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NordFx Ulasan


Atas talian sejak: 2008
Negara asal: Mauritius
Peraturan: Dikawal oleh Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Kewangan daripada Mauritius
Pilihan pembayaran: Bank wire (USD, EUR, RUB), WebMoney, Moneybookers, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve, Robokassa, Z-Payment, Onpay
Saiz akaun minimum: $5
Saiz lot minimum: 0,1 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: 2 pips untuk pasangan mata wang EUR/USD

Mengenai syarikat:

Pemerbadanan Kumpulan Pelaburan Nord mempunyai sijil pendaftaran yang bernombor №: 082831 C1/GBL yang dikeluarkan oleh FSC Mauritius. Pemerbadanan Kumpulan Pelaburan Nord disediakan kepada individu serta perkhidmatan berskala besar badan korporat untuk dagangan didalam pasaran matawang antarabangsa Forex serta menyediakan kemungkinan bagi memasuki CFD dengan instrumen seperti saham, logam, hadapan komoditi serta utiliti.

Pemerbadanan Kumpulan Pelaburan Nord  mempunyai hak untuk menguruskan aset-aset kewangan pelanggan mereka, mengetuai aktiviti broker dan melakukan transaksi dan operasi pada pasaran saham, hadapan serta pasaran kewangan.

Syarikat NordFx mengekalkan ikatan perniagaan mereka dengan syarikat-syarikat besar seperti Pasaran Modal Forex (FXCM) dan PemerbadananGlobal MF.

NordFx 8/10 (votes 4004)
Pengarang of NordFx: DargorFx | Tarikh 2022-08-22
Dear traders, NordFx platform has given me panic in the forex market. As always my orders goes slippage positions. Even I got a high spread, which is a big issue for the Scalping strategy. I found that in the news release time the spread could rise. I got a horrible payment experience too, they canceled my many withdrawals request so far. In this situation, I can't believe to stay with the NordFx broker.
Pengarang of NordFx: Jyaben | Tarikh 2022-01-05
NordFx platform is disgusting. I have experience ever in an ECN account. Bacically the MT4 platform is very simple and failed to prove better execution in the market. When I have take or close a position, it Always slipped 10-20 pips deference from my desire positions. So I can't control this platform as my demand. While I had few invests with them but now I am unable to withdraw it through Neteller. So I am totally disappointed with NordFx broker.
Pengarang of NordFx: Sohani | Tarikh 2021-07-11
I started with NordFx about four months ago, at the beginning they were fine. But now they I am getting worst experience. Re-quotes happens for all time, and not possible for me to close my winning trades. No answer for more than 15 days after sending them a numerous emails regarding my withdrawal request.
Pengarang of NordFx: Vanba | Tarikh 2021-05-05
I started an account at NordFX because of the low initial deposit and the attractive trading deals. However, after having an account, the representatives started to induce me to deposit a huge amount. I was told that I won't be able to do anything if I don't put it the amount that they want. Because of this, I was forced to deposit and after doing so, my account was closed.
Pengarang of NordFx: Nando | Tarikh 2020-12-16
NordFx is a liar broker. I have been trading with them for three months. I put intial deposited $100 and made $400 profit. Once I made $350 withdrawal request from my profit, they didn't give it till now. I have called customer service many times, they keep telling me to wait and I have been waiting for a month now. My money and profit are still stuck there. I just want my money and profit. They are an untrustworthy broker, be careful with this broker.
Pengarang of NordFx: Moon Yeon | Tarikh 2020-06-18
I found the support very rude and impatience. I didn't have answers about my doubts and complaints. If we call them for help, they'll just leave us unattended. At the first, to join with them is quite easily, both registration and verification. But when I tried trading, the connection is always got problem when trying to execute. They will change the prices when you make money.
Pengarang of NordFx: Franck | Tarikh 2020-04-16
I have a lot of bad experiences with NordFx Broker broker so far. As I can't execute the deal on time at the MT4 trading platform. Always my order's position slipped 10 to 30 sec. While buy or sell stop didn't work, so my position isn't perfect, 5 to 20 pips differ from my desired position. I think their service is bad. Now I think to transfer another broker. While I had a $258 withdrawal request to return my invest and profit. But yesterday I received an email that NordFx have been cancelled my transaction. So I think to make a complaint to FCA.
Pengarang of NordFx: Zivilia | Tarikh 2020-03-13
I feel system changes if you don't lose. Always close in favor of your opposite, some points before getting your stop or limit, So you cannot use the stop and limit on the web platform. I don't care how others got their profits from this company. I still not convince by the instant withdrawals they're claiming right now. The execution is more important than the profit-taking. I have found many fake candles on the chart too. So I am disappointed and I want to take up my invest, while They didn't pay my rest $335 on Web Money.
Pengarang of NordFx: Persie | Tarikh 2019-12-10
Traded with Nord Fx broker a while back and witnessed several problems with this broker. I opened a live account deposited Bank wire transfer with $500 through and they credited only $150. When I tried to chat online support they told me that $40 is a transfer fee but they did not mention it their web site. I also fund terrible trading conditions. Last week I saw the USD/JPY go to 35 pips spike. Apart from successful trade cancellation, they tweak their platform, their fixed spread is not fixed as they appear. They increase it without you knowing. I never made any withdrawals, so I don't have any info on that.
Pengarang of NordFx: Sabrina | Tarikh 2019-09-05
I started to trade with this broker few months ago but I had to leave it because they put several problems when you want to withdraw earnings. Deposit process was good and fast but when I requested a withdrawal they asked for documents and I did sent documents when I verified my account, so I don’t understand why the reason is. Anyway, I sent again the documents they wanted but they rejected them all the time, so I have $500 in that account that I couldn’t withdraw so far.
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