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Alor Broker Ulasan

Alor Broker

Atas talian sejak: 2006
Negara asal: Rusia
Peraturan: NAUFOR, FFMS
Pilihan pembayaran: wire transfer, bayaran tunai
Saiz akaun minimum: 10 000 RUR
Saiz lot minimum: -
Leverage: -
Spreads: tetap, terapung

Mengenai syarikat:

Alor Broker (limited company ALOR+) adalah sebahagian daripada salah satu kumpulan terbesar syarikat-syarikat kewangan ALOR Rusia. Broker ini menawarkan perkhidmatan dagangan atas talian di pasaran saham Rusia.

Terdapat 25 ribu orang pelanggan yang mendaftar dengan broker ini. Para pedagang mempunyai akses kepada semua kaedah perdagangan yang terdapat di pasaran saham, termasuk sistem perdagangan automatik.

Alor Broker menyediakan pelangganya dengan pelbagai perkhidmatan seperti yang berikut: pengurusan aset, isyarat perdagangan, Penolong perkhidmatan ALOR (sokongan pelanggan kompleks mengenai maklumat dan isu-isu analisis), program afiliasi, latihan dalaman, seminar, webinar, perkhidmatan VIP, program Bonus Alor dan lain-lain.

Pelanggan syarikat juga memperoleh manfaat daripada 16 jenis tarif, akaun demo, dan perdagangan telefon. Broker menyediakan para pelangganya dengan pelbagai kemudahan pada platform dagangan, termasuk LiveTrade ScalpingDirect, LiveTrade Professional, Xtick Extreme, TSLab dan QUIK. Selain itu, pakar-pakar syarikat juga telah mewujudkan platform dagangan Alor yang membolehkan para pelanggan mereka untuk berdagang melalui komputer, alat peranti mudah alih dan pelayar.

Alor Broker 5/10 (votes 1758)
Pengarang of Alor Broker: Darwin | Tarikh 2019-10-02
Alor Broker is unprofessional broker. I start with their Standard account $150 ago since then nothing good happened with them. When I executed a trade upon news announcement, and the market moved 30 pips and a full 5 seconds, before I got filled. Last week I got 17 pips spread on USD/JPY just few minutes later. Money withdraw also big problem, they charged $150 wire transfer fee for $450 in last withdraw. So I am planning to switch from this broker.
Pengarang of Alor Broker: NinjaFx | Tarikh 2019-08-27
I have found a professional service with a Dealing City broker. While they have many signs to say the best broker in the market. I have seen the best execution on their MT4 trading terminal, which insures me to take a perfect position. Also, they have profitable trading tools and analytical functions on the platform. I have $500 invest in a mini account and get 30% deposit bonus too. Till now I have earned $350 and last week I have withdrawan it through WebMoney within 48 hours. so I am satisfied with the Dealing City broker.
Pengarang of Alor Broker: Neel | Tarikh 2019-08-27
Trading is a trap with Alor Broker. I've too many bad experiences on the ALOR-Trade platform, ALOR-Assistant tools are painful, as my order didn't execute on time and always orders gone 5 to 20 pips slippage. Also, their floating spreads could be higher at news times and I didn't fill comfortable with their payment service, Actually they are market maker brokers because many traders are suffering lost money after the trade with Alor Broker so far.
Pengarang of Alor Broker: Dylan_Wordley | Tarikh 2019-03-28
I've been trading with ALOR for a few mounts now and I can strongly say their conditions and service were disappointing. As the ALOR-Trade platform is poor, where orders executed delay or hang 10 to 30 sec. So my every order got 5 to 20 pips slippage, Also I've found their price quote isn't matched with a live market and the asset management, trading signals, ALOR-Assistant tools are bogus. So I say they are market maker broker, while I had little invested with them and I am trying to withdrawal all of my money. really the withdrawal are horrible too. Now I am afraid abouth this matter.
Pengarang of Alor Broker: Jollil_Fx | Tarikh 2018-10-22
I had traded on ALOR-Trade platform with Alor Broker. Where my trading orders Always delayed or hanged, so my order executed more than 5 to 20 pips slippage. Also, I had seen that their price quote was differs from the real market. Many traders are complaining on their official Facebook page about many issues too I had invested 10,000 RUR but after losing my some money then I have withdrawal all of my rest investment.
Pengarang of Alor Broker: Priscillafx | Tarikh 2018-04-05
I trade with Alor for a couple of months with an account in USD and first deposit 200$. I made a profit of 150$ and then they asked to deposit another 100$ to could withdraw that profit. I trade using short time positions only currency pairs USD/RUR and USD/YEN. I started to think this broker is a scam, due to the fact that you never get to actually withdraw your profit, but you keep deposit money to trade some more trades and if they are successful you might be able to withdraw something out of the money you actually deposit, and not really profit.
Pengarang of Alor Broker: David | Tarikh 2018-02-21
Very Bad Broker, they canceled my IB account, which I opened 4 months ago. They closed it, when I started making good money of about $4600 and they stole my 88 clients, Beware of Alor broker!
Pengarang of Alor Broker: Jinbula | Tarikh 2017-10-27
Open an account with them a month ago with $100 and from what I have experienced something is not right with Alor broker. They have multiple restrictions that stops retail traders from making trades. For eg. you want to trade Oil? Sure, 1 lot is 4000 instead of 40. You want to trade volatile stocks? (MGT in my case), only allows you to trade without leverage. Also, they withhold my orders for up to 10 seconds or longer so you can't get filled. I had no idea that I could have a negative balance and be liable for unlimited funds depending on what price they give to you for their horrendous slippage. Their platforms is filled with layers and layers of unnecessary mouse clicks to access anything. Their equity and amount due status is always wrong. Stay Away!
Pengarang of Alor Broker: Nune | Tarikh 2017-10-05
Really disappointed with Alor Broker, they have no advanced tools and their customer service is absolutely rubbish. I am really furious about Alor Broker right now, when I had my positions open because I trade mostly on currency pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/JPY etc. They increased the margin. I was wiped out. And I lost $630 out of $750 I was having in my Alor Broker account. I contacted the support team, but I got no response.
Pengarang of Alor Broker: russel | Tarikh 2017-08-10
Alor broker not a reliable broker likes before! Seem the service performance declining compare to previous year. In fact, I have trade with them nearly to 1 and half year and problem keep on arise especially on platform. Last week, I lost 30 pips in a trade NZDUSD which I expected I could be my profitable trade during that time. My take profit does not trigger and when I notice priced already reverse. Customer support was not doing the right job with very slow and bad response with ruthless answer. Please be careful to all Alor traders!!
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