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Atas talian sejak: 2013
Negara asal: -
Peraturan: Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Kewangan Republik Mauritius
Pilihan pembayaran: Pejabat Perdagangan BFSforex, Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer, China UnionPay, kad kredit, Perfect Money
Saiz akaun minimum: $5
Saiz lot minimum: 0.01 lots
Leverage: 1:1000
Spreads: dari 1.5 pips

Mengenai syarikat:

BFS forex aalah merupakan sebuah syarikat broker yang menyediakan perkhidmatan atas talian untuk perdagangan dalam pasaran pertukaran asing. Pelanggan broker ini adalah merupakan pedagang yang tinggal di lebih daripada 10 buah negara di seluruh dunia; kebanyakan mereka adalah dari Asia dan Amerika Syarikat.

Syarikat ini menyediakan perdagangan yang mudah dalam pelbagai instrumen kewangan yang telah disesuaikan dengan BFS forex platform MT4 serta memberikan jaminan pelaksanaan transaksi yang cepat dan spread rendah di antara bank. Selain daripada empat akaun dagangan nyata, pedagang baru forex juga ditawarkan dengan peluang untuk mengasah kemahiran mereka pada akaun demo. Mana-mana pelanggan BFSforex boleh memilih akaun yang paling sesuai dan terbaik dengan mereka. Ia boleh jadi sama ada akaun mikro (dengan deposit minimum $ 5), akaun standard ($ 10), akaun premium ($ 10,000), dan akaun ECN/STP ($ 10,000). Selain itu, broker ini juga menyediakan akaun diskaun khas yang berfungsi dengan cara yang berikut: Jumlah terdiskaun segera kembali kepada pemegang akaun selepas mereka membuat pendepositan kedua $ 10,000 ke dalam akaun. Diskaun 20% bermakna bahawa broker mengembalikan $ 8,000 kepada pedagang. Anda boleh menerima $ 8,000 kembali jika anda memilih diskaun 30% atau $ 6000 dengan diskaun 40%. Pelanggan-pelanggan yang membuka akaun dengan diskaun sebanyak 60% dan didepositkan $ 10,000 boleh menerima $ 4,000 kembali pada kad bank mereka.

Di laman web, syarikat itu juga menawarkan beberapa promosi dan kempen yang menarik.

BFSforex 6/10 (votes 2686)
Pengarang of BFSforex: lilian | Tarikh 2024-04-19
Stay away from them !!! I was scammed $49,000 worth of Bitcoin in Binary option
Pengarang of BFSforex: Faoruk | Tarikh 2022-09-26
It started out quite good with BFSforex broker , but now the spreads got wider, and execution got slower. Most of the time their servers stay lay off, too much slippage, Rude, arrogant, impolite, and useless customer service. I think I may not move further with this broker.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Fareel | Tarikh 2021-12-01
BFS forex is definitely one of the good brokers that I have seen in the Market. 24Hrs Helpful Support If we got any trouble, they always give solutions Fast Deposit Fast Withdrawal If anyone who said negative review, I thought they are not really trading in BFS, or they have no experience with forex trading. I have totaled all the profit that I have made during my trading with BFS Forex, the result is $1250 in 2 months, and my first deposit was $250. They provide good trading platform with prices showed in the trading platform are in real time and not altered and every trading I have a personal manager who always helping me in all my doubts.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Edwina | Tarikh 2021-06-09
BFSforex is an amazing broker! This was recommended by my colleague and although she has been saying good things about the company, I was still surprised with how favorable their services are to their clients. Throughout my trading experience, I never encountered any difficulty and if there are some issues, the customer support team is very easy to contact.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Kadarius | Tarikh 2020-11-11
I have knowledge about trading in forex market, but I didn't have enough money to start. My co-workers recommend using this broker. Because this broker has the criteria I mean. After 1 month of trying to trade, I got $35 with their minimum deposit I gave was $5. It is great for beginners to start off.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Junhao | Tarikh 2020-07-10
I've had problems since I first traded with BFS Forex. I just followed their regulations correctly, but they blamed my connection. They also could not find a solution to my problem. It's enough that I lost $1000, which is my first deposit. This broker is not very good for beginners.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Risda | Tarikh 2020-04-07
Spread for the account is not fixed because it will widen at the morning which make my take profit not triggered because of this problem. Platform sometimes will give me headache during trading activity because of their execution speed that slow to take the orders. My problem happened when I wanted to withdraw $700. At that time, I couldn’t get money because of the error of server, so I waited 2 weeks. However, the money hasn’t come to my account yet, so I contacted to their customer service, but they suggested me to wait. Then, no reaction at all from them.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Rino | Tarikh 2020-01-02
Until now I have no benefit. I even traded with this broker for 7 months. I have added my deposit of $ 2500 while I was trading with them. But there are no satisfactory results. I have decided not to continue. Yesterday was my last trade. I don't want to waste more time and money. My advice is stay away or you will see bigger loss in your account.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Ade_Tria | Tarikh 2019-09-27
I started with BFS Forex to test their services. I opened a live account deposited $300 through Visa and they credited only $510 they deducted $90 as a transfer fee. After that when I stared trading I notice that their trading system also worst. Always requote and requote, too difficult to make a trade. End of the last months I saw 63 pips slippage on USD/CHF. Until now, my balance is $360 because of their worst trading platform. I do not make any withdrawal yet but now I am very worried about it. I am looking for the other broker.
Pengarang of BFSforex: Uipas | Tarikh 2019-08-21
BFSforex is worse broker in the forex. They boost spread and got hit SL by ask price. They did that because they are trading fully against client trade. On 12 August I had pending Orders set for the Fed meeting They have manipulated the spread a minute before the event happened and triggered my buy stop causing me to lose money. Avoid this broker if you value your money!
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