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上线时间: 2001
国家: 卢森堡
监管: 在卢森堡注册(注册号:B-10.559)
付款方式: 电汇
最小账户规模: €10000
最小交易量: 0.1手
杠杆: 1:50
点差: 浮动;EUR/USD平均3点


HMS Markets公司成立于1972年。HMS LUX S.A.是卢森堡领先交易商间经纪公司之一,其为全世界银行,对冲基金,交易者,和投资者服务。

HMS LUX S.A.是一家获得Commissionaire et Courtier en Instruments Financiers许可的独立公司。它是卢森堡存款担保与投资者赔偿方案的成员。

HMS Markets 8/10 (votes 4300)
作者 of HMS Markets: Figen | 日期 of  2022-07-25
I am disappointed to trade with HMS Markets. As their MT4 platform has delayed execution I saw. So I got a huge slippage, even though they increase the spread at news time too. Their price charting is slow, so I can't quickly switch between different time frames. I think they are just playing with traders. If I place a trade and close them though painful. So I decided to withdraw my total funds and I didn't recommend them.
作者 of HMS Markets: Borju | 日期 of  2022-01-28
HMS Markets platform is good for professional traders. Their MT4 platform is fast than others brokers and always I found a live market quote. I say their platform has an ultra-modern chart with current news, technical analysis, and many analytical indicators or tools. So my position is always accurate, which is my desired position so far. I am so satisfied with their payment system too, As I can withdraw my profit via Skrill payment system within a day. Overall HMS Markets fixed spread and service is awesome.
作者 of HMS Markets: Joggas | 日期 of  2021-06-17
I have been trading with HMS Markets for more than three months and I have very the most awful experience from the beginning. On 22 April they had difficulties whilst upgrading their trading platform, and my two profitable orders one on GBPUSD and another one on EUR/AUD trades were gone. Beside this, I lost 4 trades which is amount $279 because of them. It has been more than 26 days since I reported to them but they did not give me any solution. I have a doubt about their sincerity and transparency. Ridiculous!
作者 of HMS Markets: Gormizo | 日期 of  2021-04-09
HMS Markets was able to live by their claims. I started trading with this broker a couple of years ago and I am still trading with them because they have proven that they provide quality services. I was able to withdraw a total of $700 and the transaction is completed in less than 48 hours.
作者 of HMS Markets: FxCandy | 日期 of  2021-01-14
I'm so lucky trading with HMS Markets broker. I have tried the demo on their MT4 platform. Everything was smooth and working perfectly. After four months, I'm in the demo account, I made a deposit and started trading in live account. I like to trade with them, their execution is the same as in the demo account, and the spread is fixed, especially when dealing with EUR/USD. Trading with them is profitable, also they have a deposit and withdrawal process that charges a low commission only. HMS Markets is the one and only broker that I can trust. I feel so safe and comfortable to trade with them. I would like to recommend HMS Markets to all traders.
作者 of HMS Markets: Torry | 日期 of  2020-06-04
I facing many issues with this broker, and I sent some requests to their Customer Support but I got nothing. They did ignored my requests of withdrawal and about their delayed server. Therefore, I left them and find another better to invest. many problems that occur after joining HMS Markets. Although I've tried to call for help customer support, but they could not help me.
作者 of HMS Markets: Rezky | 日期 of  2020-02-28
I never for once enjoy the platform at all, I was attracted to the platform due to the beautiful advanced platform, not knowing they they are just a market maker. Experience on their platform has been so horrible they have always traded against me, it happened to me last week when I traded GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY as I was monitoring my trades the USD for GBP/USD spiked up and eat my stop and I was left with only $1000 out of $15000.
作者 of HMS Markets: Lewi | 日期 of  2019-11-26
This is the fourth time I have traded with this broker. but never produced anything during my trading. they have no problem solving at all. First I already have a $600 deposit, I face a loss of $300, or 50% of my total deposit. Until the fourth trading, I had no profit at all. really disappointing. None of them gave me any direction. Not responsive at all.
作者 of HMS Markets: JaymesPayten | 日期 of  2019-07-18
I've traded on HMS Trader platform, mostly the platform executed my orders 10 to 30-sec delay. Which affect my trading strategy, As I can not close or open a position at that time, Also I have seen that the price chart differs from the live market chart too. So I think HMS Markets broker isn't professional, also their payment system didn't support Skrill. That's why now I am boarding with their unprofessional service.
作者 of HMS Markets: Tamliv | 日期 of  2018-12-02
HMS is terrible broker. The EA I use chases 15 to 25 pips, and if it makes 30 pips, one third of the profits are taken as their commissions, if it makes only 15 pips, then nothing is left. Second thing they widened spreads 20 pips in 30 seconds. Yesterday I had a limit order on USD/CHF and they executed my order 60 pips away from my entry price, stealing me $120! The most terrible they not replied my email. Choose wisely and avoid HMS.
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