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Olymp Trade

En línea desde: 2013
País de origen: Rusia
Regulación: FMRRC (Centro de Regulación y Relaciones del Mercado Financiero)
Opciones de pago: Visa, MasterCard, QIWI, Yandex Money
Depósito mínimo: $10
Lote mínimo: -
Apalancamiento: -
Spreads: -

Acerca de la compañía:

Olymp Trade es un bróker ruso que ofrece servicios de opciones binarias.

El bróker ofrece condiciones comerciales de alta calidad para los operadores con experiencia y principiantes por medio de cuentas demo, además de varias herramientas para análisis de mercado y mejora de sus conocimientos en este campo.

Olymp Trade brinda capacitación en línea, análisis de operadores competentes y atención inmediata al cliente. La compañía tiene el objetivo de contribuir en la promoción de las opciones binarias en Rusia.

Olymp Trade 7/10 (votes 3040)
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Hustav Kanten | Fecha de   2019-07-08
That's true, Olymp Trade platform is nice and convenient. Trading on it is super-easy, the assets are numerous, and receiving good profits is more than possible. At present I'm trading exclusively with Olymp Trade. Previously I dealt with other brokers as well, but now I really prefer this one - it's more worth it.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Ocaoria | Fecha de   2019-06-19
I stick with Olymp Trade almost since the moment they have appeared on the market )))I started to trade back the times when they have no more than 10 assets and poor standard platform))Since then company has demonstrated unreal progress: the platform is really cool, around one hundred assets for the trading, the profitability conditions are one of the highest on the market. Now I’m trading seriously and wouldn’t mess with any given company. But Olymp Trade turned in the real market leader and I don’t see any sense to go somewhere else.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Anlelios | Fecha de   2019-07-20
Actually I've just been trading for half a year :) I'm not sure whether I'd have chosen Olymp Trade now if they had some ugly outdated platform. Probably I wouldn't, the competition never sleeps, after all. Basically, that's good when the market is so active - it urges companies to constantly improve their conditions, come up with some new solutions in order to attract and keep the customers. So far Olymp Trade rules :) When I was looking for a broker half a year ago, I couldn't find any company that would be better than this one. I'm still totally satisfied with the platform, though I often look through rankings and forums so as not to miss anything interesting :)
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Norah | Fecha de   2019-06-25
This is the first time I am seeing someone who is as old as the trading platform. You have the experience better than any one of us, you are prrof of all the prizes Olymp Trade has won. Yeah, I have also been trading for over 2 years now. Since the day I started, the platform was really nice and easy to use and this platform kept getting better every step of the way. I have always been trading serious since the start and I have withdrawn my profits everytime.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Hamood el-Uddin | Fecha de   2019-05-29
It's an honest and decent platform. I started trading on Olymp Trade quite recently, and even though I'm not considered as a newbie, I can sometimes close months in the red. In general, I trade with 10-15% profits yearly, but these are not totally the numbers I counted on. Although I've got no questions to the platform itself. They are interested in my success and they do anything possible so I trade with profits and don't leave them.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Axesong | Fecha de   2019-05-23
Nowadays Olymp Trade is getting popular in the traders' circles, and that's quite for a reason. It might not be the perfect broker, but its advantages are a lot more numerous than disadvantages. Actually, I can name just one disadvantage so far - that's the profit rates on options which are not very high. I'm not going to dwell on how the trading work, I guess the majority of traders are quite aware of that. I'll just say that to me it is easier to learn trading with an stable payouts rate of 75-80%, than have a rate of 90-95% and keep worrying whether the broker will be able to save rates or not...
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Kale | Fecha de   2019-06-01
So, when you learn to trade and feel like you're already making a steady profit (or could possibly make if the profit rate were higher), you may promote your account to the VIP level and reach the 90% profit rate at once. I actually think that getting a VIP account is a must for those who consider their investment activity with Olymp Trade not just a hobby but serious and steady business. Why is it necessary? First of all, that's higher profit rate. Secondly, in order to make money you need a solid capital, not just a bit of pocket money. One can get a VIP-account for $2000. Thus, according to my calculations, you need to have a deposit of $10 000 and more to be able to trade comfortably and receive a steady monthly income.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Айвар | Fecha de   2019-04-28
Olymp Trade is a quite good online investment platform, which offers profitable terms. It also organises different trading tournaments in order to motivate its clients and increase their competence in this sphere. You can trade with just a few clicks. Based on my own experience I'm gonna say that during the first times it's quite difficult to adapt. But that's why they developed a special training program, which anyone can complete absolutely for free. Speaking of disadvantages, I can only mention payments that take up to 24 hours. They should do it immediately.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Ernst Belmont | Fecha de   2019-04-21
I think Olymp is the best choice for those, who would like to trade options. I’m trading options comparably not that long, but I have many experiences on Forex. When I decided to switch to options, I took the choice of broker very seriously, because I already know how important it is. The company reliability is the most crucial for me. No matter how awesome trading conditions are and even if the broker promise 200% of the profit from the deal. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t allow to withdraw money or hesitate the trading. Olymp Trade is one of the biggest brokers in the world. It is saying something. if millions of people are working with a broker, not for the first year, it is worth working honestly further on and grow. So I can be sure that everything will be fine both with the deals execution and profit withdrawal. So far I’m not disappointed – during three months of trading I didn’t have any doubtful situations and my testing withdrawal of 200 dollars went well. Olymp got offices all over the world in large cities. Unfortunately, they don’t have one in my town. In the future, I’m planning to visit the closest one and to check out how guys are working over there.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: drwilliamspaul90atgmaildotcom | Fecha de   2019-04-10
I am open to share my experience and to also enlighten everyone on how i was able to recover my money from a scam broker .
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Wansa | Fecha de   2019-03-19
Olymp Trade is the only broker that met my expectations. I have been in search for the best broker for a few years and I am glad that I finally landed on this one. I started with a standard account and when I saw that the trading environment is extraordinary, I upgraded to VIP. This opened a door for exclusive webinars and training sessions. But if you still can't afford to open a VIP account, they still provide helpful videos and tutorials accessible to all traders.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Beth Murphy | Fecha de   2019-03-15
If you have in anyway lost funds to this scam binary option investment brokers do try reaching out to Geminihacks -.- com they helped me recover my funds within a week effortlessly.
Autor de  Olymp Trade: Andrew | Fecha de   2019-03-09
I have been working with Olymp Trade for a long time and I once wrote 1 angry comment about their online support. But fortunately the situation has changed dramatically and for the better now. A couple of years ago, you had to wait for the answer for half an hour and sometimes even more. The developers took my comment into account, or maybe not only my comment, so now they respond within 15 seconds. Bravo guys! Regarding the payments, the situation doesn't change. They still pay the money as stably as before and most importantly without delays. The range of investments has been well updated within the last couple of years. They've added a few cryptocurrencies and stocks. So far I'm satisfied with everything!
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