransh | 日期 of  2020-07-09
I don't recommend Cobra trading, the platform has delays, the broker is not honest and the support team is bad. I started to trade with this broker in last year, and now I’m going to move another broker after having bad things with them. When I experience difficulties with my trading, they are very difficult to contact. And resulted in losses on my trading. They do not care about the trading conditions of the clients. They only care at the beginning. After that do not pay attention to the problem of the client.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Billy | 日期 of  2020-04-06
I had made a deposit of $800 lost from my deposit till now almost $400. I requested to withdraw my money and for the past week I still wait the approval, because they don't answer to emails or calls. I accepted it because I cannot do anything about it and felt I was cheated. I had a terrible experience with this company and I will no longer continue trading with them.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Gibran | 日期 of  2019-12-31
Cobra Trading is my biggest regret. I should have been wiser in my decision and stayed away from this fraud broker. I invested $1570 at this broker and hoped for a productive journey. But not only did I encounter problems in the platform, I also experienced delays in the withdrawal of my funds. And by the time I decided to take everything and close my account, they also stopped their operations and never gave back our money.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Leo | 日期 of  2019-09-26
Trading with this broker is impossible. I tried to trade during the past 4 months, opened an account after I used their demo account which worked great. The MetaTrading 4 platform has delays, sometimes 3 seconds, and the prices aren't real at the closing of the position. The broker is manipulating the prices during news feed and volatility times, you can't make a big profit. I had made a deposit of $1000 lost from my deposit till now almost $500. I requested to withdraw my money and for the past week I still wait the approval, because they don't answer to emails or calls. I will close my account and search different one.
作者 of Cobra Trading: Liviapip | 日期 of  2018-06-06
I had a an account with Cobra Trading but I closed it after I had a lot of negative slippage, delays on the platform meta trader 4. I called their support team to fix this issues, but they aren't answering the phone or emails. I lost during 4 months of trading around 1200$ trading currency pairs and metals. The broker is not honest. I now wait to withdraw or to get the approval to withdraw my money and close the account.
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