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City Index Reseña

City Index

En línea desde: 2001
País de origen: Reino Unido
Regulación: FSA
Opciones de pago: transferencia bancaria y tarjetas de débito
Depósito mínimo: -
Lote mínimo: 0.01 lotes
Apalancamiento: 1:400
Spreads: 1 pip para EUR/USD y USD/JPY

Acerca de la compañía:

City Index es un bróker manejado por GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. Tiene sus oficinas en Reino Unido, Singapur, China, los Emiratos Árabes Unidos y Australia. La historia de City Index data de 1983, cuando estaba entre las primeras compañías de Gran Bretaña que proveía spreads mejores. La compañía aceptó cotizaciones en los movimientos de precio de instrumentos financieros.

Actualmente, City Index es un líder global en servicios de trading y uno de los más grandes proveedores de CFD. Cada mes, los traders de City Index realizan más de 2 millones de transacciones en más de 50 paises alrededor del mundo.

Las condiciones de trading del bróker incluyen spreads competitivos y acceso a una amplia gama de instrumentos tales como índices, valores, divisas, commodities, bonos de tesoro, tasas de interés y muchos otros. El cliente puede escoger una de las muchas plataformas de trading tales como Advantage Web, AT Pro, o MetaTrader 4.

La compañía británica City Index ganó una serie de premios prestigiosos y reconocimientos en trading tales como Mejor Educación/Recursos, Mejor proveedor de CFD, Proveedor Forex del Año, Mejor Plataforma de Trading entre otros.

Usted encontrará las más recientes reseñas en nuestro sitio web. Por favor deje aquí su comentario. Según las calificaciones imparciales y opiniones de los operadores, podemos crear una clasificación de los brókeres forex más confiables.

City Index 9/10 (votes 4904)
Autor de  City Index: Diqi | Fecha de   2019-11-15
The reason I decided to invest with City Index is the staff told me they had an affordable spreads to all different trading instruments. I invested my $1000 and it was split to 3 accounts. Two of my accounts got drained after 6 months of trading. I tried everything just to save my deposits, but failed. As of this date, I only have $750 left in my account and I am planning to close my account. I hate to say this, I am not comfortable to recommend this broker to my friends.
Autor de  City Index: Rahul | Fecha de   2019-05-14
I've lost almost $500 with unprofessional City Index on their web-based platform. As in my order, no TP or Sl works and these order didn't close in a profitable position. Besides their price quote is different than others and the platform doesn't allow EA trading. I think they are an unreliable broker, so I have decided to leave themselves.
Autor de  City Index: grahkio | Fecha de   2018-09-12
It has been two months since I started trading with City Index via live account. When I was using a demo account, everything was so good. Stable platform, fast execution, and fixed spreads. But after opening a live account, that's when the problems started arising. The platform disconnects during news release, the spreads suddenly widen from 2 pips to 5 pips even during normal market condition. This broker is good only when no real money is involved.
Autor de  City Index: fxsodooo | Fecha de   2018-07-14
I traded in City Index for only 3 weeks and I recently closed my account. This broker set so many requirements that must be fulfilled client. After deposit for my first and second trading in last two weeks ago, I know that there are many traders feel disappointed because the service and the broker server was very old and slow execution. I recommend to not choose this broker if you want to trading with a serious intention to get a benefit from the money that you deposit.
Autor de  City Index: Evelyn | Fecha de   2018-03-15
I have experienced frequent service interruptions trading with city index for the past 4 months now. Also, I have experienced several price spikes and tripped stop losses. After numerous incidents I decided to look on the this web site to see if any complaints have been filed. A couple complaints have been filed, and I have decided to share my own brutal experience with this scammer!
Autor de  City Index: Gene | Fecha de   2017-12-19
This is a terrible slow broker. I wanted to withdraw money but they always decline my request. their support always provide an inaccurate explanation on my issue.
Autor de  City Index: Mauricio | Fecha de   2017-11-09
Hi! I'd like to share my trading experience with this broker, which was not the best. I opened a trading account here with a deposit of $150 because I was told by a manager that they worked with different trading pairs and also with bitcoin. But when I opened the trading platform, I could only see a few pairs such as EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, USDJPY, etc and Oil, but not Gold nor bitcoin. I wrote to support department thinking that they would need to activate all the instruments, but they told me that those were the only instruments to trade. It was very disappointing for me. On the other hand, in my first week, I lost the half of my first deposit due to bad performance of the platform. It has a few servers, but they are very unstable. To sum up, just stay away of this broker.
Autor de  City Index: Sabino | Fecha de   2017-10-13
City Index has causes me a few times of losses which cost almost to $300 within a month. Morever, their server seems slower and down especially during news and whenever market started to close. In fact, it result to a very huge slippages and definitely a price requote. I also experienced that the spread totally not consistent and getting high more than 2 pips especially for desired pair such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Recently, I also loss 200USD from my deposit fund of a $100. Due to that, I strongly decided to left City Index and right after successful withdraw of all account balance which is included my profit and also all funds.
Autor de  City Index: LarkinFx | Fecha de   2017-06-21
I have been using the City Index broker since six months. I say they are so unprofessional and unreliable broker due to their monopoly service on the platform so far. Yes, I have little chance to experience with their worst platform. When my trade going to profit but the platform is going to sleep. It becomes super slow, If I opened an order needs 8-9 seconds to execute normally when I want to close a position it became hang. At the first time, their quote showing low but a few times later it goes current price also spread continuously changed. I think this broker earn a dishonest way from me. Although I had 400 investment with them and it reached to 50 amount with the huge loss, even no profit. I decided there is no meaning of trading with City Index broker yet.
Autor de  City Index: Gawait1 | Fecha de   2016-09-21
The staff never told me that they do not have a wide-range of trading instruments. There are some trading instruments that are not included and I hope this company will add more. Bitcoin trading is not possible with them and I am very disappointed. The staff needs to be trained. It seems most of them do not have an idea about their services. I think I'm gonna stop my trading for a while because my favorite pair is not available. I need to archive my trading account # 2148410 and wait to accumulate Interest rates for the my inactive account and that account has 81 US dollars and I hope they won't cut it.
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