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Atas talian sejak: 2010
Negara asal: Saint Vincent dan Grenadines
Peraturan: CRFIN , KROUFR
Pilihan pembayaran: wire transfer antarabangsa, WebMoney, Visa dan MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, CashU, OKPAY, Perfect Money.
Saiz akaun minimum: $10
Saiz lot minimum: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: dari 0.3 point

Mengenai syarikat:

PaxForex muncul pada pasaran forex ketika tahun 2010. Dua jenis perlaksanaan pesanan, Perlaksanaan Segera dan Perlaksanaan Pasaran, boleh didapati kepada pelanggan broker. Untuk memulakan dagangan dengan PaxForex, peserta pasaran hanya perlu membuka akaun dagangan. Mereka boleh memilih diantara empat jenis akaun yang berbeza: Mini, Standard, VIP atau Fix. Mereka juga boleh membuka akaun demo. Syarikat ini menyediakan para pelanggannya dengan platform dagangan MetaTrader4, yang menyediakan penggunanya dengan 25 pasangan matawang, emas dan perak bagi dagangan.

PaxForex sentiasa mengemas kini perkhidmatannya menyediakan program baru bagi dagangan yang lebih selamat serta mudah.Pedagang boleh mempunyai akses kepada expert advisor, hedging, dan scalping.Syarikat tidak menghadkan saiz urusniaga.

PaxForex juga mengeluarkan ulasan analisis, berita Forex terbaru, dan kalendar ekonomi pada laman webnya.

Pelanggan broker memberi penekanan terhadap kelebihan seperti cadangan dagangan forex, bonus tanpa deposit dan pembelajaran atas talian secara percuma.

Baru-baru ini, syarikat telah membuka beberapa wakil syarikat diseluruh dunia. Ianya terletak di Asia dan negara Eropah seperti Afrika, Amerika Utara dan Selatan.

Anda boleh mendapatkan maklumat yang berguna mengenai kerjasama dengan PaxForex di laman web syarikat.

Jangan malu untuk meninggalkan komen anda mengenai syarikat serta perkhidmatannya. Bersama kita menjadikan penilaian yang tidak berat sebelah terhadap broker Forex.

PaxForex 7/10 (votes 3140)
Pengarang of PaxForex: Yordan | Tarikh 2022-08-28
I have weird experience on the PaxForex platform so far! As I can't trade perfectly and their spread could rise at any time. I have found their price chart isn't live, as I have seen it is delayed more than 2 minutes. PaxForex withdrawal service is disappointing too, as they didn't pay on time. Overall I say PaxForex didn't know how to care and fulfill traders' needs.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Vemost | Tarikh 2021-07-15
PaxForex just normal broker. They do offer low spreads and this is what I like most about this broker. But their withdrawal method is very poor. I made a deposit through Neteller, later I withdrew my profit of $600 through a Neteller. About 15 days later they told me that they cannot process my withdrawal request but they did not explain anything about it.. So I am little worry about my withdrawal.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Nivhol | Tarikh 2021-05-11
I did not expect that PaxForex would be able to provide services that are on par with more popular brokers. I think this broker is underrated. They don't ask for huge initial capitals and they have very narrow spreads. At the same time, their platform runs very smoothly.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Lintang | Tarikh 2020-12-10
I have nothing to complain about PaxForex. They are a professional broker, as far I know. Since I joined them, I never get a significant problem. Their platform works perfectly, deposit and withdrawal process is efficient. Trading cost is low, and they don't take a hidden commission. Customer support always available and handling nicely. The more I trade with them, the more profit I will get because they are also a profitable broker. I would love to recommend PaxForex to all traders who are looking for a professional and reliable broker.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Jorri | Tarikh 2020-06-23
This broker is much better than the previous broker. Everything is very detailed at Pax Forex, and has a very well-established system for beginners. At the previous broker I had a hard time, so I had to lose my deposit of $ 3,500. My brother gave a recommendation about Pax Forex. Since 3 weeks ago I joined, and yesterday they processed the withdrawal for only a few hours. Recomended broker.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Jhonearthon | Tarikh 2020-04-21
PaxForex broker is profitable to me, As I can apply the scalping strategy for their fixed spread and stable server on the MT4 trading platform. Till now I can make $540 profit and get the payment within time. Also, I have found their solid professional signals and high tech trading tools, which helps me too. Nowadays I am using their mobile apps at Home quarantine, which helps me to monitor and maintain my orders anytime. I prefer PaxForex broker, as they fulfill my demands.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Katock | Tarikh 2020-01-28
PaxForex is the best broker among the ones that I have already tried. This is my third broker and it just has everything that I am looking for. It has a low trading cost, a stable platform (and even a mobile version), and the website is very attractive. It adds to my productivity when I am seeing visually pleasant websites with a good layout. It is calming to the eyes and I can navigate without difficulty.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Kores | Tarikh 2019-12-13
If you are going to look for a broker to trade, I advise you should try this broker. For me, this is a serious broker, not a scam. Thus, I traded with this broker in last year, and I have had no problem at all. I feel comfortable to trade with Pax Forex, because this broker has a serious customer service relation. My withdrawal appears on my bank account just 2 days after my request. Indeed, Pax Forex is the only broker that offers 2 spreads on USD/YEN. Therefore, it makes me exciting to define a strategy with active trades on it. Besides, I can withdraw or deposit easily. 3 days ago, I earned profit with 450$ when I deposited 300$. Then, I made a withdrawal with my profit, and later I could receive money in a short time – 5 hours.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Danuarta | Tarikh 2019-09-10
I started with PaxForex about 9 months ago and I am satisfied with this broker. In their trading platform, there are no requotes, perfect execution, trading very successfully. Exactly I began to trade with $555 and I've already withdrawn 3 times. Even last day I made a withdrawal request for $350 from one of my account and the payment was made after 5 hours via Skrill. Professional trader should try this broker.
Pengarang of PaxForex: Kahleepip | Tarikh 2018-08-01
PaxForex is the second broker that I've tried and I'd say this is a lot better than what I previously used. The company takes commission only through the spreads. And so far, I don't think there are any suspicious or hidden charges. They also have a very low spread at 1.8 pips although it widens during news releases but the highest I've seen so far was at 7 pips which for me is still acceptable. Also, I am never hesitant to trade during high volatility because the platform remains stable and rarely freezes.
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