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上线时间: 2013
国家: 伯利兹
监管: IFSC
付款方式: 电汇,Skrill,Visa信用卡,万事达信用卡,Neteller
最小账户规模: $1
最小交易量: -
杠杆: -
点差: 固定





SuperForex为它的客户提供最受欢迎的MetaTrader 4交易平台。


  • 34种差价合约
  • 超过300中货币对
  • 不同类型的账户:标准账户和自由掉期账户
  • 在直接投资上有竞争力的利率




SuperForex 9/10 (votes 5592)

网站: SuperForex

作者 of SuperForex: Mehedi | 日期 of  2020-03-26
SuperForex has a relatively more affordable trading cost compared with its competitors. Its spread is tight and there are no hidden charges whenever I try to make a deposit or withdrawal transaction. I am also glad that these transactions are efficient and fast. Deposits are instantly credited to my trading account while withdrawals are transferred within 48 hours.
作者 of SuperForex: Linda | 日期 of  2020-03-25
The main reason I opened an account at SuperForex is the very low required initial deposit. This broker was recommended by my friend and it seems like she is having a great experience at this broker. So far, after seven months of trading, I can say that this broker is decent. However, I can't trade during news announcements because the platform would become unstable. For me not to lose anything, I just decided not to trade during events. Besides, trading activities are productive when the market is in normal condition. So I still earn well.
作者 of SuperForex: Ulfania | 日期 of  2020-03-09
The company suits me perfectly providing comfortable trading conditions and a good feedback. I hope that Super forex will make its services better in future and trading with this broker will become even more favorable. I believe that something is really wrong there and now I'm looking for more people to send official complain. I found their platform very difficult. And there are some features that I don't like, for example, floating spreads, ECN system. It is not suitable for my trading idea. But they will help me if there is something wrong with my trading. I hope they will change the hard system to be an easiest system.
作者 of SuperForex: Murthi | 日期 of  2020-02-24
I will continue my trading with this broker after I get a very large profit which is almost around $1200. They have a very helpful analysis of my trading activities so that I experience huge profits. And they are very friendly in handling me. Great service. The execution run fast without fees and when I use bank transfer payment instrument, Super Forex gives me bonus 30%. I'm very easy to do all the trading operations even when I'm not home Thank you very much.
作者 of SuperForex: Frank | 日期 of  2020-02-07
I have been trading with this broker for 4 months. I have not felt profits for the past 2 months. But they have staff who always support when I'm trading. Staff who care deeply about their customers. Give a responsible impression. I will still trade with them. Hope this month I will get a profit.
作者 of SuperForex: Jaka | 日期 of  2020-01-23
I traded with Super Forex in last year and I have no complaint with this broker. I try their demo account and now I use the real one by MT4, and I admit that both demo and live account gives the best trading quality. Every trading bring me almost 50% profit with only $100 deposit. So I have recommendable Super Forex company to others. Last week, I earned profit with $100. Therefore, I wanted to withdraw my profit, and the money was transferred to my account in just a few hours.
作者 of SuperForex: Hanseol | 日期 of  2019-12-27
I have been trading with Super Forex only for several months and they are an excellent broker - they set the bar for proper option trading terms & service. Also there deposing and withdrawal system is highly efficient. At the beginning, I started with $500 and after two month, I made profit of $730. I would give them 4.5 rating.
作者 of SuperForex: Norae | 日期 of  2019-12-26
I found Super Forex is the best option broker I ever dealt with. Last month I have opened an account with $600, within one month my balance was $1250. I closed my most of the positions with profit. For my personal urgency yesterday I make a withdrawal of $500 through Neteller and they send it 2 hours latter. I'm very much Thankful to Superforex for their support and kindness.
作者 of SuperForex: Rachel | 日期 of  2019-12-04
In this review I would like to share my trading experience in Super Forex. My trading account active since five months ago and during this time I feel satisfied enough because I only need to spend minimum account size worth $1.I earned almost 40% profit. But I read a lot of complaining review about the minimum lot size and the spreads that floating in this broker. I am confused if in my next trading I'll lose my money because of floating spreads, and now I thinking again whether to look for another broker or make a deposit and trading in this broker again. I hope they fixed the spreads and the value of profits and their bonuses can be increased in the future.
作者 of SuperForex: Halelin | 日期 of  2019-11-27
SuperForex has a very low minimum initial deposit. You can start an amount with whatever money you have and what's even better is that they have an affordable and fixed spread. I would recommend this broker even to newbies because I am sure that this broker could provide a great trading environment for them. Another thing is they have dependable support team so if a trader has doubts or questions, they can easily contact support and their doubts will surely be wiped away.
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