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Corsa Capital Ulasan
Corsa Capital

Atas talian sejak: 2007
Negara asal: Russia
Peraturan: Dikawal selia oleh RAFFM
Pilihan pembayaran: WebMoney, Liberty Reserve, bank transfer and credit cards
Saiz akaun minimum: $1
Saiz lot minimum: 0.01 lot
Leverage: Tiada
Spreads: Tiada

Mengenai syarikat:

Corsa Capital menyediakan kepada pelabur swasta dan institusi dengan dagangan perkhidmatan Internet dalam pasaran kewangan. Fokus utama aktiviti kami adalah akses kepada pasaran antarabangsa pertukaran mata wang asing FOREX.

Corsa Capital Investment Corporation telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 2007 oleh sekumpulan pedagang profesional dalam pasaran pertukaran mata wang asing . Kami menawarkan kepada pelanggan keupayaan untuk membuat transaksi arbitraj pada FOREX dengan membeli cotract option dengan kematangan yang tetap, salah satu teknologi yang paling maju dalam urusan pertukaran asing hari ini.

Menyediakan teknologi baru yang berkualiti tinggi ini untuk beroperasi di pasaran pertukaran mata wang asing, Corsa Capital sentiasa berusaha memenuhi tahap piawaian semasa untuk perkhidmatan pelanggan di akaun dagangan internet . Akaun Pelanggan ditetapkan untuk bekerja secara maksimum dengan kelajuan pembayaran yang dikongsi dan pakar profesional terlatih di pusat perundingan kami sentiasa bersedia untuk memberi sokongan teknikal yang lengkap.

Corsa Capital 9/10 (votes 5502)

Laman web: Corsa Capital

Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Ulina | Tarikh 2019-05-14
It has been more than two years since I started trading at Corsa Capital. So far, I am gaining favorable results in my account thanks to their reliable platform. I don't remember having any troubles throughout my trading activities. Execution is fast, the spread is tight, and market reviews are readily available. As for the withdrawal, I already took a total of $1300 from my account and it was processed in just a day.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Syed | Tarikh 2019-04-30
I can say that Corsa Capital is not a bad broker but I also don't think it's the best. In terms of customer support, I can't say anything because they definitely have outstanding representative. They are very professional and patient when dealing with their clients. But I find their platform a little unstable. It frequently changes the balance reflected on my account. I know that it is a system error because when I check the client portal, my account balance is different. I hope they improve on their platform so we can have a smoother trading experience.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Gabriel | Tarikh 2019-04-18
Really I am profitable in binary options trading with Corsa Capital Broker. While I am a new trader on options trading but after their demo practising and watching their tutorial videos, I can easily trade on binary options in the market. I've used the mobile Trader platform too, it is fast and I can be monitoring my orders from anywhere. Also, I found their best news analysis on the platform and website. which helps me for binary options trade. They are reliable, As all of my payments were processed through Neteller within six hours. So I want to continue options trade with Corsa Capital Broker.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Uenwrj | Tarikh 2019-01-28
I've been using Corsa Capital for about six months. Account set up was straightforward. I opened a live account with $340 and then trade with this almost six months I made around $1400 profit because their option trading platform works perfectly. Over that time I made 4 withdraw through WebMoney and all the time my withdraw was takes one day to be processed. I don’t have any complain about their service.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Zipvlyer | Tarikh 2018-12-09
Before Corsa I was try more than 3 other option trading brokers but it’s better than best. They give me $100 dollar bonus for first signup this that was remarkable. As far as trading goes their option trading platform is outstanding clean charting and easy to navigate. Two months ago I have invest $800 and every month I gain around $300 regularly. First time was an error from their payment processor. Once all my documents was approved by verification department my withdrawal was processed within one day with no issues.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Chris_Chisam | Tarikh 2018-11-28
Dear traders, I am satisfied after trading with Corsa Capital Broker. Here I have deposited $100 in an account. Here I have preferred to forex trade but frequently I have to do binary options trade. I found their platform is advance with many trading tools and here my orders executed within seconds. Beside their web-Trader platform are too good. Corsa Capital has transparent payment service, as they payout level is 100%. So I am satisfied with Corsa Capital Investment Ltd.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Georj | Tarikh 2018-11-15
Corsa Capital is a pretty decent broker. Based on my experience, the order execution is not instant, but still fast that I still get the price I want. The platform is usually stable except during news releases. During that time, the platform freezes for a few seconds. So most of the time,I just don't trade during news release because it becomes riskier when the platform is unstable. But aside from that, it performs well on normal market condition and it provides accurate signals.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: FXKira | Tarikh 2018-11-06
Corsa Capital has a client-friendly trading environment. It has stable platform with indicators and chart analysis that help traders assess the market trend. But I am most impressed by their instant execution. I never had to worry about sudden price change because my order is executed as soon as I click it. They also process the withdrawals quickly. Last month, I withdrew $230 and it was transferred to me in just a few hours. My experience so far with this broker has been smooth and problem-free.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: Marufx | Tarikh 2018-09-27
I really like my trading experience with Corsa Capital. Their platform is very stable. I never had issues like suddenly disconnecting, delay in execution, or the platform freezing. Their trading condition really is the best for me. However, their withdrawal process is not consistent. There are times when the transfer is done within just 48 hours. While there are also times when it takes a week before it is transferred to me. But when that happens, their customer support is reliable giving me regular updates regarding the status of my withdrawal. They never left me wondering what's happening with my money.
Pengarang of Corsa Capital: fxnabaro | Tarikh 2018-08-10
Corsa Capital is very professional broker, I think no other brokers were better than them. The trading platform they used is very simple and also without interruption, in addition they also provide trading news updated every time without repetition. I have joined more then 2 years and always feel the smoothness of the trading process. Even their minimum account size just $1 but this broker has a good trading platform, not a lot of distractions and provide timely profit about 30% to 50%. When experience difficulties, I always connect the operators they were ready to help with a good and very fast execution. I highly recommend you all to join Corsa Capital.
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