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Atas talian sejak: 1999
Negara asal: Amerika Syarikat
Peraturan: Didaftarkan dengan Suruhanjaya Dagangan Komoditi Hadapan (CFTC) dan juga merupakan ahli kepada Persatuan Hadapan Negara (NFA). Ianya juga di kawal selia oleh pengawal selia rasmi di UK, Kanada, Hong Kong, Australia dan Perancis
Pilihan pembayaran: Cek dalam talian, bank wire, cek kertas dan kad kredit
Saiz akaun minimum: $2000
Saiz lot minimum: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:100 dan 1:200
Spreads: 2-3 pip untuk pasangan mata wang EUR/USD

Mengenai syarikat:

Syarikat FXCM merupakan salah satu broker Forex yang terkenal. Pelanggan syarikat ini terdiri daripada 150 negara. Pejabat wakil antarabangsa dan cawangan Syarikat FXCM majoritinya terletak ditengah-tengah pusat kewangan dunia dan membolehkan para pelanggannya untuk mendapatkan perkhidmatan yang berkualiti serta cekap.

FXCM berada dibawah badan-badan kawalan yang mempunyai kuasa diseluruh dunia. Maka, aktiviti pejabat serantau di London (Holding LLC) dikawal selia oleh Pihak Berkuasa Perkhidmatan Kewangan (FSA) di UK.

FXCM 8/10 (votes 4117)
Pengarang of FXCM : Aufar | Tarikh 2022-01-26
I feel so satisfied with FXCM services. Their trading platform is working excellent with instant order execution. All my trading closed in the right positions that I desired. Their spreads are competitive and vary according to the type of account we use so that we can increase profits according to the deposited capital. Two days ago, I made a withdrawal, and I sent a withdrawal request for 45% of my profit that I got this month, and then I got my money within 6 hours through Neteller. Overall I am pleased with their trading system and the profit I got every trading and the bonus they give.
Pengarang of FXCM : Washor | Tarikh 2021-06-21
I'm very upset with FXCM broker, It's about one month passed and I still did not get my withdrawal amount. I emailed their finance division several times but none was replied. Online chat is even nastiest. All I say please stay away!
Pengarang of FXCM : Solvar | Tarikh 2021-04-13
I traded with FXCM for a few years and I had an amazing experience. They were able to provide an excellent trading platform and the spreads are tight. Withdrawing funds is also easy. The processing time is only about a day and the money is immediately transferred.
Pengarang of FXCM : Davidson | Tarikh 2021-01-12
FXCM is a professional and reliable broker as far I know. It has been more than a year since I started trading with them. Their high minimum account size is worth it with the service they provide. They would provide bonuses or rebates, which is a good source of motivation. The trading platform is also working well, and it's easy to use. Their trading cost is low and the customer support team is outstanding. I have nothing to complain about FXCM. They are recommended broker.
Pengarang of FXCM : Roddy | Tarikh 2020-06-05
A lot of traders who are dissatisfied and disappointed with this broker. I also have experienced, when I intend to join with them, but I just sign up, I was already facing problems. Trading platform is very slow and unstable, the execution very slow and it is very difficult to trades with this broker. You will loose and whatever they give offer it has some hidden secret. They don't tell anyone.
Pengarang of FXCM : Valen | Tarikh 2020-03-02
Everything is okay in my first trading process, the platform run fast because their own server are strong so the execution run smoothly and very satisfactory. In my first trading I got bonus and profit about 15% to 25%. but it all only lasted for 1 month. Entering the second month, I found something unusual in my trading activities. Their connection is very bad and often crashes, there were constant re-quotes also. Their bad platform always shutting down many times. I had a surprise when I got the approval to withdraw it was not $2250 as it should but $2150, because $100 was hidden commission kept by the broker. I'll stop this, and looking for the other broker.
Pengarang of FXCM : Wesri | Tarikh 2019-11-27
First, I felt very comfortable trading with FXCM . I only feel the profit once. After that I only experience losses when I trade. These brokers make their customers comfortable only at the beginning, so as not to leave suspicion and make us add our deposit to them. How cruel a broker like this. When I want to close my account, they ask for some part of my deposit. I will not give any money to them. I will defend what I have.
Pengarang of FXCM : Jade | Tarikh 2019-10-01
The trading platform of FXCM is terrible. The platform keeps on lagging and hanging so I end up with unpleasant trading results. Whenever I try to close a trade on profit, the platform would act up an I would only receive requotes. Most of the time, closing the trade would be possible only on losing positions. I don't know if there is manipulation going on, but this is my personal experience.
Pengarang of FXCM : Rizuki | Tarikh 2019-08-23
After trading with FXCM in a standard account,I have experienced only worst service. As their prices and execution are delays from the real market and I can't apply scalping strategies due to slippage. Till now I have tried hard but I had lost $150 in the different pairs. Also, I have customized the MT4 platform by setting FX asset manager, it also failed to work. The worst thing is, they canceled my withdrawal of investing $200
Pengarang of FXCM : Gobona | Tarikh 2019-02-15
The trading platform of FXCM is exceptional. It runs very smoothly and rarely lags. What's more impressive is it can handle high volatility and keeps the speed of execution fast unlike the other brokers I've tried before. However, the main problem and I think is one of the most important aspect of forex trading is the processing of withdrawal requests. They kept delaying my request which took almost two months. And to think that I only requested for $100, that is too long. Beside, no matter the amount, it shouldn't be processed that long.
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