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上线年份: 2013
原始所在国: 塞浦路斯
监管: FMRRC (金融市场关系管理中心)和CySEC
支付选项: Webmoney, 借记卡和信用卡, Skrill, 电汇
最小账户规模: 10美元
最小手数: -
杠杆: -
点差: -


IQ Option的专长是二元期权。这家经纪商的交易平台是用最新的科技设计的,它适合新手和专业交易员。全世界超过30万的交易者使用IQ Option的服务。客户可以根据不同的结束时间选择两种类型的期权。经典二元期权的到期时间从15到60分钟,间隔为15分钟。涡轮期权在1-3分钟内到期。到期时间更短的期权有助于分散投资策略并利用高波动性的时段,并从短期市场变动中获利。

IQ Option 8/10 (votes 3559)
作者 of IQ Option: Shanda | 日期 of  2021-05-06
IQ Option is not a worthy broker. When I opened an account with them, all I got was inconvenience. Everything is not working properly. The platform malfunctions frequently, the spread varies too much, and the customer support team is not even responsive. Good thing I did not invest a huge amount.
作者 of IQ Option: Fredrich | 日期 of  2020-12-15
IQ Option's platform is the best trading environment I have ever been to. Even I tried with their web platform here also same situation. My first deposit was $500. I liked the low spread but, during volatility times is going crazy up to 5 pips for EUR/USD. I tried using different time frames, but I still have delays. I have been noticing this problem for almost a month and the company doesn't seem to care at all. I called their support team, but they never helped me. I don't recommend this broker.
作者 of IQ Option: Tarfah | 日期 of  2020-06-19
Their MT4 is kind of lazy. ALso their staff is unprofessional, their platform can shut down all your trades without any warning, stay far from them. I would prefer to work on a metaquotes based trading platform. And last, the order execution does not allow scalping.
作者 of IQ Option: Teresia | 日期 of  2019-12-11
IQ Option is the worst broker ever I have been deal with. They have stolen my money. At the time I have request for a withdraw $1000 but they did not allow me to withdrawn it. When I contact with their support they asked me to submit documents for verification. I have submitted all the necessary documents on right way but they rejected them. Also, they cancel my profit and block my account by saying that I did hedge with other broker. This company employs thieves. So stay away from this broker.
作者 of IQ Option: Alkin | 日期 of  2019-10-15
Trading at IQ Option is quite decent. It is not perfect but it is good enough for me. The most important thing for me when it comes to financial investments is the security of my fund. And since I have proven that my fund is safe with this broker, I can already be at ease. However, I must warn you, they sometimes process withdrawal requests for a long period of time. One time, it took them a month to transfer a $250 withdrawal on my account. There could be delays, but you will still receive your money for sure.
作者 of IQ Option: Rizal Ahmad | 日期 of  2019-09-06
I don't prefer to trade with IQ Option broker in a fix account. I have used their MT4 platform, which is so complex and frozen most of the time. The order isn't executed in my desired position due to the slow platform, even when I want to open an order then I got so much negative slippage and SL do works. I think their service is bad. Now I think to transfer another broker. While I had a $356 withdrawal request to return back my invest and profit. But yesterday I received an email that IQ Option have been canceled my transaction.
作者 of IQ Option: Soraya | 日期 of  2019-03-01
I have been trading at IQ Option for six months now. I am a newbie in trading and this is my first ever broker. I've read a good amount of positive reviews about this broker and from what I read, I think that they are credible. Indeed, I believe that my investment is really safe with them. They are also supportive of me as they attentively guide me throughout my trading. However, my only problem is that their platform is not always stable. Even when there is no news announcement, it still lags. They always say that it will be fixed by the tech team but so far, I haven't noticed any change yet.
作者 of IQ Option: fxseparuhnyawa | 日期 of  2018-12-17
IQ Option is a very unprofessional broker to me especially for their slow MT4 platform. I opened an account with this broker last month after invited by my friend who has trade here and I thinking that this would be the best broker because my friend got almost 50% of his deposit in every profit. But in my first trading I had seen that the MT4 platform execution is delay frequently, so my orders slippage and also their prices quote requotes too. I tell my friend about the platform but he ask me to update the platform that mean I should upgrade my deposit amount too. I didn’t have another way just to keep on trading in this broker, I leave them.
作者 of IQ Option: ImaniJuma | 日期 of  2018-10-02
My binary trading experiens is worst with IQ option broker. Now I say about their scam. Their platform didn't support automated trading system too and the server is hell, which updates in the rush trading hours. If I have open positions then it is difficult to close this positions. So I had lost $540 so far. I say IQ options playing with me and take my profit. Actually, the deposit proceeding is easy but payment is very difficult with them through Skrill. So I am captured with them.
作者 of IQ Option: fxjonggil | 日期 of  2018-07-31
I have join IQ Option for almost 3 months, during this time the platform works smooth and their customer support is very friendly and helpful. But why I was not able to re-install the trading platform since last week. Every time I tried to install, the page shows an error message. I already sent the screenshots of the error but I heard nothing from them! I've tried to contact support team many times using the live chat but no one answer me. There is always the same message saying the support person is still with other customer and ask me to wait. If they not fix in in this week, maybe I'll close my account and find other brokers.
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