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Admiral Markets Ulasan
Admiral Markets

Atas talian sejak: 2001
Negara asal: Great Britain
Peraturan: EFSA, FCA, MiFID, CySEC, Central Bank of Uruguay license
Pilihan pembayaran: Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, Wire, Paypal, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve
Saiz akaun minimum: $250
Saiz lot minimum: 0.1 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: dari 0.8 pips

Mengenai syarikat:

Admiral Markets Group merupakan sebuah pembekal perdagangan Forex terkemuka, serta platform dagangan baru muncul bagi logam berharga, CFD, saham dan bahan api fosil. broker semasa di ambil kira lebih daripada 94000 pelanggan aktif dan jumlah dagangan bulanan sebanyak $ 50 bilion. Pada tahun 2011 sahaja, Admiral Markets Group mengalami pertumbuhan sebanyak 70 peratus. Untuk pertumbuhan terus cemerlang dan prestasi, syarikat baru-baru ini memenangi dua anugerah: Admiral Markets AS, yang disediakan untuk pelanggan Eropah Admiral Markets Group, telah mengundi "Best Forex Broker di Wilayah Baltic" serta dianugerahkan gelaran "Best of the Best "Anugerah FX 2012 dalam Majalah The New Eropah.

Sejak ditubuhkan pada tahun 2001, Admiral Markets terus memperluaskan pencapaiannya dan hari ini menawarkan perkhidmatan di 32 buah negara di seluruh dunia melalui syarikat-syarikat perdagangan dengan kawalan dari Admiral Markets AS dan Admiral Markets PTY masing-masing memegang lesen di Kesatuan Eropah dan Australia . Sehingga tahun 2012, syarikat tersebut menggaji kakitangan kira-kira 400 orang di seluruh dunia.

Admiral Markets menawarkan pelbagai program pendidikan - seperti webinars dan seminar - yang diwujudkan untuk mengajar kemahiran dagangan dan menjelaskan peluang kewangan pedagang dalam Forex dan pasaran kewangan lain. Selain itu, Admiral Markets menerbitkan buku-buku pendidikan dan risalah dalam beberapa bahasa, yang diedarkan di peringkat antarabangsa. Pelbagai peranti pendidikan sentiasa berkembang.

Admiral Markets menawarkan sokongan pelanggan melalui telefon dan live chat untuk membantu pelanggan dalam semua perkara-perkara teknikal dan organisasi. Pada waktu pejabat Eropah, sokongan telefon dan live chat boleh didapati lebih daripada dua belas bahasa. Khidmat sokongan pelanggan tersedia 24 jam setiap hari perniagaan.

Untuk memastikan akses yang selamat dan selesa untuk pelanggan pasaran kewangan di seluruh dunia , Admiral Markets bekerjasama dengan pemimpin industri dalam keselamatan atas talian, ESET LLC. Tambahan pula Admiral Markets menawarkan platform yang paling dipercayai dan perdagangan popular, MetaTrader 4, dimana telah dikembangkan oleh seorang pemimpin global dalam perisian perdagangan, MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Admiral Markets 8/10 (votes 4106)
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: pipsephia | Tarikh 2017-07-12
Admiral Markets is my first trading broker. It's the reason why I chose to trade in this broker is because they provide educational programmes - like webinars and seminars - which are designed to teach trading skills and explain the financial opportunities traders have within Forex and other financial markets. I really helped with their program. Deposit and withdrawal is not a problem for me, I make both with Visa/MasterCard and it's don't take too much time, just a few hours. But last night why my trading account got freezing of the platform and delay in the execution of orders. Just now when I ask to their support they said that not part of their responsibility. I'm so angry and I think this broker too risky. I should ask again for my money but not to trading in their system again.
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: Muhl | Tarikh 2017-06-23
I have traded with Admiral Markets for 2 years, and I feel lucky when I trade forex at here. Thus, I have improved my skill in trading so much since I joined this broker. In my opinion, Admiral Markets is a good broker and this is a safe place to put money for investing. In the beginning, I made a small deposit – 100$, and I also got small profit – 50$. I felt pleased, and I decided to invest money at this broker in a long term. Last week, I withdrew 750$ for some reasons, and I just waited in 4 hours to get money. I have no problem or no delay in that process. In addition, their support is awesome because they always solve problems whenever I contacted them. Sum up, Admiral Markets is NOT SCAM, and I’m happy when I trade with this broker
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: Main | Tarikh 2017-06-05
I had a bad experience after trading with Admiral Markets . Their system was not good as they said when advertising. Deposit was very fast, but withdrawal was a big problem. I could not withdraw my money and I don't know the reason. I think there is a problem with them, especially their connection. I have to find a solution for these problems, I will call their customer service to solve. May actually be resolved quickly.
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: kyty83 | Tarikh 2017-05-18
I got a pro account with Admiral Markets and yes I can recommend them for the following reasons: They are Legit, regulated by CYSEC and the financial Conduct Authority Quick Response of Support Order Execution and performance under ECN is nice Slight price slippages, it's fine for me compared to other. Free Education and Updated news and analysis on their website They also give very good forex strategies which work on real market conditions
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: afin nada | Tarikh 2017-05-04
Had to close my Admiral.Prime account because this company never executes my positions on-time. Usually my orders have been close after 1 minute. It's not profitable to use this broker. I also encountered service interruption issue. Remember, when the Americans elected their new president last year? The service of this company that time was very terrible. 60% of my profits were cancelled and they denied my claim. They're also accusing me that I used a prohibited trading method to increase my income. But I never used any method that could cause me a lot of troubles. They're fabricating lies to prevent me from making profits.
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: Niilo Schermer | Tarikh 2017-04-28
I knew English but I don't speak it too good and I told this when talking to client support. Luckily they have multi language speaking and told me everything so I can understand.
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: Sara | Tarikh 2017-04-17
Trading with Admiral Markets is the worst thing that I have done in forex world. I started to trade with Admiral Markets 2 years ago, and now I quit trading with them because of not being honest. At the beginning, I opened account at this broker, because they told me that they changed trading conditions. However, I find this broker is changed to be the worst when I deposited 350$ for trading with them. Thus, their dealing desk worked hard to steal my money when they made 28 pips slippage and my account was frozen till they completed their job. Therefore, I contacted them, but they said that it was their rules and conditions. I can’t accept for this explanation, because it’s not fair. In addition, their customer support is very bad in communicating as well as solving clients’ problems. All in all, please stay away this broker - Admiral Markets, because they just want your money
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: Jessy | Tarikh 2017-03-28
Admiral Markets has a very modern platform and a helpful support the spreads they offer, especially for majors like EUR/USD are very competitive. I have been trading for a couple of months and so far never faced serious trouble that could cause me a great loss. Their promotion Admiral Club is awesome, the more you trade the more points you get. They are very solid in the market and to invest my money I trust them.
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: Martin Millhouse | Tarikh 2017-03-16
When I first heard about Admiral Markets, I was skeptical (sure!). Read everything I could, from their policies to reviews from other clients. Still had my doubts, but decided to sign up for a practice account. The experience was really awesome, I've gotten everything I wanted from them - and then some! If you're thinking about joining them, think no more. It really paid off in my case.
Pengarang of Admiral Markets: Irfan Ahmed | Tarikh 2017-02-20
Nice broker, I really dig their terms of service. No issues whatsoever, unlike my previous brokers. Really helpful customer staff, too.
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