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eToro Reseña

En línea desde: 2007
País de origen: Chipre
Regulación: Miembro registrado de NFA (ID: 0382918)
Opciones de pago: Moneybookers, WebMoney, transferencia bancaria, tarjetas de crédito, PayPal y Neteller
Depósito mínimo: $50
Lote mínimo: 0.1 lote
Apalancamiento: 1:100, 1:200 y 1:400
Spreads: 2 pips en EUR/USD

Acerca de la compañía:

eToro brinda trading financiero de por vida para cientos de miles de usuarios a nivel mundial. Nuestra plataforma de trading cómoda para las personas ayuda a que Forex sea: simple de empezar, grandioso para aprender y un placer para operar. Nuestra caja de herramientas de trading y educativa, junto con servicio personal resaltante, brinda Forex lo que es una placer para dominar. El estilo de trading visual de eToro permite que cada trader de cualquier nivel de experiencia disfrute su trading. Con Forex empoderado por eToro detras suyo, emplear el poder de los mercados financieros se vuelve simple y trae recompensas.

eToro 8/10 (votes 4039)
Autor de  eToro: Adrianne | Fecha de   2019-06-15
I read a lot about etoro reviews on various resources, but nowhere did I find convincing arguments for this company. A rare positive is that "they are good because they are good." Sorry, this is no longer kindergarten and it seems to me that no one should believe such a weak PR.
Autor de  eToro: Mary | Fecha de   2019-06-14
For a long time, I have not been so infuriated by any company as this poor etoro reviews, which their employees write on behalf of customers are wildly annoying at all. Here are all these tales of irz discharge in my world, only ponies live, they bring me a steady income and fast withdrawal, this is fierce nonsense.
Autor de  eToro: Nikki | Fecha de   2019-06-13
Not so many people cause me the same disgust as the head of etoro reviews about what he is doing - this is only one side of the medal, but I’m more disturbed by how brazenly he turns his schemes. In fact, he makes people idiots, using their inexperience and desire to change something in his life.
Autor de  eToro: Candice | Fecha de   2019-06-12
This is of course a personal matter for everyone, but it seems to me that the decision to work with etoro reviews seems to be extremely strange for them that I don’t come close to this office, which turned theft and fraud into a real business.
Autor de  eToro: Karen | Fecha de   2019-06-11
I personally am not surprised that etoro reviews are not the best. No matter how hard they try to cover up their scam with all sorts of, so to speak, attributes, such as cool offices, but in fact they are ordinary swindlers with money who are pathetically promoting their scam.
Autor de  eToro: Lillian | Fecha de   2019-06-10
Recently, more and more fraudulent companies have appeared more and more like the etoro reviews of their clients make it clear that they are engaged in deception, hiding behind stock exchange trading, so do not even expect that if you carry money there, you will not be thrown. Kinut! And do not blink an eye.
Autor de  eToro: Vanessa | Fecha de   2019-06-08
Together with my friend I went to the workshop of this Etoro reviews it was good that I read about them on the Internet after the workshop, which is not the case with my friend. At the seminar, these sales people spoke very nicely about the financial markets. My friend took the lead and opened an account with Etoro com. Now, no money, a lot of wasted time and nerves. Folks, I recommend always reading reviews so as not to fall for scammers such as eToro com.
Autor de  eToro: Evelyn | Fecha de   2019-06-07
Etoro com is a terrible office that only deals with deposits. Now I’ve just started to study etoro reviews about this sharashkina office and just terrified of the number of people who have already been divorced. Naturally, these ubl * dkov can only be recommended to your enemies. And I would have thought more. This is purely a loss of money. Caution!!! Etoro com razvodily and scammers.
Autor de  eToro: Gary | Fecha de   2019-06-06
Etoro com is scammers and cheaters. People read about etoro reviews carefully and do not get fooled by their empty words of comfortable life with them. This is just a trick. They will simply then do everything so that you cannot take the money that you rightfully own. I had it this way (((I even earned a little, but I did not manage to withdraw any profit or my invested money at all. Be careful !!!!
Autor de  eToro: Melanie | Fecha de   2019-06-05
Unfortunately, I got the bait of these scam artists from etoro reviews did not think to read and study, which I regret very much (((as I usually start reading only after I already got my money for this broker. For more than two months I can not take back my money. Horror !!!
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