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上线时间: 2012
国家: 伯利兹
监管: 伯利兹国际金融服务委员会(IFSC)
付款方式: Visa信用卡 和 万事达信用卡, WebMoney, Neteller, QIWI, Fasapay, Skrill, 美元电汇或 rubles
最小账户规模: $10
最小交易量: 0.01
杠杆: 1:500
点差: 从0点起



该公司提供以下优势条件:低点差,24小时客户服务,和Visa信用卡 和万事达信用卡,WebMoney, Neteller, QIWI, Fasapay, 和Skrill的即时存取款。对于那些想要投资PAMM系统的客户,该经纪商提供透明的管理交易员交易统计。此外,客户可以使用被称为-验证PAMM交易员-的功能来分析PAMM账户的长期历史。TenkoFX建议交易多个货币对,金属,期货,差价合约,和股票。交易在MetaTrader4和cTrader平台上进行。

该经纪商公司最优先考虑的是它的客户和合作伙伴。因此TenkoFX寻求让每一位客户满意。该公司在吉尔吉斯坦,印度,和孟加拉国设有办公室。您可以在下面找到其客户们对它优缺点的评论。请阅读以下由Tenko FX合作伙伴与客户提供的对于它的公正评论。

TenkoFX 8/10 (votes 4023)
作者 of TenkoFX: Rokmeul | 日期 of  2022-08-10
I would recommend you guys to stay away from TenkoFX broker! Execution is very time-consuming, slippages are not so tight and not real. My last withdrawal request through Skrill did not process yet, it’s almost 36 days passed. I can't reach their customer support and they doesn't respond to my mails.
作者 of TenkoFX: Felix | 日期 of  2022-01-13
They provide with everything I need to trade profitably daily and it’s all completely free at this time. I have open position on long term for EUR/JPY pair which is also well on the way. Over 30 pips up on this pair with 2 positions opened and hope it will maintain for the profit till end of December. I am still in the mid of improving my skills on trading. I have closed $800 from last week. Well, MT4 platform is very well-working and smooth. Their platform is reliable and safe, it works smooth and never fails. Customer support could use some work though.
作者 of TenkoFX: Harold | 日期 of  2021-07-05
TenkoFX platform isn't profitable for scalper traders. As I have found a fake price chart, huge spread and unprofessional service so far. while I have lost almost $550, due to the big slippage and high spread. Their platform is full of errors too. So I have to close my account. I say, be careful!
作者 of TenkoFX: Sherlee | 日期 of  2020-12-28
Their transaction always on time and I don’t have to wait longer to enjoy the profit. Trading platform that they provide to me is good to use and I can trading without any error like freezing during trading, and the execution is fast enough to take all the orders earned $200 just in my first week of trading with pairs USD/JPY. Withdraws have been done in a timely manner. My last withdrawal was $250, which I was got within 4 hour in my bank account I recommend everybody to try this broker out.
作者 of TenkoFX: Lesdiana | 日期 of  2020-12-28
The most important things at Tenko Fx are execution and great pricing. Sum up, I totally agree positive reviews or feedbacks to Tenko Fx. They have an easy platforms, quick deposits and withdrawal, excellent customer support, and the lowest spread. Platform system is working smoothly, and I also used MT4. This broker is honest and reliable so I don’t faced any issues about hidden fees. I normally trade on EUR/USD or USD/CAD as it has become my favorite currency pair as well.
作者 of TenkoFX: Dimas | 日期 of  2020-06-16
I'm really satisfied with Tenko's services and I find their company reliable and very helpful. Lots of useful information the site provides makes it easier to learn how to trade. I have a personal account manager who is available. When I lost internet connection I called him up and he helped to close my position over the phone. The execution speed and spreads are one of the best on the market. It has proven by the income I have earned during trading with Tenko. Trusted.
作者 of TenkoFX: Billy | 日期 of  2020-03-11
I am very satisfied trading with Tenko Fx, never feel worried when i get trading problem in the middle night. Its execution of orders, low spreads, deposit and withdrawal are so good and so easy. When I registered account and made a deposit $550, and I got almost $500. I also earned some profit, and my withdrawal is smooth, without delays or issues. Thus, Tenko Fx is the best broker. Their trading platform has clear view for the charts, lowest spread even during the news, no commission, no interests. Overall this broker is a reliable broker to me.
作者 of TenkoFX: Churasiti | 日期 of  2020-01-21
I started trading at TenkoFX a few months ago. I chose this broker because they are well-regulated and I can start an account for as low as ten dollars. Of course, I deposited more than that but it shows that they are welcoming to small traders especially beginners. Having a very high minimum initial deposit could be really overwhelming. So far, I am liking my trading experience and I think choosing this broker is a good choice.
作者 of TenkoFX: Elly | 日期 of  2019-12-06
Since I started to use Tenko Fx I didn't have any complain. Their demo and live account work fine in my case. I have a live account with a $1000 deposit and for the last 4 months my profit is $600 trading major pairs EUR/USD GBP/EUR, USD/CAD and sometimes Gold. The platform MetaTrader 4 works fine no delays there, the spreads aren't crazy during news feed. The trading conditions are good and easy to use the platform. I called their support team regarding some commissions which were bad calculated and they give back my money which was wrong take. I like till now the broker.
作者 of TenkoFX: Srikandi | 日期 of  2019-09-03
I am a client of for over 1 year and I am very pleased with their services. I opened a live micro account after one friend recommended and my first deposit was $150. For deposit I used PayPal.I applied also for 50% welcome bonus and was credited in my account in the same day. The platform MT4 is working with fast execution of trades, real prices and no manipulation during volatility times. I trade major pairs EUR/USD,USD/JPY. During the first 5 months I didn't had an EA and my profit was $1200 now with the help of one bot I make $1500 monthly. The support team is friendly. The process of withdraw it takes up to 2 working days and it doesn't have hidden commissions
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