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FX-EDGE Ulasan


Atas talian sejak: 2014
Negara asal: Amerika Syarikat
Peraturan: Aduan Perkhidmatan Kewangan New Zealand (FSCL), reg. #4937; Penyedia Berdaftar Perkhdimatan Kewangan New Zealand (FSP), reg. # FSP240705
Pilihan pembayaran: Neteller, wire transfer, kad pembayaran
Saiz akaun minimum: $500
Saiz lot minimum: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: pelbagai

Mengenai syarikat:

FX-EDGE merupakan syarikat broker yang dibangunkan pada 2014.Ianya menyediakan pelbagai instrumen termasuk pasangan matawang, logam, dan aset kewangan yang lain untuk dagangan melalui MetaTrader 4.

Syarikat ini membolehkan strategi scalping dan posisi hedging juga dagangan automatik. Dengan FX-EDGE, pedagang diberikan akses secara terus kepada beberapa sumber kecairan didalam pasaran matawang.

Broker juga menyediakan para pelanggannya dengan pelbagai bahan pembelaran. Kumpulan sokongan pelanggan FX-EDGE sentiasa bersedia untuk menjawab sebarang persoalan berkenaan kepada dagangan.

FX-EDGE 7/10 (votes 3118)
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: Rigdev | Tarikh 2021-11-29
I have only negative reviews for the FX-EDGE broker! As I can't scalp trade and I am disappointed with delayed execution on the MT4 platforms or Mobile traders platforms. They are not reliable in the market, so So I decide to stop trade and withdrawal my investment at FX-EDGE broker.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: RexaFX | Tarikh 2021-09-06
I'm so happy to trade with FX-EDGE. I began my trading experience with them one year ago. FX-EDGE is a reliable broker, and they are also suitable for beginners because they provide training materials. I'm trading using their MT4, I like their instant order executions, and sometimes I do scalping as well. Trading with FX-EDGE is consistently profitable. I have calculated my profit since I joined them. I got more than $2000 already. FX-EDGE is a recommended broker.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: Eshan | Tarikh 2021-09-06
FX-Edge has a strong regulation status and favorable trading conditions that is why there is no reason not to open an account with them. I have been with them for quite a long time now and I have never encountered any huge issue while trading with them.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: Mark Mestbak | Tarikh 2021-01-28
This broker creates many errors and troubles when you are making money. We had 3 issues with them and after proving us right, they closed our account claiming we are toxic client.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: Ehars | Tarikh 2020-08-27
FX-Edge was good but currently I am having withdrawal difficulty with this broker. I tried to withdraw $1.5k more than one month but they did not process it. I tried to chat online to your support, but there is no response, although support status is online. Most of the time my withdrawal were processed within one weeks I don't know how this condition arise, and that made me painful being client of them
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: Turgay | Tarikh 2019-03-07
I have experienced high-class service with FX-EDGE, forex and CFD trading are available on theMT4 platform, where I can take a position within a moment and always my orders closed positive TP slippage. So my forex trading is comfortable with advanced tools or live signal on the platform, which are highly profitable to me, beside FX-EDGE broker are reliable too. As I can withdraw my profit of around $287. I say FX-EDGE trading platform is professional.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: MusaIbrahim | Tarikh 2018-12-17
FX-EDGE has given me reliable forex and CFD trading platform in the market. Always my order executed within a moment on their MT4 platform. There are no big re-quotes or slippage, while sometimes my orders get positive slippage. In the platform I have used few advance trading tools, which helps me to make profits. My scalping EA works well so far and their expert's signals are highly reliable to me. So I can make around $567 profit within six months. Really I found a professional trading environment with FX-EDGE so far.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: Vera | Tarikh 2018-08-02
I opened an account easily with Fx edge 7 months ago, made 1200 dollars with 800$ deposit, withdrew it all and received my money in 2 days through wire transfer! Spreads stayed fixed, stops were not hunted at all. If you have a good trading strategy, there is no problem.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: DemetrioFx | Tarikh 2018-04-02
I have only positive impressions from FX-EDGE broker so far! although I've been trading as a scalper with them around 2 years. Till now I have enjoyed the super fast execution of MT4platforms and Mobile traders.Here I am preferring 0.1 pips spreads with a customized EA for scalping. Also in manual trading FX-EDGE's signals are highly reliable in the market, so I can decide fast what should I have to do buy or sell. . So I would like to say better trading experienced on forex and CFD with FX-EDGE.
Pengarang of FX-EDGE: Lhosieei | Tarikh 2018-02-12
From my personal experience, trading with this broker is good. I chose FX-EDGE mainly for their excellent spreads, they have been consistently offering lowest spreads in almost all pairs when compared to other brokers. Lots of support for their EA system in their platform which is helpful. I invested $500 received my premium after 2 days and after 3 months I had a profit of $ 463. Two days ago I ha a small issue with withdrawal, I was unable to withdraw $250 through my Neteller account and that was not broker problem. With their assistance I was retrieve my money. I would recommend it to all.
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